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  1. I can’t see it being much. The only reason they do it or the active grill shutters is it gives them a credit in their CAFE numbers. Same as they did with E85 compatibility till like 2012.
  2. Because if my money has to go to workers outside the US I'd rather it not go to a country that allows exploitation of it's workers. I'd rather it not go to a country that actively encourages illegal immigration to it's neighbor. I'd rather not encourage GM or any other automaker to dump American or Canadian jobs to move the plant to somewhere with looser regulations across the board. It's a sad time when the "foreign" Tundra has higher domestic part content that a GM or Ram because of how much of those trucks parts are made in Mexico just to save a penny. I cold keep going but I think I've made my point.
  3. A truck from either Canada or Mexico is imported if you just go by the definition of the word. What they're doing with final assembly in Ontario is a weird gray area. At least they're not building the trucks in Mexico for now. Not buying a vehicle from Mexico.
  4. Tie downs I'm good with. I could take or leave the power tailgate. It's just a gimmick. Apprehensive on the nanny stuff cause Toyota just rolled this out on the Taco and Tundra along with a warning that the truck cannot be lifted without potentially causing a malfunction with their safety sensors. Absolutely not behind the stop/start junk.
  5. Took it off my 2011 the first week I had it because they look stupid. GM trucks already sit lower than most it seems and these make it worse.
  6. I'm not pulling this out of thin air- 3rd paragraph: https://phys.org/news/2016-07-gasoline-direct-green-choice.html 2nd paragraph: http://articles.sae.org/13624/ Google GDI particulate emissions and you'll get plenty more results. Not saying GDI is a bad system- you generally get better MPG and a more responsive engine but they make more soot and this is an undeniable fact.
  7. The black smoke is far more common on GDI engines. Occasionally I'll see it on port injected engines but on all the vehicles I rented when I traveled for work (40+ cars a year for 9 years) anything with GDI and a remote start would burp out some smoke when started on cold days.
  8. Common on direct injection engines in the cold or when you get on the throttle after a long time of driving gently.
  9. These things always leak. I'd never cut up a new truck to add a sunroof.
  10. GM’s Increasing Profits Tied To Colorado ZR2

    How many standalone GMC dealers still exist? The economy tanking and GM dropping franchises made most of the dealers become all GM brands around here it seems like.
  11. They failed at what? Ram had better growth than Chevy last week and GMC was down by quite a bit.
  12. You seriously think GM will make a transmission that doesn't shift like a wet noodle? The only way it'll shift right is after Black Bear or another tuner has their way with it.
  13. Nothing PC about it. Rather most of the SJW/PC crowd is pretty salty about it. Some clueless marketing type used a speech that went on to criticize taking on excessive debt to purchase a new vehicle. Regardless, Ram grew more than Chevy last year and GMC sales were down so I seriously doubt Ram is hurting for customers. Having owned two Jeep products I think FCA has terrible quality but moving vehicles is not an issue. Take off the fanboy glasses now and then.
  14. Intermediate steering shaft most likely. Super common issue on GM trucks of that era. Took GM forever to fix it. First they came up with an updated lubricant for the splined portion, then they wanted you to unbolt it from the steering box and compress and extend the shaft (or in GM's words: "exercise the shaft"...). Finally they came out with a new ISS that solved the issue. Super easy to change. One bolt inside the cab and one under hood.
  15. Can't imagine anyone would buy a truck for a floor console but ya never know. I prefer the look and functionality of the column shift. Console shifter is for cars.

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