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  1. I,m holding out for clazzio seat covers. Had them on my 2012, and people thought i had original leather seats, they fit so good !
  2. can anyone tell me if the 2014 oem molded black flaps " front and rear" are identical to the color matched flaps ? I had the oem black grained flaps installed when i purchased the truck. Now i'd like to get the color matched "painted" ones for my truck. Thanks in advance !!
  3. can you buy the molded splash guards painted to match my 2014 z71 from gm ? thank you !
  4. wheel off-set ?

    I do have factory 18" wheels/tires. I,m looking at putting on either the 20" high country wheels and tires or the 2013 tahoe 20" chrome 5 spoke.
  5. wheel off-set ?

    does anybody know if the wheel off-set is the same on the 2014 as it was on the 2007 thru 2013 models ? Thank you !
  6. i had clazzio's on my 2012 ext. cab. fit was perfect. Everyone thought i had factory leather seats. They just pulled over the factory cloth seats. I,m waiting for clazzio to make them for my 2014 dbl. cab... They are worth waiting for !!!
  7. My Review of Clazzio Seat Covers

    Just as i posted a month ago! Great seat covers ! I covered my 2011 extended cab seats " front and back " including head rests, for $349.00. If i recall, thats about 50.00 off reg price, back around thanksgiving.... I',m impressed, and it took me about 1-1/2 hours to mdo it all.
  8. check out classio seat covers. less money, good looking !
  9. Theres also a good picture of them at myhotsilverado.com. Shows only the front seat cover.
  10. No kidding guys, i bought them direct from classio. I looked up their website, wrote down their phone number, and called them. I purchased the pvc type. THey are the cheapest. But they do look like leather, just as good as their pictures show. If i recall, i got like a 40.00 dollar discount around thanksgiving time. Sorry i have no pics, but i assure you , they look great. I'm not a salesman for them either. So far, i love them !
  11. Just installed the clazzio seat covers, and boy, do those fit and look great !! No kidding guys, they look like factory leather seats, are comfortable, and, no more lint !!!!! $349.00 to my door, no tax. That covers both front and back seats, headrests, and middle seats ! Sorry no pics, but thought i would share ! No regrets !
  12. I think my yellow gas cap says, No fuel additives". I think thats for flex fuel only. I'm sure you can use stabil in regular gas..........
  13. Storing the truck this winter, 3 months or so. Can i fill it with e85 flex fuel, or does e85 go bad sooner than regular fuel ? Thanks in advance !

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