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  1. I did something like that back in the 80s w/ my '82 K15. Masked off the 'main' parts of the grille & sprayed the thinner argent sections black. Not my truck, but you get the idea of what I did:
  2. Sounds like more nonsense. Never heard of bleeding the PS system before. It's the lash adjustment screw that is working loose in this situation. It makes you wonder how intelligent the people are that dealerships hire.
  3. Bleeder bolt! Who in the world is working on your truck, a couple of 7 year olds?
  4. If I'm parked for any length of time with my trailer hooked up, I unplug the trailer. I learned my lesson several years ago. Hooked up my popup trailer the night before departure & in the morning the battery was dead. The fridge had killed it. Not sure how you would isolate a trailer battery though. I had dual batteries on a truck in the 80s w/ an isolator to power the winch.
  5. My brother is probably thinking the same thing. He bought a '16 last year.
  6. Initially packages combined things that most people used. My '94 had a nice 1 that basically gave me A/C for free. All the other content I wanted (chrome bumpers, nice grille, better interior lighting & the floor mat matched the interior colour). Now I just have an LT w/ just the VYU plow prep added. The LT Plus option didn't interest me. As an aside, how much of the price increase is a result of the safety & emissions regs?
  7. I was a tool & diemaker for the last year & a half looking after the spot welding guns. It was pretty hot & dirty in the body shop w/ lots of sparks flying all over. That body shop was pretty much unchanged from '67 to '86. A new body shop w/ a lot of robots was built before the intro of the GMT400 program.
  8. There are a lot of urban dwellers that don't have a drivers licence (nor intend to get 1). Getting the latest iPhone is the most pressing thing on their bucket list.
  9. Some assembly plant pics from the 70s: More to follow.
  10. They look like the steering axles on an tractor trailer. I wonder if the tires on this GMC were early prototypes? Pics are from a set of pics my brother had from his days @ the Oshawa Truck Plant.
  11. Off the top of my head the temp has to drop to around 18*F, not 32*F
  12. Thats the same setup that I used when I was working & on the dayshift.
  13. Sounds like the torsion bars arent properly adjusted. SMiller outlined the fix.

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