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  1. 20170830 132654

  2. i did had the rc leveling kit on my 2010... had it on since 2011 and never had any problem with it... sold it a month ago
  3. Loudest air intake for silverado 2014

    i got the plastic k&n for my 5.3... that thing is loud when the engine is under load... maybe too mutch for me but i have heard that putting and exhaust reduce the intake noice so i might go that way
  4. Project Deep Blue 2017 DCSB 2WD

    nice truck... do you have any picture of that custom docking console for your S8?
  5. Math 2017 silverado z71 ocean blue

    so just got the wheel skin in the mail... realy happy with them only complain is that you see the outer edge of the wheel a little bit... but i might just get them powder coated this winter since i think it look good.... and yes i will get black center cap im just waiting for them...... next is the lift kit
  6. 20170918 151313

    black wheel skin
  7. Math 2017 silverado z71 ocean blue

    thanks... the wheel skins are ordered, will have them next week...
  8. Math 2017 silverado z71 ocean blue

    so here i am with a new truck after i trade in my "old" 2010 z71 its a 2017 silverado ocean blue crew cab short box 2LT with the true north package, 5.3 6speed with 3.42 gear, spray on bed liner and that pretty mutch it and then from the dealer i got the black bowtie and bf all terrain KO2 in stock size and then added: -k&n 63 serie intake, that i changed the cheap plastic fitting with brass one -n-fab textured bed acces nerf step -upr catch can with an elite css pluged in with the upr braided line and fitting, i have gone with the elite becose i find it easier to remove next going in: -rc 2.5in lift kit that i might only put 2" in the front for now -black wheel skin -iluminated front bowtie -morimoto upgraded hid kit -wire the fog to work on high beam and now on for some picture new vs old fresh from the dealer step instaled k&n inside... with a killer sound catch can setup
  9. 20170830 132657

    final setup and routing... upr can with elite css all plug with upr hose an fiting
  10. 20170830 132654

    upr catch can with elite css
  11. tru!!! well thanks for the picture
  12. you got the 2in at the back too??... i wont put tire on for a while since i got ko2 with the truck
  13. anybody got picture with a 2in front and rear with stock tire size... im buying the rc 2.5 kit but i think it would look weird with stock tire at 2.5 so im thinking going with the 2in f/r like my old truck was
  14. 20170819 204618

    k&n 63 serie intake with brass fitting instead of the cheap plastic one, upr catch can
  15. 20170817 103944

    n-fab bed access textured nerf step

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