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  1. Yukon Denali Rear Door Not Locking

    Don't know what year you have, but the relays should be in the LH end of the dash. Put your fingers on the relays while you activate the locks. Replace the one that is not clicking when locks are cycled. You can swap the relays to test this out.
  2. Bought a Dodge and I feel dirty!

    There is a warranty extension on this Nissan coolant in trans oil issue. The warranty covers the rad and the trans if it is consequential damage. We have fixed lots of them.
  3. Places Traveled

    As the song goes...."I've been everywhere man" Just got back from Roatan, Honduras. The best scuba diving I've ever done! Look up Marble Hils Farm which is where we stayed.
  4. Ordered our first ever TT!!

    Also get a QUALITY brake controller and get it set up correctly! You will need all the braking help you can gain by a good quality setup.
  5. How-To: Install Dual Batteries.

  6. New member from Canada

    Welcome from the west coast!
  7. Emailed them and apparently they don't make one for my 2500 HD 6 ltr 2011
  8. Fishing anyone?

    After seeing your pics, I'll just keep my trout pics to myself!
  9. Gas Price In Your Area

    Ours just went to $1.32 a litre
  10. Projects, Big or small?

    Currently getting my ATV ready for the season.....got it stripped down to the frame and am doing full service, belt, brakes etc. My Camaro is driver ready now, but will be hopefully getting a new 383 425HP GM crate motor this summer!
  11. Projects, Big or small?

    Somebody is going to be happy with that offroad wagon!
  12. I've got the rear slider and sunroof, and love them both. If it's really hot out I open both and crank up the tunes! Usually it will be one or the other. The GM sunroof is amazingly quiet to even highway speeds.
  13. Where did you get it, and how much? I assume it leaves the factory air cleaner assembly as is?

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