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  1. Where in Miami did you get that deal? I'm about an hour north of Miami....
  2. Coil over or "traditional" I cant afford the coil overs, but have been considering their traditional lift...
  3. Going crazy figuring out the right combination. I plan on keeping the stock 20" wheels, I love them!
  4. The darker color looks great! I can't allow myself to like the white wheels! lol
  5. He told me they are unpainted steel. They are $299 for trucks without tow hooks, $399 with tow hook spacers. They showed a few more pics on FB and they look really nice!
  6. There is a shop in Naples Florida that makes a raw steel filler panel for the front bumper when the factory air dam is removed on our Chevy bumpers. They only ship them in raw steel, and then you are supposed to have them painted / powdercoated / chromed etc... I can't add pics at them moment, but if you look for it on FB it is nice! The person posting the add is Jordan Tadysak, I just spoke to him and he is a really nice dude! I found it on the FB group page (LML Duramax Brethren) Call 239-262-5438 to discuss and ask for Jordan. I am going to order one after I get back from our IRMA Hurrication...
  7. Anybody here running sulastic shackles? According to some reviews I have been reading on various websites they are saying they greatly improve the ride of our 2500HD trucks... Wondered about anybody on here that is not getting paid for their opinions...lol
  8. Nice Wheels! 275/65/20 will be about 34" tall and look very good without rubbing.
  9. I am going to get a Rough County kit for $549... This kit will allow you to run a 35" on stock rims. It includes; keys, diff drop spacers (to keep cv angles safe), upper control arms (for a better ride and safe ball joint angles), 4 new shocks with spacers. I am not cheaping out and just cranking the bars, not with a new $50,000 truck!
  10. Looks like fun! Don't want to hijack your thread, but what truck cap and roof rack is that? Looks awesome and I want the same thing for my truck.

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