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  1. that good to know thanks ill do it properly then
  2. becuse for now im on stock tire... and 2.5 with stock tire it look like the truck have skipped leg days... so im going only 2in front for now
  3. im not removing the ball join i already instaled the rc 2in on my old 2007 and didn remove them ill try again if its still work only by removing the sway bar link
  4. i just bought a rc 2.5 in lift and plaining to instal only the 2 in front until i get bigger tire... on the 2.5in lift instruction they does say to unplug the electric power stearing but on the 2in lift instruction yes... does i need too or not????
  5. i dont think they will do they told me to put the truck back to stock and chek if the crank seal leak again if yes they will changed it so i think im safe... im just wondering if i keep the valve cover vent hose to the intake and put only the two dirty side line to the catch can even if the can freeze i should not have problem with too mutch pressure in the crank case am i corect?
  6. i sended a msg to upr and they say it had to be empty more often but it were never full... look like they wont hadmit the chek valve can froze
  7. well found out the problem the hard way... the catch can was freezing itself shut probably the upr check valve and was causing to mutch crank case pressure... we just found ou today with the dealer and for the first time oil came out of the crank case seal so first i hope its not busted and second if yes i hope it goes under waranty.... if not ill have to pay... the catch can is remove and i will instal it back at the summer and maybe change the hose with one without chek valve
  8. got a little update on the truck... it almost stalled again today... saw the rpm was moving alot up and down... and it was at the same place it did it the first time... in a driveway the truck tilted to the right side... tank is full so what could be the problem... i think its almost imposible that if the catch can froze that it does it two time exactly at the same place in the same driveway... will call the dealer tomorow but im pretty sure they wont do anything since there is no chek engine light
  9. my catch can was frozen as well tryed to empty it and noting would come out but after a ride it did empty and was half full of water
  10. auto stop??? what is that i dont think i have that on my truck
  11. i am using 93 octane gaz... shell v power... sometime it almost feal like its the fuel pump that struggle
  12. it will be nice to have it thanks... ill look at it
  13. i love it when the dude at the service desk think you know nothing in mecanic when he oubviously know less then you... when i ask him about the oil level he told me i did not know how to chek it properly that i was probably looking at it after a ride without wiping the dipstick..... sooo they didn chek the oil but its not my problem anymore the truck is waranty so if something go wrong its there fault
  14. the oil as been change a month ago... im at the dealer today... no chek engine but atleast the issue will be put on my record so if the problem comeback im safe

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