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  1. Not really, i traded that truck Replaced it with an '18 Denali Duramax
  2. 1300 mi. upstate NY to Daytona Fl. towing 8500# TT 12.0mpg. Return trip, bed full tonneau on, no trailer 20.2mpg. I am very pleased with this truck, 4500mi to date.
  3. I forget which two it is. But easy enough, remove interior tailgate panel, only two go to the solenoid. It is a low voltage circuit (5ish) so make sure sol. will operate that low. Plus if you tap the wires there they are more protected from the elements Thats how I did the remote lock for my Leer topper
  4. no interior pics handy, black deluxe with woodgrain inserts. going to redo the seat in orange/black Houndstooth cloth
  5. My '17 SLT with heated & cooled seats (top option) did not have the vertical adj lumbar
  6. production date is in the door jamb as well Recall for programming does come up on MY GMC app as well My L5P was built early Oct, Had 1900mi on it this week when check eng. light came on. Recall was done wednesday, driveability is improved and shifts are improved. Looking forward to many enjoyable miles from this truck
  7. I was being serious about the Denali being the only trucks to have the nice vinyl magnetic closure pouch. but they did neglect to include the diesel supplement. lol My '17 had the ziploc bag, and the funnel for my 59k SLT truck. My '18 has the pouch and Denali logo I asked when the SLT was delivered, and was told thats the way it is. I asked for the pouch from my '11 they said no you traded it.
  8. Transforce are popular fleet tires, they wear well
  9. You installed drop shackles, correct? How far from sumos to stop contact unloaded?
  10. I think the light performance is equal between my '17 HID to the '18 HID 2500, which it should be. My Mom has a '17 1500 Denali w/ LED, while good I think the HID is slightly better. The LED fogs on the 1500 are def better than the Halogen fogs on the 2500. I am considering this swap purely for looks, and won't be doing it if I don't find a set reasonably priced.

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