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  1. What kind of warranty are they giving you on the new motor? Is there going to be a specific warranty for the motor, or will it just be covered by the existing powertrain warranty?
  2. I have rainsense wipers on my CTS, I like it. It usually works as you'd expect. I guess I'll find out if I miss it when my truck comes in!
  3. I believe you can get the DL3 on an SLE, at least here in Canada, with the SLE Exterior Package: "SLE Exterior Package – includes remote vehicle starter system, fog lights, universal home remote, power remote control exterior rear-view mirrors (heated, power folding with integral turn signal indicators) and auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror. Also includes 17" Sport aluminum wheels" It doesn't say in that description, but I'm pretty sure they're body-coloured, as well.
  4. Yes,and yes...it will work with both cloth and leather,Part #17803282 Nice! I found the part here, I'm curious where those buttons mount. I think heated seats are the one thing I'm going to miss about the CTS when my truck comes in.
  5. They don't think it is? What kind of an answer is that? They should be telling you if it is or is not, and if it's not, why.
  6. Sierra Brochure z71 Off-road suspension package. Includes off-road jounce bumpers, high-capacity air cleaner, skid plate package and z71 decals on rear quarters. The package itself doesn't seem to come with the G80 locker, but it seems to get selected automatically when you select the Z71 package *shrug* You also get On/Off road tires with it.
  7. You'll get the best incentive available between the time you place your order, and when you take delivery, so you really can't lose (unless you take delivery, and the incentives get better the week after!).

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