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  1. only when it's cold right? mine does that, but not when it's warmed up.
  2. Gas Mileage

    GM says a 5.3 CC with 6-speed should get with 3.42 ratio should get 18 HWY. EPA is retarded. the 21 MPG HWY is probably a 5.3 AFM/6-speed/ 3.08 ratio Extended Cab that has no options(lighter).
  3. so does this mean I can just unscrew my antenna and call it good? why are people putting these horizontally in their engine bays?
  4. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    2011 1500 CC Appearance Package, convenience package, all star package
  5. gives us an update when ya get it fixed and how they fixed it!
  6. Pretty sure my 2011 has this issue also.... not sure how to approach it to the dealership.
  7. Going to buy a 2011 Silverado and was curious what gearing is better for highway MPG for 5.3L? 3.42 or 3.08? I may never tow anything, so that is not an issue. I heard 3.08 gear would yield slightly higher MPG...

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