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  1. A new Truck Gear (by LINE-X) cover which is the same exact cover as a MX4 is now available, but it has a lifetime warranty. Bak's website shows the Bakflip MX4 has a 3-year warranty.
  2. New covers coming somewhere around April to July: The current Truck Gear by LINE-X hard folding cover (which is much like a Bakflip Fibermax) will change to an MX4 model. You get a lifetime warranty. Undercover has a folding cover with painted panels to match your truck. Another Truck Gear by LINE-X hard folding cover (don't know the name) which will have LINE-X applied to the panels. Sometime after the introduction of the Truck Gear cover, Undercover's Armor Flex will be introduced which might be the same cover.
  3. Be careful who you buy the AMP steps from. If they are not an authorized vendor, you will not have a warranty.
  4. If you bought your Undercover Ultra Flex on 3-1-18 or after (through 3-31-18), there's a $75 rebate.
  5. The way the brackets are engineered, I don't see how downward force is going to flex the brackets.
  6. I believe it's the Jeep that's flexing, not the steps. We will see what happens on a truck.
  7. You realize that the brackets are not really attached to the rocker panel? They are attached to a steel beam that's underneath the doors. They're no more subject to rust that the frame.
  8. I sort of disagree. Both have pros and cons. The problem with frame mount is that they require longer brackets and thus cause more stress on the frame. Rocker mount has shorter brackets and are fine as long as the brackets are well made. The most common type of mount is rocker panel and I've never really heard of anyone tearing off their step bars from the mount.
  9. You may need to get rid of your drop-in plastic bedliner. You won't be able to install ANY cover that requires the installation of rails. So, you might consider a cover such as the Extang Trifecta.
  10. Agreed, that is a steal! Brand new with the bedliner coating is like $2,200.
  11. Watch the vid below to see the new GoRhino Dominator D6 steps which should be available soon. The drop steps are optional. The D6 steps are on a Toyota, but they will be available for all brands (according an email that I received).
  12. The reason is because the chrome is applied to mild steel. When the mild steel starts to corrode (from the inside out), the chrome will peel off. As far as I know, only Westin has a step bar that has chrome applied to stainless steel which is the Platinum 26 series.

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