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  1. I'm pretty sure ambient & engine temps & the amount of time the engine is fully warmed up is part of the calculation. Short trips in winter or engine not fully warmed up would be worse than long light load trips during the rest of the year (moderate temps).
  2. Off the top of my head and my I usually got around 8,000 miles on my '04, '11 and now my '17 (all 6 L motors). My 2000 K2500 had shorter intervals during the 4 years I owned it.
  3. I had the factory Bilsteins on my '95 K1500 (Z71), no issues w/ that version. What is the difference between the 51XX Bilsteins vs the 4600s?
  4. Just 1 of many items on the 'net about the OLS: https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/understanding-chevrolet-service-indicator-lights-by-brent-minderler
  5. I read in yesterday's Toronto Star that all 2018 HDs will be equipped w/ the ram air hood. Is this true? If yes will it be functional on the gassers?
  6. Unable to Access T1XX Forum

    Still unable to view the T1XX forum.
  7. Guys I knew @ work were in northern Ontario for a week of snowmobiling. They had borrowed a plain white cube van w/ a yellow sticker (commercial in Ontario) & a 2 place open sled trailer as a chase vehicle to carry their gear & in case a sled broke down. Their personal trucks were left @ the starting point. The driver of the van was stopped by the MTO (our DOT) & was ticketed for towing a non-commercial trailer (no safety inspection/no yellow sticker) w/ a commercial vehicle.
  8. X2 That's a set up I don't want to try.
  9. On a similar vein, would/should a SRW pickup w/ a sled/ATV 'deck' installed not require them? At least have clearance lights @ the corners of the deck. http://www.truckbossdecks.com/SLIDES3/images/TRUCKBOSS-ATV-005.jpg The 1 in the pic shows a red marker light, but I have met them on the highway where there was no orange lamp @ the front corner.
  10. Actually the early GMT800s had a longer filter (my 2000 2500 which I ordered new, had the long filter). My '04 2500HD had the short baby food jar sized filter. Checking the WIX lookup, '03 was the year the short filter was intro'd. IIRC, AC Delco obsoleted 3 or 4 similar filters & replaced them w/ the short filter. Now the 5.3s are back using a longer filter (go figure).
  11. I have an LG. The nephew (20 year old) should be able to help me over the weekend. My brother has a '16 Sierra, so I imagine they've fiddled w/ it too.
  12. No becauuse if I had bought the '16 I would've complained about the content. My family (includes my father & brother) has purchased 14 trucks & other than my brother's '16 we've always ordered them so we get what we want.
  13. I don't get that message about responding, but I'll look into it. Thanks

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