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  1. LEGO Saturn V

    Amazing! Does the shield for the capsule come off or does it have the lunar landing module?
  2. Knives!

    Manix 2:
  3. What do you carry for your CCW?

    What are you looking to accomplish? The revolver would be too big to carry, would suck to shoot more than a few rounds at the range and would basically be relegated to a safe queen. That's fine if that is what you're looking for but the HK and Glock (no factory Glock is worth $700 by the way) are carry guns. Different animals.
  4. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    2018 got a new grill, tailgate and some other bits. The grills are now very distinctive on each trim. I like some, hate others. The reality is all the brands are making a good full-size truck these days. Forums are a terrible way to get a feel for problems because this is where people come for help. Each brand moves north of a half million pickups per year (not including Toyota or Nissan) so there are literally millions of owners out there without issue who aren't compelled to come here (or to the Ford or Ram forums) to get help (or complain ).
  5. Enough with the bickering everyone. This is not a thread to discuss the merits of intakes.
  6. Josh- Back when this story broke and there were like 13 initial cases it was proven like 9 either weren’t buckled up, were drunk and one had a medical episode. Obviously those are hard pin on GM. Any idea the total number of deaths that were drunk or not buckled in? I never could find that. Those people deserve no case.
  7. My brother has these on his F-150. They've done well in the snow and mild off road stuff (he's on the fire department in town) but they seem to have worn fast. I don't know exactly hoe much he has driven but the amount of wear seems excessive to me. It has worn evenly at least.
  8. Hey Mike,

    I was wondering if you could take a look at this thread:

    My pictures that I posted have massively duplicated, and it happened right after the website/forum update. Any way you could fix it? 

    Thanks - Preston

  9. The 900-series never supported Bluetooth for music. Only calls. VCIM for a K2 truck won't work. Different hardware.
  10. Knives!

    Figured interest in guns and knives goes hand in hand so I put this here instead of off topic. Seeing that Michigan had legalized automatic knives revived my interest in them a month or so ago. Back in like 2008 or 2009 I visited Microtech for work and while I was there I got a quick tour of the place and ended up really wanting one of their knives but at the time they weren't legal in New Hampshire. They were legalized in 2010 but I actually didn't know that until after I moved to Michigan. Long story short I've bought a couple knives recently- Microtech Ultratech: This is an out the front knife- you push forward on the switch and the blade pops straight out. Pull back and the blade retracts. Microtech LUDT: This one you push the button and the blade swings open. The button is also a lock, you press it to allow you to fold the blade. This is also the sharpest blade I've ever encountered. The knife was shipped in one of those plastic bubble wrap sleeves and once you pushed the blade through, it's own weight was enough to make it drop and cut the bag open. Both of these use M390 steel which means they'd probably have to go back to Microtech for sharpening but that's free anyhow. I carry the Ultratech on and off but since most of Microtech's stuff is limited production runs the idea of losing or damaging either one keeps them from being daily pocket knives. For that I've been using a Benchmade 940. Just the right size and while not assisted open, these Benchmades flip open and closed easily with a bit of practice.
  11. How-To: GMT900 Tow Mirror Install.

    Apologies to anyone who tried to access this since Photobucket got all crappy and blocked linking. All photos moved to a new host and re-linked!
  12. It’s basically marketing. Until you get to the high trim stuff, the differences are minor for the most part. But people fall for it. Growing up there were all kinds of rumors that GMCs got extra quality control checks, better this or that, etc and of course that was before the internet so you couldn’t easily prove someone wrong. haha
  13. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Ran a K&N on my Jimmy years ago but after a friend shared pics of his intake tube after a trip to the dunes on a new K&N with the inside of the tube covered in silt I tossed it. They have great marketing behind a terrible product.
  14. I actually learned that these shutters and engine stop/start are encouraged by the EPA or whatever dirtbag agency does this stuff. They have little to no real world benefit but manufacturers get a credit for using them on their CAFE (fleet fuel economy) numbers. Just like E85 compatibility up to like 2010.
  15. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    That higher speedo and the non-disableable DRLs tell me this was a Canadian spec truck. The mystery button is downhill accent control- basically low speed cruise control.

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