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  1. This might be a stupid question, but how can the dealership not fix the issues with your navigation, OnStar and CUE problems? I would assume that the dealership would either reset everything or if necessary, replace the defective CUE system?
  2. Like you said, you have to do what works for you.
  3. Not entirely true about GAP insurance--if your just leasing with making monthly payments, you won't need GAP. Your money down on the lease and your monthly lease payment should negate GAP insurance. Now, if you pay the lease up front (1 payment) to avoid the interest on the lease payment--you should compare numbers between what GAP insurance will cost over the course of the lease and what the interest would have been. If your leasing for 2 years and your credit is good, the interest is very minimal. Your better off putting the lease money in a money market or some other interest bearing account and drawing monthly payments from there. GAP insurance is really for people who buy brand new vehicles and are walking the fine line between how much money they put down and what they owe on the loan. If you are too heavy on the loan side and you wreck the vehicle, the bank is only going to pay off what the vehicle is worth, not what you owe.
  4. No Longer available, the truck was traded in.
  5. Due to recent job change, I have to trade in the Silverado & get a car because of all the driving I will be doing. These are for an extended cab truck & I will have the following for sale: Weather Tech Digital Floor Liners--Front & Rear, the front is set up for bucket seats. Price: $125 for front & rear--want to sell together. Bedrug--it is for the regular 6'6" bed. You would need to investigate buying a new set of velcro for your truck. It is in MINT condition, no rips, stains, odors or tears. Price: $200 Corsa Side Exit Sport Exhaust--Sounds great! In order for me to sell, I need your stock exhaust as well. Price: $400 GM Rear Wheel Liners--$60 I live in Rochester, NY and I would like to deal with a local buyer. If a local buyer wants everything, I would do a package price of $700. pm if interested.
  6. I have a friend who is looking at a 2003 Silverado, but it is listed as a 2003 SK 1 on the title. What is that? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
  7. Looking for a new home defense/carry gun

    I used to have the Kahr PM9 & that was my summer daily carry--good pistol, but I wasn't crazy about the ergonomics for me. I have the M&P Shield (9mm) and it is awesome! Shoots great, has great ergonomics (for me at least) & it conceals on me very well. The best advice I can give is to literally go out and pick the guns up and see what feels good in your hands--but, I would say that you definitely should check out the Shield.
  8. What do you own?

    http://www.abc15.com...ily-gets-robbed The difference is your truck is a "public possession" to start with seeing as how you drive & park it in public the majority of the time. But listing electronics, tools, firearms and cash is just advertising things unnecessarily. Would you post about all the valuable possessions you keep in your truck? You seem like the type of guy that likes to wear a "tinfoil hat" if you catch my drift. My truck is a "public possession"? What sense does that make? Last time I checked, my truck was registered/paid for/insured by me. If someone steals it, they will be arrested because it doesn't belong to them. Anyone that posts anything on the internet can be tracked to where they are--so by you posting on a forum, you have exposed yourself.
  9. What do you own?

    I currently have: M&P 9 Talo Edition M&P Shield Mega Arms monolithic AR-15, too many things to list on this one. For the people worried about posting your guns, don't talk about your trucks either. When your sleeping, people might come steal your vehicle.
  10. For ammunition use: www.sgammo.com www.ammotogo.com www.ammoman.com Make sure to compare all 3 websites before buying ammo. www.44mag.com www.botachtactical.com www.slickguns.com www.brownells.com
  11. I currently have the Rough Country, has been on the truck for 1 yr & 3 months, about 13K miles. I just feel like the ride is very rough sometimes over bumps. What other brands are out there other than RC? Are there any other brands that have a smoother ride than Rough Country?
  12. FS: 2011 GMC SLE 4x4 Crew Cab

    No offense, but why would anyone pay you $31,500 for a SLE with almost 25K miles when they can buy '11 leftovers that are brand new at the same price or cheaper. Just because that is what you owe doesn't mean that's what it is worth. You'd be lucky to get $26K for that truck. Plus your warranty is a 1/3 gone.
  13. My father-in-law has a 2008 Cadillac DTS and the valve stem broke. All the air came out and tire is now flat. Does anyone know if just the valve stem can be replaced or will he need a whole new tire pressure sensor as well? Thanks in advance.
  14. Corsa Sport, that's all you need to know. It will fit your needs exactly after reading what you wrote. This is my 4th Chevy with a Corsa & I will never use anything else. Also, on my very first truck I had a Gibson--GARBAGE!!!! My friend had a Magna-Flow, it was so obnoxious and loud, he wished he got the Corsa. Btw, got my Corsa for somewhere around $750-775 shipped. I posted a thread about it a year ago in this section. Try to find it, I gave the link where I bought it.
  15. Tune with the 5.3L & 6-speed tranny

    Jdub, You have the same truck as me, but CC. What is the fog light diode mod?

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