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  1. I didn't made the dealer pull the 20's off put 18'' on my truck. Its personal preference i guess to each his own.
  2. Well cant say I ever heard of a 4 inch level kit, but if its not working out have them remove it go back to stock. Last time I did a level kit they just put a spacer in the front it wasn't 4 inch maybe 1 1/2-2 inch.
  3. Weight was a factor and a good point by aseibel. My bumper was 180lb and stock bumper weighed in at 70lbs. I had a freight scale at work so we weighed them both, but i then added the winch another 100 easy. So I added roughly 210 to the front. I measured the truck before and after it didnt even flinch with new weight added. These 2500 are stout I sweated the weight and it didnt change anything mileage, towing,cooling nothing.
  4. I put a Trailready base bumper on my 2015. It fit and mounted good and I wanted a winch. Been happy with it and there are different versions of it and they have a website you can look at. There are many many bumpers out there now just depends on what you want and what looks good to you.
  5. Its not appealing to my eye when looking at it. Dont know anyone that has sheared it off but ugly it is.
  6. I dont have one on my 2008, if you looked behind the glove box you would see it. Its a horizontal piece with 2 little clips to unhook. the filter lays flat slides in. Anyway I have one on my 2015 but not on the 2008.
  7. Have you looked in your upper and lower glove box. I had a rattle turned out a pair of sunglasses had rolled around and were vibrating against the lid. Sometimes you get lucky its just simple fix.
  8. I would start out simple clean your windshield good, replace your blades with some good quality like Bosch or Rain x. See if that improves your problem.
  9. X2 on the Z cables run them on my 2500. There a breeze to put on and quick to remove. I have a huge amount of clearance in the rear tire area. Fit is easy.
  10. No Trailer Plug...What is this...???

    East fix go to AutoZone towing section buy the replacement end. It snaps off the back and new plugs in. You have wiring so its not a dummy plug per say.
  11. We just finished replacing our 2011 6.2 NHT stock shocks with 4600 Bilsteins. It is completely stock rides pretty sweet now. Did both the fronts and rears. Im not familiar with the 5100 series.
  12. Last 3 GM trucks I had you have to slam the rear seat down in the back on the drivers side or I would have a annoying knocking sound the whole trip. It took me a while to find out but If I lift up the back seat I make sure and slam it good or else. Maybe that is your problem.
  13. When are you feeling vibration? Highway speeds? In town? How fast when you feel it? Is it in the steering wheel or floorboard area the vibration.

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