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  1. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    2008 ZO6
  2. Chevy Fan!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. New To GM Trucks

    Welcome Patrick! Tons of info and guys who help you out when you are in a jam! Good Luck!
  4. 2019 Chevy Silverado Spotlight - Cargo Bed Area

    I don't have any kids so I guess I am pooched! ahah
  5. OK, I found my answer on the GM Canada media page: I found this statement. "The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado will be on display at the North American International Auto Show through January 28 in Detroit. Production of the 2019 Silverado will begin at the Fort Wayne, Indiana Assembly plant, ranked the highest-quality plant in North America by J.D. Power and Associates, with customer deliveries beginning this fall."
  6. Has it been determined where these new trucks will be built! I know some 2018 build is being transferred to Oshawa, Ontario but are 19's going to be built totally in Ft. Wayne? What is going to the Mexico plant?
  7. Yes to HUD Ryan but maybe only on HC???? You can clearly see the control on one of the interior pics. I am sure Gamboa will figure a way to put it in other models! ahaha
  8. Price for DL3 chrome mirrors

    I just paid $450 on Ebay for some 2017 take offs that came with the harnesses and the power fold switch.
  9. Special Thanks to Zane, Josh and crew and anyone else who was involved in last nights coverage of the 2019 Chevy Tucks launch! Well done! and thanks for keeping us all in the Chevy Trucks loop!
  10. Hell I am over 60 and still drive like you! hahaha
  11. No damage to the truck.......how about the guys face? hahahhaha
  12. https://www.chevymall.com/2015-2018-Silverado-Illuminated-Center-Cap/productinfo/AH984/ These are kinda cool!
  13. Leevon's 2017 Sierra Regular Cab

    You gotta luv those Reg Cabs!
  14. Yeah me too. It would be nice to have a new one but not for that much. Just keep watching Ebay, Craigslist, etc.
  15. If you go to a GM Parts website and price it out getting all the pieces you need, plus getting a custom harness from Mr. Gamboa, it ends up being on the north side of $900.00 bucks. And for me paying in Canadian pesos that is more like $1200.00. I think I am going to try the auto wreckers route my self.

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