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  1. Im going to Rinderle tire in Neeosho on hyw 60 west of hartford. Any other ideas ? where did you go ? Ive dealt with them many times and think they are a quality shop IMO. Always open to suggestions.
  2. Thanks Rod , love the new truck and its looks , congrats !! I am also gonna give the Cooper AT3's a shot . Where did you get your set up ? locally??
  3. I'll have to update my sig. I have a 2.5" front and a 1" lift in the rear at the moment. I guess if I do go 4" i will do a pro comp . I probably leave it alone though. Just need to get the rim tire thing figured out.
  4. That is a good combo i guess . all tough I would never put a body lift on. IMO it looks cheesy.
  5. if I want to replace my tires I will have to go "E" rated and then the tires will be way higher in pressure . min of 50-65 with a E rated tire . Thats pretty much all thats available in the 285/70/17 and 285/65/18 market. I also pull a heavy load at times and a P rated is not going to cut it I would not expect you guys to have any issues with what your running. Thats whats going to code the light to go on and stay on (as per the tire shop).
  6. Ok thanks guys , just was wondering.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has this ? I have read up on it and it seems like a nice bolt on kit that id designed well and has the proper parts like a diff drop , new skid plate , upper CA'S , shock extenders , ect.... They are a site sponsor , so wondering if anyone has one. Pro's / con's
  8. I have a 2012 Z71 Tahoe with a CCM lift 2.5" F and 1" rear is how its set up now. It has 265.65.18 tires and stock rims (18x8) I think. I went to a tire shop today and they told me if I put bigger tires on (E rated) 285.65.18 I won't be able to get rid of the TPMS warning light. If I decide to switch to 17" rims which is an option I am looking at and going with 285.70.17 the said I will still have the same issues with TPMS. Is that the truth ? how do you all work around the bigger tire option sand LT rated tires. Thanks Mike
  9. I guess I will have to be the test pilot on this one ...lol. I'll keep ya posted.
  10. My 2011 GMC had 3.42's and now my Tahoe Z71 has 3.42's . I would stay with 3.42 or go to 3.73's IMO . especially if you are going to put bigger tires on.
  11. I have a new Z Tahoe which has the same frogs as the new Silverados and was wondering if anyone has upgraded to a 9005/9005 with a new harness connection . It has the square fog lamps (not round like the reg.Tahoes have ), they suck for light output. I had a GMC before and I know there were many who upgraded the harness to a 65 watt 9006 with pigtail harness and have had no issues with melting or over heating. I did this mod myself to my 2011 GMC without any issues at all , and it was a cheap wonderful mod. Txs
  12. Thank you guys so much. The manual does not have all of these specs . Don't know why but it doesn't .
  13. I ran a Daystar poly spacer in mine and never chained the ride at all.
  14. I have searched and looked in the manual to find nothing. I would like #'s for low beams High beams DRL's & Fog lights I even had them run numbers for a 2011 at Autozone and they have nothing. I want to change the low and high's to a PIAA and want to put in amber DRL's . I also want to fabricate a way to put 65 watt bulbs in my fog lights.( Like I did on my Sierra ) Any help is appreciated . Mike
  15. I saw you on the HWY the other day (sunday) heading north . Your Tahoe looks good with that lift. I assume it was you anyway. Thanks for the advice/offer . I'll keep you posted . I'll look into the lift . No sure if we will go for the Yukon or a Tahoe yet . The Yukon has the off road package with the locking diff , upgrade suspension , 3.42's , 17" wheels , act...... It's not called a Z71 on the Yukon , just "off road package" . Damn things are expensive !!!

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