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    2009 GMC Sierra Extended Cab
  1. I have just over 141K miles on my 2009 with AFM still on, and I had #7 plug foul on me a few months ago. I just topped off my oil using 1 qt after 3754 miles, which GM does not consider "excessive". I'm outside the warranty period so I suppose I just have to live with it or replace it...but I'm not needing another payment right now. Not certain if the Range AFM Delete will help at this point.
  2. Thanks for all y'alls input. I tried cleaning the plug, but it still threw codes. I replaced it and all is right again. After 100k+ miles I had no issues with AFM, but I think I'll be disabling it now.
  3. May be a loaded question, but what would be the downside to skipping the oil catch-can completely and running the hose(s) down to the chassis and venting to atmosphere.... other than the obvious environmental issues?
  4. I used ACDelco when I replaced the plugs and wires. My truck was at the dealers a few years back for warranty work, but I don't know if they touched the valve cover.
  5. Looked a lot like that, yes.
  6. All plugs and wires were replaced around the 100,000 mile mark, and the plugs were looking good then. Am I correct in believing the fouling is a combination of AFM with the PCV recirc into the left intake causing the unburned oil in cylinders 1 and 7?
  7. After 137000 miles, I got luck and had no AFM issues until now as my 2009 Sierra is throwing a misfire code for cylinder #7 (P0307). I swapped the coil/wire/plug with cylinder #3 and the fault followed, so I swapped the coil back to it's original #7 spot (plug wire got broke, so it's new) and the fault stayed with #3. This leaves just the plug, which is visually fouled. My question is this... Assuming the fouling is AFM related, will disabling AFM now help with future fouling or is it too late?
  8. Brake Controller

    Because I've heard that a transmitter that is mounted too close can cause interference with some brake controllers.
  9. Brake Controller

    Great! I've been eye-balling them for years but never had a need until now. I just bought one for about $100, just waiting to install it. On that note... My preferred mount point is where the ashtray is now, but that's right next to where my CB radio is. Do I need to move my CB?
  10. Brake Controller

    Hoping soon to get my first travel trailer. Is the Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller still one of the best controllers available?
  11. Bed Covers

    I have a BakFlip G2 cover and I love it! http://www.bakflip.com/
  12. Occasionally my brake pedal would squeak when pressed. I wonder if something similar would work for that.
  13. My research says they are the #1 tire for highway use. Go for it!
  14. Hotwheels

    Just sayin'...

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