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  1. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Damn that's a bad ass trailer! Perfect set up for hunting! Where did you get it?
  2. Check this out http://www.iihs.org/iihs/news/desktopnews/more-than-half-of-midsize-suv-headlights-tested-rate-marginal-or-poor
  3. I just replaced the stock ranchos with the 5100s. It made the ride so much better! Highly recommend. Truck has 85k on it
  4. Lucky me I live in a county where all LEO use KA band so I can turn k band off. Still annoying when I drive out of town I turn it back on to be safe.
  5. I did a hard reset on the phone and deleted the mylink that was already stored
  6. Anyone having trouble connecting to my link after the update? Can't get my 6s plus to recognize the mylink. I restarted phone too. Driving a 2015 2500hd
  7. I had an air raid intake tube with k/n filter in the stock box. That was the best bang for the buck paired with my tune from black bear. This was on a 2011 5.3. Sadly air raid won't just make the tube for the newer trucks anymore.
  8. Are you on stock keys? And no I don't have the prep package
  9. The diff drop, shock spacers, and the torsion keys are all included in the suspension maxx level kit. I guess my question was can I get 2 inches out of my stock keys and buy the upper control arms that also comes with a diff drop.
  10. Okay, I have a 15 2500hd 4x4. I have two ideas for leveling it. First option. Buy the suspension maxx level kit which includes keys, diff drop, and shock extenders for $300. Second option. Get suspension max upper control arms which includes a diff drop, buy the shock spacers separate and just crank stock keys for around $600 I only want 2 inches out of the front.
  11. Tune the 6.0!!! I agree I had a rental Ford F-250 with the 6.2 and it was such a weak feeling engine. I also had the 2500 ram with the 5.7. Can't understand why they still have two gas engines but that's why I don't make the big bucks.
  12. Well that's good to hear I emailed them literally a month ago an I got a response saying they could not.
  13. So I really want to get my 6.0 tuned. I used black bear for my 2011 5.3 and loved what they did. Apparently EFI doesnt have out what BB needs to tune the 6.0s? Does anyone else have and recomendations for other brands or other routes you all took?
  14. I was also looking at the single in single out not the offset mufflers thats why i didnt see it. I have a 22inch on my 5.3 and it sounds good, but it really isnt that loud. Wonder how loud that 22 would be on a 6.0 thats the only length they have. Love my magnaflow too. Gives a tone you dont get from anything else.

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