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  1. Holy shit... I can't believe it's 30.00 for 1 used.. dealer wants 65.00 a piece.. I can buy the whole damn wheel for that much. They are made in China plastic pieces. They should be 80.00 for a set of 7.. I wanted the blacks and change back and forth between chrome or black when I get bored lol.. guess I won't be doing that haha.. if anyone finds a cheaper one or a kit of them PM me. Thx for all the replies.
  2. I've loooked and can't find any, can you link them? Sorry, maybe I'm calling them something different.
  3. Looking under your truck where does yours drip if you start it with the ac on.
  4. Hey guys, I have the GM CK163/164 wheels and they are the aluminum with chrome inserts. I know I can take he inserts off and sand and paint them but I would rather just buy the black ones if possible. Does anyone know where I can buy a set of these for my wheels? Thx in advance for any help. My profile pic shows the wheels on my truck that I'm talking about incase anyone doesn't know the wheel talking about.
  5. Hey guys, I've got a 2017 Denali Ultimate with the 6.2 and on cold starts after 30 seconds I can hear a water boiling noise on passenger side. It sounds like water hitting hot exhaust( like a pop, crackling, tinging noise) and look underneath on passenger side and see the ac/heater drain, drains on exhaust? Wondering if mine is not in the right place or if any of you guys have the same thing? Or if someone could look and see where there's drips at. I feel that is a very dumb place to put the drain lol... just curious what you guys see. Thx
  6. Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed but there is way too many pages to look back through lol.. Does carven make a kit for our 6.2's? On there site it only lists the 5.3. If anyone has the Tr muffler or the kit on a 6.2 I would love to know and would love to hear a little video clip. Thx.
  7. of you build the towing package or the all terrain it adds the 8 speed, also a couple different trims on chevy it's the same thing. It isn't every SLT or LTZ but there are quite a few decent options and then you get the 8 speed.
  8. i have had 4 of these 6.2's now, 2011/2013/2015/2017. Before that i had 2 of the 5.3's, and my gf has a 2017 with the 5.3. i love the 6.2 especially the 2017 with the updates to the transmission and how smooth it is. The 2015 first year 6.2 with 8 speeds are a little clunky in shifting but the motor is nice. Everyone keeps comparing the 8 speed and 6.2 to the 6 speed 5.3? Starting in 2017 the 5.3 gets the 8 speed transmission also as long as u are in SLT or denali truck packages so if u get a 2017 the 2 engines will be very close in Fuel mileage because they both have the same transmission. My 6.2 gets 20-21 on the highway all day at 75+ but so does my gf's 2016 5.3 with the 8 speed so im not gonna tell u one is better then other in fuel mileage.. The 6.2 is using premium no matter what anyone says (RUN PREMIUM.) If u dont wanna run premium buy the damn 5.3, it pulls just fine and gets great gas mileage and has the 8 speed anyways..? If u wanna have some extra power to play with and if your towing 6000-11000 pounds then get the 6.2. If your towing 2000-4000 lbs u arnt using either truck enough to even notice a difference when it comes to 2017 5.3 or 6.2 both with 8 speeds. Hope that helps, and good luck.. If your in the midwest try out Miller Auto Plaze in St. Cloud MN, under 54000 for a denali ultimate depending on color.
  9. Finally got my 2017 Stone Blue Denali Ultimate washed and got the windows tinted and new bug shield and vent visors. God I love this color.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. i had a 2015 Denali with the 6.2 and 8 speed tranny and it was doing the same thing. On a perfectly flat road whether in V4 or V8 the Rpms would slowly bounce about 300 rpms give or take. I had my truck in the shop more then i drove it, many tranny re learns and other things.. There is a Bulletin somewhere about the Torque Converter on those trucks. That is usually what the problem is, it isn't locking ever or it is slipping etc.. not sure if u have the 8 speed and 6.2 but whether you do or not maybe try asking the dealership to check yours or hook to there computer and drive it, they can see if it is locking or not. i ended up trading mine in because i couldnt deal with the problem and was sick of driving loaner vehicles. My new 2017 Denali with same motor and tranny is buttery smooth and it locks like it is supposed too on highway. Hopefully this helps you, sorry it was such a long post haha.. Good luck.
  11. Ill get some pics of mine soon, got windows tinted and Avs vent visors and Aeroskin bug deflector.
  12. i know this post is old but, i kept pressing the button on my '17 denali and it would keep them out or put them all the way back but not shut them off.. Now i know how.. thanks again guys..
  13. 2016 Sierra Denali Ultimate

    I had a 2015 with every option and I didn't have any led lights(heads up display) for the collision alert. We are talking about Sierra Denali right? Caddys and Yukon Denalis have had this for a long time but I'm pretty sure the 2017 sierra denali is first year of this. If yours actually has the opening on dash and has the heads up display then I apologize for being wrong, but I'm pretty sure yours just has the collision alert.
  14. Yes, I had them all around on my 2015 Denali. Mine was leveled on stock tires and wheels
  15. As far as using the search button/feature of the site... it is pretty broken, sometimes it shows 20 topics that talk about what u want and sometimes it shows 1. If you have seen this post before or have answered it before you can just just keep scrolling and not say anything at all.. sometimes people get new trucks or toys and are excited about them.. so let him talk about his exhaust mod. congrats on your cheap exhaust mod, corsa sounds amazing but you you gotta close your eyes when you write the check or swipe the card to buy it haha...

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