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  1. Thanks, I'll have to get under the truck and measure the muffler.
  2. No I have a 2017 GMC Sierra SLT with the 6.2L. Maybe I'm just getting old but I think its a bit too loud but the factory exhaust is ridiculously quiet, I can't hear it running from inside my house. I'm wondering if the gm performance exhaust by corsa would be quieter inside the cab because they tune the ANC with the exhaust. Its just an expensive price to pay if it's still too loud.
  3. I still have the resonator. I just had the muffler replaced and the flapper valve removed. Does magnaflo make a louder muffler that would fit the 6.2? Is it possible the muffler shop put in the wrong muffler?
  4. I recently had the magnaflow 12909 installed and the flapper valve removed and I think its actually a little too loud. I was looking for something just a bit louder than factory that is quiet in the cab when cruising. I thought my factory exhaust on my 2011 6.2 was perfect. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at the gm performance exhaust made by corsa that comes on the all terrain x. Would this be louder than what I have now?
  5. I agree that the stock exhaust is to quiet, I can't hear it start in my driveway when I remote start it. I went with the 12909 because everyone said it was a little louder than stock but to my old man ears its alot louder. If this gm performance exhaust is close to the sound from my old truck I may go for it. By the way, the factory exhaust doesn't get any louder, I have 11k on my truck and still too quiet.
  6. I am wondering how loud this exhaust is. I recently had a magnaflo 12909 muffler installed on my 2017 Sierra and I think its to loud. I must be getting old but I want something louder than stock but not so loud that I can hear it in the cab. I thought the factory exhaust on my 2011 6.2 was perfect.
  7. Exactly what I did. Just for your info: My 2011 was a Silverado Crewcab LT w/NHT 6.2 with 80k in great condition. I got 20k for a trade. 2017 is GMC SLT Premium package w/6.2. Paid 43.5k w/out ttl. Sticker was 57k. Just to give you an idea of what my deal was. Boston area. Hope this helps
  8. The only issue I've had is the super bright backup cam. Dealer updated and works perfect now. Being in a similar position as the OP, I would keep your eye out for a truck you want and if they give you a deal you are comfortable with I'd do it. This generation is definitely more refined than the last.
  9. This is the 2nd GM truck I've had with afm. My 1st was an 09 that had to have the pistons and rings replaced under warranty at 27k miles. One month after repairs it was down almost 2qts of oil. I traded it on my 2011 with the 6.2 because it didn't have afm. With my 17 I don't think there is anything wrong with the afm but I can feel a sluggishness to the acceleration with afm active. With it disabled it just feels quicker and more powerful. Ive also noticed the mpg penalty over my last 5k miles is negligible.
  10. I recently did exactly what you are thinking about doing. I traded my 2011 NHT 6.2 for a 2017 SLT 6.2. The 8 speed is different and takes some getting used to and blackbear CANNOT tune the 8 speeds. I hate the afm. Coming from a truck that didn't have it, I can feel it everytime it goes into 4 cylinder mode so I got the range device. It makes a big difference but I will be having blackbear tune it out soon. The truck itself is much better, its quieter, smoother and tighter. I'm glad I got my 17 even tho I loved my 11 for the 7yrs I had it.
  11. Where are you located?
  12. FS completed Black F/R seats and Stitches dash

    What year truck is the interior out of?
  13. WTB Advent Ogm1

    Interested in buying an Advent Ogm1 for my 2011 Chevy silverado. Might even be interested in buying a backup camera also. Please message me on here or email me at [email protected]
  14. One of the main reasons I bought my 6.2 was because it didnt have AFM.
  15. How do you like the tires? Those are the exact ones Im thinking about getting.

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