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  1. Go back to stock and it will wake the truck up a bit. I have to agree lift and larger tires are eating in your power and fuel.
  2. Couldnt have said it better myself
  3. That seems a bit high, I pull my trailer weekly year around and in the summer I've seen 180 deg and thats in town driving slow. If I get out on the highway it drops down to 140-160.
  4. Nice look what version of Michelin are those? Cant tell from your pic. Thanks
  5. im trying to imagine 8.1 liter in my 2500. Whew that would be something. Mighty interesting
  6. I have had last 2 GM trucks changed to leather and both added heated seats done at dealer before I took them off the lot. I made it part of the purchase deal but anyway they both have buttons not factory switch. Its not a deal breaker for me. The buttons work fine and there small and you dont even notice them.
  7. Yea I bought a spare and keep it hid for back up. There expensive and i had to show them proof of truck ownership and insurance card before they would cut it. It was on a special machine , he said GM was getting strict about new keys being made.
  8. Noco Genius Boost Products Anyone?

    I have used one NOCO on my 750 cc atv it saved me a long walk out. Worked nice I will have to look to see the model number is. There alot better than carry a heavy jump pack all the time and take less space.
  9. Wew going to get a lot of responses with this question but I have both of those trucks in our family 5.3 & 6.0. I would pull your load with a 2500HD first before the 5.3 simply just braking, control and I could relax a bit driving because the 2500 is a larger platform period. Forget the 5.3 tune doesn't mean anything in real world pulling its about stopping, control of the trailer and some safety factor of sorts using a larger truck. Is it doable with the 5.3 sure but since you asked for which would be better 2500HD.
  10. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Thats pretty cool idea good for you I like it
  11. 2015 silverado wheel peel

    Do you still have any bumper to bumper coverage? I wonder if that would be covered. I have the exact wheels to.
  12. Towing Tires and a Hitch

    Im using a B&W hitch for pulling smaller stuff I got the 2 5/16 and 2 inch set up, but they have a 3 ball set up that has the 1 7/8 added. Its nice cause i can flip in back under and back up close to our garage door. They come with different drop lengths think etrailer carries them. There not cheap but I can vouch for them have it one for years and they also have the larger shank size for 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.
  13. I found that fix you have to slam the rear seats down hard after folding them up. Or you will get a annoying sound from back area. Ive had that noise on every GM truck I drove. It took me a while to figure it out but that fixed it.
  14. new to trailer buying

    Nice looking trailer, you should have IBC brake controller on your dash. If so just test and adjust before you take off. Im pulling a 22 ft car hauler open deck with 2- 5200 lb axles with no problem at all. You may be a bit heavier being enclosed just watch your tongue weight not sure if you need a WDH hitch but you will catch some wind pulling that trailer. Make sure push that tow haul button in and dont be afraid to use your Manual shift option. I have found it to be a good tool when pulling with 2500.
  15. Favorite brand of battery powered tools?

    Milwaukee 18v stuff is good batteries last a long time.

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