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  1. What did you use for the actual light body? And how did you mount them? Thanks
  2. I had the same issue. I stayed with stock rims and jumped up to 285's with a RC level lift. Went with Toyo AT's.
  3. Maybe what for the new model 2019???????????? Sounds like your truck is almost to the point of being unreliable!
  4. New guy

    She's a beauty! Welcome
  5. New guy with new truck

    Keep driving those Bowties! Welcome
  6. By the sounds of recent Barra press conferences it sounds like GM is more interested in electric than diesel!
  7. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    Some people would screw up the Lords Prayer if they knew it! I have had 12 Chevy or GMC trucks since 1976 and I would not trade one of them for a Furd! My Opinion I know! No Fords for this guy! Chevy for life!
  8. On Star is a joke...

    5 years? It is only 6 months in Canada! I agree with original post! Totally over rated! Left me stranded on the side of the road in Montana! Girl sounded like she did not even know were Montana was let alone Great Falls! Told me I had to speak to Canadian On Star. Canadian On Star when I am in US? DAAAAA!
  9. Impact - Air or Cordless

    I have a 3/4 drive Milwaukee cordless that I use for changing the blades on my roadside mower. (my summer job)That thing is unbelievable the torque it has. It could be used for every thing.
  10. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    I know Ford owners that have lots of problems to. One of them is a Ford mechanic, he says the same thing and that he has worked on lots of Ford trucks with goof ball problems to. They all have issues and you can get good and bad in any of them! That being said I would never consider a Ford! I would sooner have GM with recalls than any Ford of any description! To each his own but No Fords for me.
  11. I have only ever seen it in chrome as OEM, but maybe an aftermarket part??????
  12. Are you sure it is not that stupid flapper in your exhaust pipe! I was being driven nuts until I read about it on this chat.
  13. Newb with a Traverse

    Welcome to the page Chris!
  14. Truck Guy in NC

    Great looking outfit Scott!

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