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  1. 17x8.5 OG Weld Cheyenne's 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson Mtz
  2. 2015 Sierra

  3. @triple-tap just a bit of advice, if i were you. I would start by getting rid of that 3in leveling kit otherwise you'll be going thru ball joints and cv's due to the angles. I'm sure the ride probably isn't the best either since the control arm is sitting on the service perch(droop stop) with that size of level.
  4. Anyone else noticed in the video around the 2:27 mark when they show the bed the half ass paint job on the tailgate?
  5. How much are ya'll paying to have these clusters programmed?
  6. Hows the install going? My 33x12.5x17 MT mtz measure 32.7in but if i recall correct your AT2's measure 33in. Heres a pic of my truck with the spindles and fox's combined equals out to 4in-4.5in of lift.
  7. I can't wait to see this, much better than stacking leveling kits. Also are you planing on adding bilstein 5100's or fox 2.0's to the front?
  8. Just to give an idea of what your front suspension angles can look like with 3" spindles, Uca's and stock struts. And this is spindles, fox 2.0's set at about an inch of lift, 2" rear lift block w/ fox 2.0's, 17x8.5 welds and 33 M/T mtz.
  9. You might want to rethink your "frankenstein lift", its the equivalent of spacers. If the truck is 4wd i wouldn't go past 2.5 in leveling kit, unless you do a full suspension lift. Now if it's 2wd i would suggest a set of spindles like Maxtrac's PN: 701550 its a 5in spindle meant for stamped steel Uca's. But thats just my 2 cents.
  10. When you take them a part, drop them off at the local powder coater. Request to have them coated in Bengal Silver and a top coat of Prismatic Powders Hd Teal. That would be how. I used the P/N: 983-02-086, which is meant for the MY 07-15 with cast steel suspension. When i initially installed them my front fenders measured about 40in then they settled about an 1in to 39in.
  11. What part number are these? The ones i have didnt have as many threads showing as yours do when i first installed them, you can see below. But on a side note mine where the older part number meant for the steel uca's, i know since then they have changed the part number, had something to with the fact that people with Aluminum or Stamped uca's were not achieving the advertised height out of the box.
  12. No kidding. Make sure to get a block that has a center pin on one side and center pin hole on the other. Since your using a 3" block, you probably should look into using a block that is tapered as well . Also my suggestion don't stack blocks.

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