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  1. It has other uses. Just yesterday I was running errands around town and got home. Shut off the truck and the the back seat warning went off. I am thinking what? Then I open the door and see a small bag of perishable groceries on the seat, about $90 worth. I forgot about it and w/o the reminder I might have left them in the truck. People just like to complain about the most insignificant things. Life it too short to get worked up over things like this or no trans dipstick, capless fuel filler etc.
  2. 99% of the issue is the tires. Tires are not perfectly round, oem tires are lowest bidder and with increased speed the irregularities magnify. Tire balancing is not perfect and in the hands of amateurs can be useless. It could take many hours to fine tune the tires balance and then they may need a dozen tires to weed out the imperfect ones. No tire manufacturer make a perfectly balance tire but Michelin comes the closest but at a high price. Also, bigger tires are more prone to balance problems. The longer you drive with imbalance, they worse the tires will get over time. In the assembly plant tires/wheels are all mounted and balanced by automation and it has is limits.
  3. Never had one leak yet and all my trucks/cars in the last 20 yrs have had one.
  4. One in the same, just different marketing name... RPO GPJ Ps - Never use the marketing name for color matching, use the paint codes on SPID label..
  5. Complaints about the G80 are often the result of the driver and not the G80. Spinning the tires is going to cause it to lock, it's also going to trigger the traction control system. Read up on TC, you will see it will activate the brake on the spinning wheel only by pulsing it to stop the spin to gain traction. The noise it likely the TC kicking in.
  6. You can wish and hope for a 6.2L in a reg cab but its never going to happen. GM put big engines in reg cab trucks before and it never was popular. I recall the local dealer had a SS454 pu on the lot and it sat for a long time, a year or more. Other models flew off the lots. GM would have to sell upwards of 25,000 units (5% of production) to even break even on the engineering costs. CC's, DC's and SUV's are what sell so its turn and burn. friend sells Chevys and GMCs and ne says reg cabs do not sell, only economical buyers are attracted to them. That's why most that are stocked by dealers are 4.3L V6 with basic trim. I searched 4 dealers and this is the only one I found...look at the MSRP. Probably only reason the dealer has this is because GM forced it on them to get allocations for CC's. SPECIFICATIONS ExteriorCardinal Red Engine4.3L Ecotec3 V6 Engine InteriorJet Black Dark Ash Location Model CodeTK15703 MSRP$35,900 Stock Number18G75 Transmission6-Speed A/T VIN1GTN2LEHXJZ217231
  7. I have same truck, no brake dust problems. Maybe you are harder on brakes?
  8. I have OEM 22" P285/45R22 all-terrain, Bridgestone tires on my Sierra Denali 1500. Does not ride any worse IMO than my 2015 did with OEM 20" P275/55R20 all-season. Some tires brands do ride much worse than others.
  9. Buy as low mileage a truck as you can find and one that has not been modified in any way. Friends kid bought a Silverado from a used car dealer, I believe it's 2014 with 5.3L. The truck looks to be in good condition but it had a lot of extra stuff on it that he liked, CAI, loud exhaust, bigger aggressive tires and apparently suspension lift. Well in the last year he has had to spend a lot of extra $ repairing what the previous owner did to it and lots of shops don't want to touch it because its not stock. He took it to a Chevy dealer and they flat out told him his problems are the result of the OS tires and jacked up suspension. They will not touch it and several other shops won't either.
  10. Engines are built to use a certain viscosity of motor oil. Today’s advanced engines, built with much tighter tolerances than their predecessors. The clearances between the crankshaft journals and main bearings are tighter, for one. This is purposely done to allow modern engines to use lower-viscosity motor oil, like 0W-20.
  11. I have a 2017 Sierra Denali 4wd Ultimate with 4,000 miles. Purchased in Dec during Denali sale promo and I traded in a 2015 Sierra Denali. Sticker was $64,000 but with incentives and GM card I only paid $52. No problems, trans shifts fine, most time cannot even feel it shift. My brother has a loaded 2017 Sierra SLT with 6.2L Max Towing. Purchase SLT to get Max Trailering that not available on Denali. They love the truck, 15,000+ miles and no issues whatsoever. IMO if you keep it stock you are less likely to experience problems. Oversize tires and suspension mods throw a wrench into the computerized systems.
  12. GMC for me, never own another Chevy. They lost my business back in 1998.
  13. No, extended warranties (of any kind) are not covered by the MM warranty act. Extended warranty is a misnomer, its like was said above, a service contract similar to an insurance policy and not a warranty. GM calls the Protection Plans and are extra cost so not really a warranty. Any protection plan is only as good as the dealer doing the repair work, they have to get authorization from the warrantor and often CANNOT make the decision on what's covered. These companies are going to go by the book. Anything you buy is not a warranty under the law., warranties are only on new vehicles. Long story short, these are designed for people who DO NOT modify a vehicle. Those that modify run the risk of problems with dealers doing the work and getting it covered. ►https://www.consumerreports.org/shopping/dont-buy-extended-warranties/
  14. It is foolish thinking to blindly believe that everything any auto manufacturer tells you is the "best you can do for your vehicle", is 100% true. There are many, many ulterior motives when it comes to how any manufacturer represents their products to the consumer.

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