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  1. Whats Under my Basement Tiles?

    I agree! At any rate Ii would get those old tiles out of there, using all proper precautions of course, and then assess the cement! As stated it may just need a good clean and then replace with new ceramic or stone tile! If the surface of the cement is really rough you may need to put a new cement skim coat on to level the floor out. Then tile it! Does you area have a high water table?
  2. First home under contract

    Landscaping has great rewards when done properly. One big tip I would give is to not use wood fence posts if at all possible. I know that steel is a lot more expensive but over the long haul you will remember I told you this. I was lucky at my work that one of the welders there also did week end work out of his garage. He ordered up 4"x4" square tubing, cut it into 7' lengths, welded caps and tabs on. Then I placed and cemented in and 25 years later my fence is straight and true and my neighborhood have all replaced total fences or at least wood posts a few times. Believe me when you get up in your 60"s like me the last damn thing I want to do now is build a fence! hahaha Good Luck with you project. Like I said when you are all done sitting back with a tub of cold brewskies you can marvel at what you did!
  3. First home under contract

    Good Luck Sierra! I did all this back in 1995. In the end it all worked out! But was very stressful at the time. Now I am at that stage where I am going to have to start doing renos. Have basically done the kitchen with granite, backsplash and new appliances. The biggest complaint I had from my experience was with the poor performance of the electrician that my contractor had. Basically He is qualified to wire a hogbarn! hahaha. No imagination for lighting and my wife and I have always paid for it. But oh well. Enjoy your place! Do you have to do landscaping?
  4. To me it is apples and oranges. If you are a big guy size wise you will never be happy with a Colorado/Canyon. And that is not to say the smaller trucks are bad. I have had two of them and had fun with them but there is nothing like the roominess of the full size trucks. My wife always told me that I looked very uncomfortable in my Colorado's.
  5. Both very nice trucks! IMO it comes down to what the total cost is and what your payment is all in. If you are happy with that make the deal. Best of Luck!
  6. Happy Wife Happy Life, Very nice truck! So is that a 15? Us Gm Trucks guys are a nosey bunch hahaha. Sorry for the snow, same crappy spring so far up here in Alberta too.
  7. Yes Dear!

    This sounds like my old next door neighbors! His wife would be yelling shit at him all the time, and he would just say "Yes Dear" Happy Wife, Happy Life!
  8. Sound off! Gas Cap!

    I made my own!
  9. Guess which show I'm lighting

    Are you out there riding those waves? Would scare the shit out of me!
  10. Chit chat

    Reminds me of something too but I would get kicked off the website if I told you! hahahhaha
  11. New Member/Old Member

    You never really leave! We all knew you would be back! hahaha
  12. Some people would screw up the lords prayer, if they knew it! I have a 14 as well and have had no issues with it. So that kinda blows that theory!
  13. IMO Anything Carnauba is the way to go for wax, as others have pointed out anything you do MUST start with a clay bar treatment. If you have never done this before you will crap at what you get off a just washed and dried truck/car. Makes it as smooth as a Baby's butt! I think your trucks paint looks to be very good/new so IMO a polish coat is probably optional. For my 2 cents I am partial to Maguire's products!
  14. On the Lots

    Keep us in the loop if you do it! Lots of pics! These ZR2's are very cool little trucks! Excellent mileage and torque with the Baby D.
  15. I know they have shown 3/4 ton work truck reg cab pics. Anyone seed any 1/2 to ones? I remember last time in 2013 a member here photo shopped one for us reg cab guys!

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