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  1. I just cut a piece of rubberized drawer line and keep there. That way I can sit stuff there and things won't go rolling off into the foot wells.
  2. Yes, there are threads here about this issue and the fix. They should not be charging for it.
  3. I had the auto lock disabled on my '10 for just such this reason. They claimed they could not do it when I bought my '14... I've not researched it since. I would have it done again if available.
  4. So, best way to relocate it to the other tray when it dies?
  5. Disconnect fuel line, apply power to fuel pump, pump fuel into container?
  6. Yes, there are big threads about the a/c problems. Did they find your leak or just fill it up?
  7. I forget. ...is the orange or blue tool the good one? The link above is for the orange one. ..
  8. Doesn't come back on after reaching a certain speed? So it doesn't 'stay' off if you are driving. ..

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