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  1. Brought to you by the braintrust that came up w/ 'air curtains". As a retired tool & die maker & having worked w/ enigineers since I was an apprentice, I would've loved to see this.
  2. In the GMT400 you got alum' rims & crappy Goodyear Wrangler TD tires. A friend had 1 that he bought new & the tire wear was horrible.
  3. Lear isn't a new supplier. They've had 2 plants in southern Ontario since GM outsourced the seat assembly in '86 for GMT400 production (down to 1 when Oshawa Truck closed in '09). A vendor Woodbridge Foam had a plant next door to Lear. They assembled the seats for the GMT900s. I have no idea who has been making the K2XX seats.
  4. Read in my union newsletter that Oshawa has started to build HDs. Saw a few 1500s on car haulers west of the city last Tues'.
  5. Throwing together a bunch of various styling 'cues' from other vehicles doesn't cut it. Look @ the references people are making to the F150 & Tundra. In the past, GM's pickups stood out on their OWN styling.
  6. Been around pickups since my father bought his '75 3/4 ton. I don't think the average truck buyer really give a rip if the truck has 'air curtains' as the 'suit' called that wonderful styling feature.
  7. Vendor/manufacturer/supplier, what ever you want to call the outside company, they build to the OEM's specs & blueprints...
  8. The whole headlight assy looks like a copy of the F150. Fire the whole styling department if that's the best they can come up w/. I bet my brother is glad he bought his Sierra HD in '16.
  9. X2 on the GMCs looking ugly. What is w/ the idea that they need to copy the F150 'appendage' or whatever you want to call it that intrudes into the hedlidlight? I guess you don't recall the trim badges being on the fenders in the 70s & 80s. (My father's crew cab & my '82)
  10. Started the season w/ my '07 REV (MXZ 600SDI). Burned up the PTO bearing on the 1st day of a 5 day trip from Kirkland Lake to Hearst. Ended up trading the dead sled in on a Blizzard 900ACE From my 4 day trip in the Timmins area @ the start of March. Pic was taken on TOP C where it turns towards Smooth Rock Falls (closed this winter due to logging) or the A106C goes to Cochrane.
  11. Spent last weekend (3 days) riding from the Kapuskasing area. Even some truck content near the end: https://www.facebook.com/kris.roenigk/media_set?set=a.10155366474976220.1073741859.564796219&type=3
  12. Go up to Kap' in northern Ontario where GM has had their Cold Weather Centre. Lots of GM vehicles rolling around Hwy 11. (scroll down to 2nd page). Saw a smaller SUV & Impala sized sedan all camoed up as well.
  13. 2500Hd Rumors

    Then you'll have to deal w/ the blackflies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_fly I'll take the cold

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