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  1. 4-5k for an installed lift, wheels and tires is a great price if it is a TRUE lift. I thought about going the leveling route, its cheaper, but saving pennies until the warranty goes away and will do a ZONE 5" lift with 37s on the stock 20s. Nice truck!
  2. When autonomous cars crash, (just like computers do every day) who sues whom?
  3. Bob Lutz has either lost his mind, or owns stock in the software for self driving cars... I call B.S. on making people get rid of their cars.
  4. What is the difference between the 5100 and the 4600?
  5. Where in Miami did you get that deal? I'm about an hour north of Miami....
  6. Coil over or "traditional" I cant afford the coil overs, but have been considering their traditional lift...
  7. Going crazy figuring out the right combination. I plan on keeping the stock 20" wheels, I love them!
  8. The darker color looks great! I can't allow myself to like the white wheels! lol

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