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    Family, Friends and Customers. The ability and blessings to exceed their expectations. Thank GOD for all of them.
  1. Sadly the same corrected 14 mpg on each tank of mixed driving. 2011 2500HD, 6.0, 4x4 RCLB, 3.73, 6 spd auto. Do check you speedometer against your GPS or smartphone speedometer ap and correct your calculations. I found my speedometer to be reading a little faster than the actual speed and or distance traveled using ten and twenty mile markers on the highway compared to my odometer. And I do say "sadly" because my previous truck did 12 mpg and I didn't mind that from a 2006 2500HD 8.1, 4x4 CCLB, 4.11, 6 spd ally. With the 6.0 s' technology and lighter 6 spd tranny I really did expect better fuel economy than it provides.
  2. Too little info to provide a guess. But it sounds as if you have a repeatable failure and that is actually good. A problem that is frequently observed lets you test and narrow down on the cause. I'd agree with servnantsalesmen on the throtlebody and more specifically the Idle air control valve for cleaning.
  3. Let's get to the nub of this. It isn't who's buying the trucks so much as who the manufacturers and dealerships are catering to that chaps my a$$. Look at what happened the 1st time fuel went up to $4/gallon. The yuppies and such where trading in their trucks on more fuel efficient cars left and right. You would have thought the the factory and dealers would have learned from this and gone back to their roots. The customer that actually needs a truck and is a repeat customer on probably a 6 year average. But no they didn't learn or even pay a bit of attention. We just went through another $4/gallon gas spike. Go to any dealership and all you'll find them loading the lots with is crew cab golf carts. Yes I said it "Golf Cart"! Anything less than an 8'bed is a glorified golf cart. A person who actually uses a truck on a daily basis needs an 8'bed and prefers a regular cab. If you find a truck on the lot with an 8'bed and a regular cab it is the most stripped down vehicle available. I'm in my truck 3 to 4 hours a day. I don't need carpet or leather but I do want cruise control, power widows, power locks and all the powertrain upgrades. But good luck finding a real truck on the lot at any dealership. I'm not trying to put anyone down for buying what they think they wanted because most of you on this site have never been given the option of buying a real truck because they won't put them on the lots. So I don't look at other drivers in their rigs with envy. More likely I feel pitty just knowing that they will have trown $20k down the drain when they trade it in next year on a Civic.
  4. You wouldn't have to use dually wheels. The front end has adaptors added to the hubs that are only there so you can run dually offsets and only need one spare that can go on any corner of the vehicle. Just remove the adaptors and run wheels of your choice. The problem I had with my 03 dually was that the narrow wheel limits your tire choices. 6.5" really doesn't safely accommodate anything wider than a 265. Pulling the sidewalls in on a wider tire critically affects the tires load rating and running the tires aired down for traction puts you at great risk of having the tires bead loose seat and roll off the wheel. Since I wanted to keep mine a dually the spacing between the rear wheels limits tire width. You don't want the sidewalls touching as some trucks I've seen on the road. I had Stockton Wheels make me 3 wheels with an additional 1 1/2 offset. With this I was able to mount 2 of them as the outboard wheels and run 255/85-16 all around. The 3rd wheel is just a back up in case of an accident. I no longer have Stubby ('03 K3500, Reg cab Dually, 8.1, Allison) but I do still have the wheels.

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