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  1. So I left it over night at the dealer. They said there was definitely issues with valve body. It was getting commands to shift and yet not shifting. Like a stuck spool valve. So they replaced valve body and flushed transmission. Truck drives like new now and shift smooth even at 60-70F expect right in the morning. Right now it is 30F in Minnesota, she shifts stiff and hangs in gear for the first shift or two as I leave the neighborhood. Once thru that, smooth. Now I have been told that these trucks do this for warmup. Manual even mentions it. So is this normal? I am sure after 80K stop and go, the truck and its clutches are somewhat worn hence why it is more pronounce versus when it was new.
  2. okay, so it hangs in hear to what, keep the RPMS up to keep things moving? But when it shifts, its definitely got punch behind it. Wont describe it as the tranny falling out, but shifting like im doing 4500 rpm running down an onramp!
  3. Well I did do a flush on tranny, changed differentials all at about 40-45K. Looking to do it soon before 100k. still, why would engine warmup change it so much?
  4. Hello, I have a 80k mileage 2014 LTZ Silverado, 3.42, 6 speed. Notice that even on a 60-70F day, when first driving, the shifts from 1-2 and 2-3 are delayed and noticeable. Kinda like they are banging in gear. The transmission shifts smooth as silk once the engine get 210F. Is this normal? Didn't notice this much first 50k, but the past 25k it has been evident. Anyone else experience this? Is there anything I should look at? Dealer recommended making sure tranny temp sensor is operating properly to make sure it is not prematurely going into warmup? Not sure what he means. Thanks
  5. It feels like it just doesn't want to go. I have not gotten a check engine light or anything. Just like it wont give me power, pressing on the pedal I can see the tach bounce like it is lugging. eventually it cleans up. It is hard to duplicate, but most noticeable when turning after being stopped on exit ramp of freeway....like it is lean or whats to run lean and doesn't realize I am commanding power. could it be torque management just interfering at specific points? if so, why am I noticing it more now.
  6. 2014 Silverado, 3.42 gears, 5.3L, 75K miles Truck has all the current maintenance. Even recently had throttle body cleaned and relearned, MAF replaced, air filter new, and fuel induction treatment Notice after hard drive pulling or spirited drive on the freeway, when I exit the highway on off ramp, say sitting at a red light, when I take off the truck makes it thru first gear smooth, but literally falls flat in 2nd or 3rd. Feels like a misfire, or lack of fuel, or something. odd thing is, power thru it, next stop light, no issues, drives fine. Dealer cannot replicate, no one has any ideas. Been to 3 dealers and they are all stumped. Any ideas guys? Thank you PS: I know the trucks can be laggy with the Torque and fuel management system, but this behavior is new within the last 15K
  7. did the torque converter or valve body make it anybetter? or where they smoked already? These things are tuned for fuel saving which is awesome to some degree. I know plenty of ford, dodge and tundra people out there looking silly with their fuel mileage. However, I feel it is saving fuel although putting extra wear and tear on good trucks
  8. When you say harsh downshifts, can you explain? My truck I notice if I brake hard, downshifts hard. Brake slow and soft, downshifts soft. it is like the programming of the transmission is set to grade brake down even under normal driving conditions. Also, what RPMS are you seeing down shifts occur? Mine usually are around 800-900rpm then rise to 1000-1200rpm, until down around 800rpm, then repeat for each lower gear except first, where it goes to idle I think my tranny as it has aged has got more clunky. 70+K and things just are not as smooth
  9. Really? Stock tranny and tune and at 96K it dumped out? I lost my 2010 tranny at 66K and I was pissed. Seems now a days we are sacrificing longevity for fuel mileage. Anyone have any ideas about idle?
  10. So I have a 2014 Silverado, 5.3, 3.42 gears, 6 speed, 70K 1. I have noticed when the truck is warm the idle will drop to 400-450rpm, make the truck stumble and correct. It only happens after a spirited run on the freeway or after pulling heavy, coming to stop at like a red light at an exit ramp. Taken to dealer several times and no solution. Tried fuel cleaner, MAF cleaner, cleaned throttle body, etc no resolve. 2. bubbles or gurgling coming from heater core. Dealer say there is not air, did vaccum on cooling system twice. Yet, when the truck comes to a stop and it is quite, there is a clear water/gurgling sound on the passenger side. Heater core air trapped? how to get it out? 3. water pump squeal and squeak. Been replaced once already, no doing it again. Do the water pumps just suck this bad? 4. Truck aging and noticing rougher shifts when a first drive until up to operation. Loosing the nice feel it had when new. this normal? Help help. Dealers are not helping unless there is a bulletin Thank you
  11. No I didn't. next Thursday I am dropping it off for the service manager to drive for a day. Feels like when the idle drops the truck is going to stall and die. I hate that I take care of this thing and I amgetting plagued with this dumb stuff.
  12. No it's not the pedal. Mine doesn't have much play and I'd feel it move. Try taking off at a light dead stop, with moderate throttle input. Too heavy you break tires free. Too little and truck is a tortoise. With moderate input, no movement in foot, it will accelerate as if I am putting my foot into it.
  13. So I have noticed in my 2014 Silverado, 5.3L, 3.42 gears, 68K miles, that at times from a dead stop, without any change to throttle input, I get a non linear acceleration. It is like I put my foot into the pedal but don't move it, the truck accelerates normally but then has a little extra bump at the end. Some of the posters in the thread below mentioned something similar and I am trying to determine if anyone else notices this, knows why my truck is doing this, and is it okay? http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/175595-slow-speed-uncommanded-acceleration/ Thanks
  14. Would you be willing to see if yours does similar?

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