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  1. Sounds like alot of people loved their 88-91 Chevy trucks, which is great, I had nothing but great expierences with those new old body style back then.
  2. Most people will never notice a difference with different brands of wires, or between the 3 AC/Delco plugs. I just notice the difference when I switch brands of plugs. Usually the type of plugs the vehicle came from the factory with will work the best for that vehicle.
  3. . It's all about the cores in the spark plugs. The Rapid Fires are the old traditional copper cores, the Iridiums of course have the Iridium Cores. Rapid Fires get changed out every 30,000 or so, the Plats get done every 100,000 (though I would NEVER go that long with them in there, more like 75,000 miles) and same with the Iridiums, supposed to be a 100,000 mile plug, though again I would never leave a plug in there that long. (just like the Death Cool Coolant)
  4. no, I didn't re-gap them as the instructions stated in bold letters not to deviate from the pregapped settings. I just changed out the Iridiums this afternoon, with less then 10,000 miles on them they seemed to have been carbon fouled somewhat, so I might have something else going on with them. No worries though, I got the AC/Delco Rapidfires in now it fired right up and there is a slight improvment in the idle. I am going to be doing the cleaning of the throttle body as well as changing out the fuel filter and will see what happens with that.
  5. Thanks for the info. I myself currently have the iridium plugs in my truck with less then 10,000 miles on them and I am not happy at all, it seems the idle worsened when I changed out the stock Platnium plugs, so I am probably going to try the AC/Delco rapidfires next, I used them in my old 93 Caprice 9C1, (police package) as well as my old 95 Crown Victoria P71 (Police Interceptor) and they worked well for me, I just need to find a good set of wires now.
  6. How much did the wires cost you and where did you get them from?
  7. 1989 Jeep Cherokee Sport (2 door) 4.0L inline 6, 5-speed a torque monster and very trail worthy vehicle, the best 4X4 I ever drove, never got me stuck once, never left me stranded, had 200,000 miles when I got rid of her and still running strong. 1989 Jeep Wrangler 4.3L carbed inline 6, 5-speed, also a torque monster and 2nd best 4X4 I've ever driven, had 189,000 miles on her when I sold her because I got tired of dealing with the carb issues and oil leaks, only left me stranded once when the alternator crapped out at 180,000 miles. 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V-6 130,000 miles auto tranny, I have no doubt that the thing would have made it to 200,000 miles but I was tired of paying for the repairs and watching the rust form. New Transfer case, never could get it aligned properly, always pulled to the right. The engine was reliable, its just everything else around it that had problems. The room of the Explorer was great... Always wanted to get one and decal/paint it to look like the Explorers used in "Jurassic Park" Wanted to do that to a Wrangler as well... And now my present truck, 1999 Silverado 9x,xxx miles 5.3L Ext Cab short bed, I always loved the GM Trucks and fell in love with the new design in 99 until they screwed up the taillights and headlights in 2003 on the Silverado, Pros: great looking truck, decent engine, comfortable inside CONS: <sigh> too many I am afraid, slip yoke, steering wheel grinding noise, dash lights burning out that are not replacable, Transfer case is leaking fluid somewhere and there is no damage to it, fuel gage problems, not very easy to get to all the grease zerks, Stupid bozos at GM designed the key chain so that the panic button can be pressed way to easily, underhood light not working, too computerized and doesn't have that "Solid Genuine reliable long lasting" feeling to it that the older Chevys have.
  8. Seafoam is for those who don't know how to do a few WOT runs every now and then
  9. Mine is starting to stick a little bit as well, I am going to give that procedure a try. Thanks for the info everyone!
  10. I have it for about 5-10 seconds on cold cold start up sometimes.

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