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  1. About to sell my house without having a new one lined up....

    I sort of did the something you did put the house on the market without a really solid plan, and we received a lot more interest in the property than we expected. Luckily our agent was quick to draft an agreement to keep us in the house till we move to Jacksonville in July, and just pay rent as tenants.
  2. @Nasty is correct in theory with coilovers they don't require to be removed to be adjusted, because the way the collars act as jam nuts to lock in the height. But the design that the Fox 2.0's coilovers use to lock in the adjustment require for pressure to be removed from the collar in order to tighten the lock screw to it's proper torque. If the pressure is left on the collar it doesn't allow for the proper torque needed to tighten the lock screw, and can result in the collar coming loose. Below is an example of what can happen, it happened to a user on this forum.
  3. Got back from a work trip and decided to tackle the pinning the connector to fit the 2018 module. Pin 1 Violet, pin 2 black and pin 3 green. @pgamboa if you could let me know if this the correct pinning order I would appreciate it and thanks for the assistance.
  4. For the guys that went the oem route, I have a 2015 Sierra slt and doing the oem wireless charging route. So now I’m trying to figure where does the connector coming from the lid plug into in the center console? I’ve looked at both a 15 and 17 and both have the same harness pn:23211330.
  5. Out of curiosity how many threads are showing on your Fox 2.0's? I want to say that every two threads equals to a 1/4in.
  6. @jgutierrez89 sorry for all the questions.....

    Have you been happy with the ride of the Fox coil over set up?

    How do you have them set... 3in lift? 

    What size tires?

    Any larger blocks in the rear?



    1. jgutierrez89


      I have no complains with the fox coilover set up i have, i have them set to about 1 1/2 in with a set of Maxtrac 3in lift spindles for 4 1/2 in of lift in the front (my truck is a 2wd), a 2in lift block in the rear in place of the factory 1.25 in block. Lastly the wheels are 17in Weld Cheyenne's with 33in Mickey Thompson MTZ's. Hope that helps.

    2. JasonAVGuy


      Thanks that sure helps! 

  7. 17x8.5 OG Weld Cheyenne's 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson Mtz
  8. 2015 Sierra

  9. DSC_0959.JPG

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  10. DSC_0945.jpg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  11. DSC_0948.jpg

    From the album 2015 Sierra

  12. @triple-tap just a bit of advice, if i were you. I would start by getting rid of that 3in leveling kit otherwise you'll be going thru ball joints and cv's due to the angles. I'm sure the ride probably isn't the best either since the control arm is sitting on the service perch(droop stop) with that size of level.
  13. Anyone else noticed in the video around the 2:27 mark when they show the bed the half ass paint job on the tailgate?

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