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  1. How to get back to a stock tune?

    It was only 3-5 miles off before the tune and he was able to calibrated to about 2-3 mph closer to the actual speed.
  2. How to get back to a stock tune?

    Once again yes I had the tires on before the tune and was getting around 15mpg after the tune I am constantly getting 13.4 no matter if its highway or city.
  3. take them to a custom paint shop. they can paint it perfect for you i bet. a lot cheap then buying new ones
  4. How to get back to a stock tune?

    Yes speedo was recalibrated and I am still currently running midgrade
  5. How to get back to a stock tune?

    My engine is stock. Justin said he tuned me for a regular/midgrade tune. I haven't emailed you all because I wasn't sure if I just can't notice the difference. I have read so many good reviews about Black Bear and that's why I wanted to wait a few months to see if it changed any when i ran regular or midgrade. And no I haven't done anything to the truck since the tune. To answer the other questions I was still getting 14.5 MPG with the trail graps. Now my average is 13.4. Once again its nothing major I just dont know if I can't notice the tune or what.. I guess when I fill up next I will put premium in and see if its worth paying extra for. Thank you all for the input and when I got the tune it was an overall great experience.
  6. How to get back to a stock tune?

    maybe it's because I didn't go full premium. I ran midgrade for a few months and didn't notice then ran regular for awhile and didn't even notice a difference from dropping to regular other than it seem like it runs out quicker. I'm back running mid grade and driving like a baby now since my gas mileage decreased
  7. How to get back to a stock tune?

    yeah i think i might be crazy too but i noticed nothing. i really feel like i wasted my money.
  8. I got an in person black bear tune a couple months ago and I never really felt much of a difference. I put midgrade in my truck and have been since then and still haven't notice much of a difference. I guess because it's just a stock truck. The only thing that really did change was my gas mileage. I went from 15 down to about 13. I just want to go back to stock and not mess with it anymore
  9. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    you might but i really dont know. The trimming is not hard at all, my grandma could do it. My recommendation is get what you want. if you go to a good tire place they can also help you trim. its as easy as cutting cake.
  10. you really wont even have to cut metal. your just going to be bending back one the inside lip on the fender. you wont be able to notice it after you do it. I did it to mine then painted in black and you wouldn't even notice unless i pointed it out
  11. it'll fit, you will have to trim some plastic and some metal on the inside of the fender but its nothing major at all. my grandma could do it. 305/55/20 will look a lot better too then a 50
  12. 20x9 With 1mm Offset?

    watch my video and read the info on it
  13. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    yeah i was just kinda winging it
  14. 20x9 With 295/55/20

    after paying for the wheels and tires I have no money to do anything else haha

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