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  1. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Got tired of driving a loaner for almost 2 weeks, Tuesday would have been 2, so I went to the dealer and told them I wanted my truck back. They hadn't done anything with it because they were so backlogged. Didn't even move it. Plus the loaner had the same problem of being out of a balance as my truck so I might as well put up with that crap in my own vehicle instead of a tiny traverse. Friend mentioned on FB that he wanted an oversized tire for exercise so I asked a friend's mom and she had a few. Took him out to pick it up. I got tired just watching him dig it out from underneath larger tractor tires still on the rims and then rolling it into the back of the truck. Got my exercise for the day lol Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  2. Chit chat

    Can't blame him he wasn't in office in 2004 or so when it was probably bought, it's just old and was probably a cheap generator to begin with. I think we bought it around the 2004 hurricanes anyway, that would make the most sense.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/CorpusChristiGuy/search?query=sulastic+shackles Couple of videos with the guy I mentioned in my last post. He seems to like them a lot.
  4. I prefer the old look of the extended cab. The tiny doors look funny to me. Probably a non issue to me as I'm on my 2nd crew cab and doubt I'll downsize even if I'm the only one 95% of the time in my truck. My bigger issue is the lack of 8ft bed options around me.
  5. Cars (and trucks) that make you laugh

    Lifted with low pro tires and sticking out past the fenders makes me laugh and shake my head every time. People can do whatever they want with their money and property but that doesn't stop me from being the ahole that I am and laughing. That "stance" garbage on cars sets me off pretty good as well. I also wonder how often they burn through tires and how stupidly unsafe and uncomfortable they are to drive. I get my fair share of crap for driving a dually so in the end everyone hates something.
  6. A youtuber I watch had them installed on his F450, and then I think his F350, and maybe he'll put them on his F450? Anyway they looked interesting and seemed to noticeably help. I'm just cheap and the $350 or so for them has me hesitant to buy. I think they were $350 for a 3500HD anyway.
  7. Mobil-1 rebate

    There's a number to call to ask and see if they accept Costco if it's not listed on their non complete list of accepted retailers. The number is somewhere, I think on the promotions page.
  8. Mobil-1 rebate

    Yep walmart works. Unfortunately they don't carry 5 gallon buckets of the diesel oil. I got my $70 check last Friday. Submitted the rebate on Aug 2nd or 3rd so pretty quick turn around. edit Oil not fuel lol
  9. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I'm only a 10k behind you, except mine is a year older.
  10. Not sticking around for this storm

    I've heard insurance or even FEMA have reimbursed people for hotel stays because of hurricanes. I'll be getting a whole house generator eventually, even w/o hurricanes the power grid is crap so one of our summer thunderstorms has the potential to knock out power for a few hours. Out of everyone on my street I think I have the least amount of debris and I think most of mine are from the neighbors. Everyone else seems to have a bunch of yard waste stacked out and waiting to be taken, I've got 3 trash cans. My other property had power for the business but the storage house I keep behind it didn't have power and that's what the well runs off of so no water for my renters. Power for that came back on Sunday sometime. I think I have a friend or two w/o power still, I know last I heard Duke had 80k or so w/o power still. Overall we lucked out, it could have been much worse. South Florida got wrecked, keys too. Apparently PR is getting hammered again right now too. I think Maria was a cat 5 when it hit PR.
  11. Nope I'll continue to drive as long as the stupid govt allows me to do so. I don't need a computer to avoid accidents for me I have 2 eyes and a brain. The whole "the computer can avoid accidents a human could never react to" is BS. Stop riding everyone's butt, use your mirrors, get off your phones, and just drive. I avoid accidents all the time and see things that whoever I'm a passenger for says "just came out of no where." I've counted 5-10 seconds on some things that "just came out of no where" from when I first saw them. I understand people hate driving and suck at it, but I still want the choice to drive myself. All these driving "aides" are one of the reasons I haven't bought a new truck. Every time I get a loaner for mine they give me some fancy new thing that has all those annoying "aides" that take time to disable and then the vehicle tells you they're off every time it's started. Yes thank you I disabled them for a reason I don't need to be annoyed with the your garbage is disabled messages every time. Also what happens when all this technology fails, people are getting worse at driving because they are relying on aides to do the work for them, as well as just not caring.
  12. If you're still using Mobil 1 you should really start doing the rebates for it. Two 5 quart jugs twice a year with I believe $12 back on each jug. If you use more oil than 20 quarts a year then just have your neighbor or family member do a set of rebates for you as well. Works out nicely for me with the delvac 1300, especially since they upped it to $35 instead of the $25 per 5 gallons so now I'm getting 5 gallons free.
  13. The newer 6.0s use 5w30 now? Interesting, I always ran Mobil 1 10w-30 in my 6.0s but they were '01 and '06.
  14. Chit chat

    My generator decided it wanted to be the loudest around so it said it didn't need no stinking muffler. I guess I'm definitely that ahole neighbor. Especially since I cranked it back up @ 0400 after shutting it down @ 2200 last night. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk
  15. Not sticking around for this storm

    It hit me as a strong cat 1 or weak cat 2 I think. Lost power around midnight so going on 6.5 hours or so w/o it. No major damage on my street that I could see. Deputy buddy was told to get back out on the streets so he did a once over of some of my neighborhood and my street. He didn't see anything major either. My buddy a couple streets down from me has a flooded street but no house flooding last I heard. Another down in Lakeland was damn close to getting water in the house last I heard from him. Still getting some good wind gusts here. Sent from my Find7 using Tapatalk

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