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  1. I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!! I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD crew cab long bed. This same exact thing happened to me within the first 200 miles of driving the truck after I bought it. I took it to the dealership, they drove it and had the same thing happen to them. They checked the brakes, tires, suspension and couldn't find anything wrong with it. They called GM tech support that said they would do some research on it. They got back to the shop foreman and told him that he needed to install a new designed brake pedal along with a retainer clip. The way the shop foreman explained it to me was that the actual brake pedal is to long, and causes the brake master cylinder to still be engaged without your foot on the brake, which sends a signal to the computer and tells the ABS to kick in. The dealership replaced the pedal and the retainer clip, and the problem has never returned. I currently have 4,300 miles on the truck. If anyone wants, they can pm me and I will give you the information from my dealership that did the repair on my truck. Hope this information helps. Nick Thanks Nick............. I will have my dealers persue this solution. Thanks again!
  2. Actually happened to me, the first time, picking the new truck up from the dealer.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this yet........... I just put a couple of brand new 2011 2500HD Silverados on the road, and within 200 miles (yes, 200) both were experiencing an intermittent, violent shaking (jackhammering?) in the front end. It doesn't happen all of the time, only 2 or 3 times a week, and with no apparent trigger. Pull over & stop the truck, it will then drive normal for a few days. The truck specs are 2011 2500HD Silverado LT, Ext Cab, 6.5' bed, 4WD, 6.0L, auto trans, 18" forged aluminum wheels, Michelin AT tires. Installed accessories are cab guard, 2 side mount tool boxes, 100 gal transfer tank with pump, and a bed mat - adds about 450 lbs to the bed weight. I have about 75 more of these trucks on the road, 2004s thru 2007s, identically equipped, never had this problem. The only difference is they have 16" steel wheels. You can no longer get steel wheels on the Silverado LT (a stroke of marketing genius!); and we opted for the forged(18") over the cast(17") aluminum since we are frequently off road. 3 different dealers are scratching their heads over this one; all claim to have contacted "the factory" to no avail. Anyone else?

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