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  1. Had you been getting a coolant odor as well??? There is a TSB about over-cycling thermostat that also cause the radiator to leak (fatigue). The fix is a new stat housing+stat+radiator. Happened on my 2015 Sierra. You could see coolant staining on the radiator cores. Took several complaints to dealer to get fixed, although I never notice mpg issues but then again I never pay a lot of attention to mpg.
  2. 91 is all I can get around here, closest station with 93 is 100 miles distant. I am using 91 Murphy in my '17 6.2L Denali Ultimate, and it has no ethanol (also in my 2016 and 2012 6.2L). Most all premium sold around here does not contain ethanol. If you have a boat, snowmobile or other small engine its not recommended, primarily because ethanol blended fuel does not store well. Use up within 30 days or fuel system problems can result. Depends a lot on the age of the equipment and the design. Lots of marine problems with gummed up fuel systems on infrequently used boats as well at ATV/Snowmobiles that sit for (6) months during off season.
  3. Unprotected metal will corrode when left out doors just from the humidity in the air, very little can be done to stop it. Coatings may slow it down but often all it does is cover it up. Rust is very common, as iron reacts easily with oxygen.
  4. F44 Question

    All 1/2 tons (1500) come with 6-bolt wheels, no exceptions. From what I can see, both the standard and F44 come with the same rear axle. F44 is a suspension option. Try this, GM production spec's 1990 Chevrolet Truck
  5. Yah, could not pass up on it. My 2015 miles were getting up there and they offered me a good trade-in.
  6. I purchased a new GMC in December and the only document I have that remotely referred to warranty is an acknowledge form I signed which explains the warranty and the service benefit of 2 visits in 24,000 miles or 2 yrs. Maybe that is what you recall?
  7. Right, only was on the Denali (standard) but in 2015 it was replaced by MagnaRide. So no 2015 had the Z60 option.
  8. Z60 is the performance pkg that was on the Sierra Denali and Silverado LTZ before Z96 MagnaRide Magnetic Ride Control replaced it in 2015. The Z60 option comes with 20-inch wheels/tires
  9. If you touch the NAV icon and no map appears, your truck does not have the Optional Navigation System.
  10. Note, Nav maps updates are misnomer, it's really mostly only points of interest. There are roads near me that are misnamed and have not been corrected in years.
  11. Not in a 2001, it was first used in a 2002½ Cadillac STS and not until 2015 and only in the Suburban LTZ. Chevrolet Suburban Standard from 2015 model year on LTZ Chevrolet Tahoe Standard from 2015 model year on LTZ GMC Sierra Denali trim GMC Yukon All 4 corners on Denali trim Only on rear on SLT trim Source: GM Btw, There was a rattling sound in the front of my 2015 Sierra Denali. Dealer said it was bad strut bumpers so they ordered new ones. When taking the front struts apart, they found this;
  12. You doing this on a hard surface? If so its causing binding, don't use 4wd on hard surfaces.

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