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  1. Dealer called, module in. Now need to make time to go....... 1:45 drive there
  2. I tow our 9000# camper to Fla and back to NY each year, trans temps never go beyond 190 even in the mountains.
  3. Last week my lane assist, front collision, and Intellabeams systems quit working and displayed a service front camera warning. had a chance to stop by a dealer to have them check it out. (not where I purchased) Dealer said sure we're not that busy today, did a free oil change and tire rotation and diagnosed the issue. Ordered a new camera control module, washed the truck and I was back on the road in less than two hours. Just saying there are still some good dealers out there.
  4. had 70k on my '11 6.2 Yukon XL great motor have 19k on my '17 6.2 Sierra max tow, love it.
  5. Towing weight 8800-9000 Not just local, NY to Fla. twice yearly Truck is a towing beast. Avg over 11 MPG 2017 6.2 max tow
  6. Back to the topic, I would consider a 2500 if it could be had with a 6.2.
  7. I tow 9000# from NY to Fla twice yearly, temps at any speed are not an issue. Say a slight trans temp increase in the mountains of W. Virginia thats all. 11.5 mpg av. towing that weight is impressive as well. Currently at 18,000mi and couldn't be happier with my '17
  8. All '17 Silverado and Sierra are equipped with shutters
  9. my 50mi peak is 28.8 my 25mi peak is 31.4 '17 6.2 max tow, exhaust and mit, no tune 17k mi my trip b is 5500mi currently, 20.4mpg
  10. Our rig is about 9000# depending on load. I have a max tow 6.2 Hitch weight is 200ish Lb less By the numbers you are real close. It will not be fun to tow, but if you spend time on the balance and hitch distribution it is doable jmho
  11. It kills me that every fuel mileage topic turns into complete crap.....................
  12. '17 SLT max tow 6.2 17k on it, couldnt be happier My mom has '17 Denali Ultimate 7k on it, she is is very content.
  13. '17 crew short max tow 17k on truck. just got done doing radiation treatments, 5500mi going 500 to 1900 ft elevation averaged 20.6mpg best 50mi avg was 28.8 get 11.6 towing a 9000# camper Fla to NY avg 17 around town in summer avg 15 around town in winter Fuel is always 91-93 octane, occasionally 94 1-4mpg better avg than my '11 6.2

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