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  1. Adding security cameras to the house

    HCVR_ch3_main_20170102200800_20170102201100.dav_2017_01_04_12_38_57.bmpCameras on the exterior are a good addition to home security. We have them both inside and outside and can live view on our Iphones at anytime while were gone. What bugs me is we had many persons come look in our vehicles, pull on our door handles even bold stand there look right at the camera as if to say dont really care. And there right , our police here told me car break in are at a epidemic level and there more concerned with shootings and strong arm crimes. It was disheartening to have pic & video but they said if they pick them up they will be out in hours due to the non violet nature of the crime. I like being able to look and see what happened even if I cant resolve it at least I know what took place. Here is a prime example of a guy looking in my truck with his phone and he tried all my door handles including the wifes car. I showed it the police they were not interested. HCVR_ch3_main_20170102200800_20170102201100.dav_2017_01_04_12_38_57.bmp
  2. Might go to www.etrailer.com enter your vehicle info and theirs all kinds of towing equipment available for your Tahoe. I've used them many time good company lots of help videos you can look at.
  3. Thats looks stout Curt makes some solid equipment.
  4. I would go full synthetic also.
  5. Did you try using the manual gear shift? I started using mine on steep grades and liked it better.
  6. O good Ill be the odd ball today I still have the original Ranchos on my 2015 gasser HD. That truck rides smooth towing and unloaded guess I got a good set. Yea they got some rust on a few places. Who cares its a truck I use it as such. But I totally understand others wanting to upgrade and that is great , nothing wrong with that. Thats what makes the economy flow.
  7. 265/70/18 if my memory serves me today. I only run them on the back, I have gone pretty much anywhere I needed with the Z cables. There not cheap but they can be put on quickly without jacking up the tires off the ground. Thats a big plus for me. You can get them for any size tire my son has some on his 2011 there 17'' tires. www.vulcantirechains.com This is where we got ours but theirs other companies selling them to.
  8. I run Z cables on my HD. Havent tried real chains just cables. They work fine for me.
  9. Interesting I use a NAPA 7060. I've never looked at the 7045, might have check that out.
  10. Sharp looking truck there nice ride for sure.
  11. Nice looking truck and tires. Good choice.
  12. There is a thread just 3 below the one you started that has good information and opinions on oil.
  13. I swear i read that some outfit made a retro fit kit for that DEF tank and it moves to a better spot. It was about 500.00. Ill look around see if I can find the link. I know I remember reading about them back in 2015 right when I bought my gasser .http://www.orfab.com/instructions/87030.pdf Turned out to be a metal skid plate not a DEF relocate kit. But the pic it looks decent for 2011-2016 2500.
  14. Whew brand new tire at what they cost today. Would make them replace it. I would be concerned about sidewall strength, not a engineer but a blowout at highway speed your done. Might I say might be a weak point
  15. Mobil 1 5w-30 with Napa gold filter.

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