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  1. Hey I was told the depression on the hood of the GMT900 Sierra was in case they wanted to add a hood scoop I guess like the Taco'. Why I have no idea.
  2. I was just a dumb tool & die maker on the shop floor. My father had 2 3/4 tons in the 70s (both Sierra Grande trims) & I've owned trucks since '81, so I've been around a few.
  3. Major facepalm when I watched the video w/ the styling 'white shirt' explain them. These are TRUCKS for crying out loud! I spent the last 3 days driving in northern Ontario during snow falls & I would imagine this 'feature' will be a nuisance in the snowbelt. When they are full of road slop & slush what use will they be? Then again the guy said his last program was styling the most recent generation of the Camaro.
  4. I remember when we started building the 1st GMT400 ext' cab long boxes. W/ the factory tires they looked AWFUL. My brother came over from an adjacent plant for a look & said they looked like school buses. Even our '79 crew cab w/ the 16" wheels looked better & it was a 2WD.
  5. On my 2017 Silverado, I wasn't impressed (like most) w/ the OEM bulbs. Went w/ a pair of LEDs, I honestly, don't think they made much difference other than the 'colour' of the headlights. The light 'down the road' seemed the same. OK, lets go w/ a pair of HIDs (low beam). I ordered a pair from Xenon Depot & installed them last summer. Much better light down the road. Passenger side bulb went out just before Christmas. Not sure if it was the bulb or ballast. LEDs went back in. When I was telling my nephew about this, he said that's why he wasn't going to spend the money to go w/ HIDs on his Jeep TJ. Too bad Chev hadn't put more thought into the headlamps. I wonder how the 2 new lighting setups on the T1XX trucks will perform?
  6. I had an '82 GMC K15 (bought it new). Miss it big time.
  7. It's a truck Mr Sheer! Enough of the mumbo jumbo... Just another white shirt from Central Office. Hopefully the HDs lose the 'air curtains'.
  8. What do ya Shoot? - Camera, Lenses, & other gear

    Any idea why the 4-4-2 badge is upside down?
  9. Can they not design a bumper that doesn't look hideous if you take off the air dam? Ford has done it w/ a simple design on previous SDs (I haven't noticed on the newest F250). It seems the stylists @ GMC & Chev have to come up w/ some fancy shmancy design that looks more @ home on a '58 Eldorado.
  10. X2 on all of these ^^^ Did the brain trust test these in the winter? I can see the snow and slush filling up & freezing in there. Hopefully the grille & bumper will be different on the HDs. BTW, good ideas in the OP.
  11. Or poor driving decisions.
  12. Trying to drive thru a 2 foot tall frozen plowed comb into a driveway? LOL
  13. Sounds like the current Kia or Hyundai ad which shows their SUV driving up a ski hill. I wonder how many takes that took? Then cidiots try to drive into the cottage on an unplowed road & get buried.
  14. In southern Ontario the case is more like, because I'm driving a (fill in the blank) I can drive 130 kph, just like the drive up north to the cottage in July. One particular freeway is susceptible to whiteout conditions, but people do not drive w/ care and multi-vehicle crashes are commonplace in the winter. Push button '4WD' should be marked 'INVINCIBLE' IMO for the way people treat it. From what I've read Subaru has pretty much been @ the forefront of AWD vehicles. I've never driven a pick up w/ Auto Trac, but know a few folks that have owned them.

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