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  1. GM Customer Care would love to have you as a team member representative. You've got a conclusive explanation for everything.
  2. We’re still waiting for you to present the hard evidence to substantiate this claim.....
  3. would be interested to see the resale value of the 2014-2017 Silverado in 5 or 10 years compared to the Tundra. The 4Runner and the Tacoma still command top dollar even with 100,000 or 150,000 on the odometer.
  4. Ford Finally did it...

    The $100K Ford model is on an F450 or F550 platform, not an F350 platform. That's like comparing a GM K1500 to a K2500. There is no comparison in towing and payload capacity.
  5. GM Sets Odd 5-Year Goal For EVs - Half Its Fleet?

    if GM is such a leader in automotive technology, why did GM need a $50 billion dollar taxpayer funded bailout to keep from going bankrupt?
  6. Rod knock or something else???

    I've had a stuck lifter and it's nowhere near that loud.
  7. Suggest you go the the Toyota forums to learn about their build quality.
  8. still trying to figure out how a $50 billion taxpayer funded bailout is helping the American worker when the assembly plant is in another country?
  9. The better question to ask is, "what vehicle components and/or assemblies does GM purchase from China that is installed on a Silverado"?
  10. my 97' K1500 (stock vehicle) tie rods, pitman arm, and idler arm were shot at 75k and I never abused it.
  11. judging by this GM forum, i'd say these trucks as a whole are worse than ever.
  12. GM doesn't need to build quality & reliable vehicles as long as the consumer continues to purchase.
  13. Who's Ready For Two-Cylinder Highway Driving?

    it's called "disposable GM engine technology"

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