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  1. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    thanks. I will lift it one day! as of now it maybe like 4 years from now. A year from now we will be moving to Germany AF so will have to wait till we get back!!
  2. vote for me please not my truck!!!!

    re vote please ends today 1 vote every 24 hrs thanks!!!
  3. Daniel Carnley Can AM XMR1000 vote fot it plea thank you!!! http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/320390/voteable_entries
  4. Wanting that truck of the year title!

    lighting sucked but here is more
  5. these were some quick randoms! wait till i get her waxed up and on better location
  6. my left front has always sat lower for some reason 1/4 -0.5" or so. Well its rubbing on that side so im going to throw some thick wahers on top of strut to see if i can get it level
  7. yeah got two in and had dings soe sent them back lol then lugnuts got lost in mail LOL
  8. Last shoot on stock wheels!!!

  9. What wheel for my truck!!!!!!!!!&#

  10. just few cell phone pics for now. HD pics soon! 20x9 +1 offset Toyo ATII's 305/50r20 2" level
  11. hmmmm where will these be going???

    went tpo put on today have to send 2 wheels back. new ones on the way
  12. 20x9 +1 fuel mavericks going on 305/50 toyo open country AT II's Going to look good on this

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