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  1. Note, Nav maps updates are misnomer, it's really mostly only points of interest. There are roads near me that are misnamed and have not been corrected in years.
  2. Not in a 2001, it was first used in a 2002½ Cadillac STS and not until 2015 and only in the Suburban LTZ. Chevrolet Suburban Standard from 2015 model year on LTZ Chevrolet Tahoe Standard from 2015 model year on LTZ GMC Sierra Denali trim GMC Yukon All 4 corners on Denali trim Only on rear on SLT trim Source: GM Btw, There was a rattling sound in the front of my 2015 Sierra Denali. Dealer said it was bad strut bumpers so they ordered new ones. When taking the front struts apart, they found this;
  3. You doing this on a hard surface? If so its causing binding, don't use 4wd on hard surfaces.
  4. The paint code can start with BC/CC followed by a U, or a WA with a four-digit number/letter combination. Are the more numbers on the spid label. Paint names are marketing so they don't always show up in paint lookups because the name varies by GM division, Chevrolet and GMC may not be same name for to color. Its probably just Black; http://www.genuinegmparts.com/collision-auto-body-parts/auto-paint-touch-up
  5. All engines require oil to lubricate and protect the load bearing and internal moving parts from wear including cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings. When a piston moves down its cylinder, a thin film of oil is left on the cylinder wall. During the power stroke, part of this oil layer is consumed in the combustion process. As a result, varying rates of oil consumption are accepted as normal in all engines. The rate of oil usage is directly related to the quality of oil be it mineral or synthetic. API spec's allow up to 15% oil loss by evaporation (boil off) and dexos allows up to 13% loss by evaporation, technical term for this is volatility. 100% synthetic oils tend to have lower volatility rates, <10% with some approaching 5%> depending on viscosity (10W-30 for instance).
  6. If anything a topper will hurt fuel mileage because of the added weight of the fiberglass. Some are better built and weight more than other brands. So anyone who claims better mpg I think is fooling themselves in that respect.
  7. There is nothing you can buy and put on the truck to increase mpg. Lots of hype and opinions but none of those are realistic. Save the money to spend on gas and don't waste it with mod's that do nothing. Any high performance mod is likely to give you worse mileage. Mor power = more speed = more fuel.
  8. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT 2.0T – First Impressions

    Starting to look like a station wagon again.
  9. On Star is a joke...

    The reason it may work where other cell phones won't is that it has more powerful signal. Better antenna and better transmitter in the vehicle increase range greatly over a hand held cell phone. So I was told... BTW - The EMT's could not get cell service either. We were miles down the road before they could make cell/text contact with the chopper pilot.
  10. ^^^^^^^^Hard to tell but does not sound like a lifter to me. Something else.
  11. On Star is a joke...

    Onstar saved my life. Was out in the boonies ATV'ing and got sick (H.A.). No cell phone coverage and Onstar to the rescue. I bet many don't know this but all new GM vehicles come with emergency Onstar (5 yrs) weather you are a subscriber or not. I was not but they had first responders there in <5min (lived just 2 miles away). Was medi-flighted to regional medical center 75 miles away. You never know.
  12. Anytime you change the gear ratio (bigger tires) and alter the aerodynamics (lift and wide tires) of a vehicle you are going to lose mileage. The engine has to work harder to overcome the added weight of big tires, the change in final drive ratio and drag caused by the lift.
  13. http://workshop-manuals.com/cadillac/escalade/esv_rwd/v8-6.2l/powertrain_management/computers_and_control_systems/valve_deactivation_solenoid/component_information/diagrams/page_4671/
  14. I agree. Not a problem. Mine works on cruise control at 60 mph. Cylinder deactivation may be inhibited for many reasons including the following: • Engine coolant temperature out of range for cylinder activation • Engine vacuum out of range • Brake booster vacuum out of range • Transmission gear incorrect or shift in progress • Accelerator pedal out of range or rate of pedal application to fast • Engine oil pressure and temperature out of range • Engine speed out of range • Vehicle speed out of range • Minimum time in V8 mode not met • Maximum V4 mode time exceeded • Decel fuel cutoff active • Reduced engine power active • Torque management active • Catalytic converter over temperature protection active • Piston protection active, knock detected • Cylinder deactivation solenoid driver circuit faults

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