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  1. Looks like the Ram has coitus with a Tundra
  2. GM Customer Care would love to have you as a team member representative. You've got a conclusive explanation for everything.
  3. would be interested to see the resale value of the 2014-2017 Silverado in 5 or 10 years compared to the Tundra. The 4Runner and the Tacoma still command top dollar even with 100,000 or 150,000 on the odometer.
  4. Ford Finally did it...

    The $100K Ford model is on an F450 or F550 platform, not an F350 platform. That's like comparing a GM K1500 to a K2500. There is no comparison in towing and payload capacity.
  5. GM Sets Odd 5-Year Goal For EVs - Half Its Fleet?

    if GM is such a leader in automotive technology, why did GM need a $50 billion dollar taxpayer funded bailout to keep from going bankrupt?
  6. Rod knock or something else???

    I've had a stuck lifter and it's nowhere near that loud.
  7. still trying to figure out how a $50 billion taxpayer funded bailout is helping the American worker when the assembly plant is in another country?
  8. The better question to ask is, "what vehicle components and/or assemblies does GM purchase from China that is installed on a Silverado"?
  9. my 97' K1500 (stock vehicle) tie rods, pitman arm, and idler arm were shot at 75k and I never abused it.

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