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Found 6 results

  1. Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com 11/2/2017 What will the future T1XX 2019 Silverado look like? That's the question we're getting closer to answering thanks to our amazing spy photographer. ADDED 11/7/2017 - We now also have photos of the 2019 GMC Sierra in a similar state of camo. Check out our T1XX / 2019 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra Discussion Forum Here's what our photographer says:
  2. Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com 11/7/2017 Only a few short days after capturing our first look at the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado without cladding for the first time, our unflagging spy photographer has done it again. This time however, the Silverado's next gen twin, a 2019 GMC Sierra got the once over. Just like the Silverado, the T1XX Sierra has shed all of it's body-disguising cladding for a more visually revealing "camo-only" set of clothes. Check out our T1XX / 2019 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra Discussion Forum Our photographer reports:
  3. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 1/31/2017 The very first photos have been captured of GM's next generation full-size Silverado pickup truck. We have licensed these photos for our members, so get ready to take your first look at the 2019 Silverado. Visit our 2019 T1XX Silverado/Sierra Forum Our spy photographer reports: Here's the photos What we can learn from these photos Principle engineering of the new Silverado is primarily done and prototypes are being manufactured These photos show two different vehicles. One has white lettering on the tires, one does not. The crew cab will be much bigger than the current generation Rear exhaust tips seem integrated into the bumper or fascia The gap between the bed and body seems much tighter than current generation trucks A large driver's hand hold is apparent inside the cab Use of LED's for some (but not all?) exterior lighting Headlights are much larger than the camo would want you to think but doesn't seem to be using production housings yet The single cab "current generation" truck may be a hybrid mule with next gen drivetrain. The "sharkfin" antenna remains Brake rotor sizes seem to be larger than current models Rear view mirrors are mounted lower on the door panel New chrome/polished wheels What we can't tell What the body is made from. It could be steel, aluminum, or composite. What types of engines will be available What do you think? We want to hear your thoughts on these first photos of the next generation Silverado. Post your comments and theories below! If you like what you see, head on over to our 2019 T1XX Next Generation Truck Forum to discuss the new Silverado with other fans!
  4. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 2/15/2017 In just the last two weeks we've gotten our first and second look at the next generation T1XX full size truck platform undergoing preliminary testing in the wild. While on the surface these photos show little more than a heavily padded truck with no discernible markings, a closer look starts to connect the dots on what the future face of the 2019 Silverado just may look like. Chevrolet is no doubt moving towards a "family face" between all products. In fact, General Motors as a company seems to be making the same move on all of its brands, underscored by the fact that you can barely tell one Cadillac from another these days. The recently previewed 2018 Traverse and Equinox underscore this by sharing remarkable, Cadillac-like family resemblance. Even further, the two crossovers also share cues with the new 2017 Malibu and Cruze cars. 2018 Traverse and 2018 Equinox 2017 Malibu and 2017 Cruze Now compare to the current generation Camaro As you can see, Chevrolet Design is most definitely trying to bake in some sort of similarity between all of its new models going forward. While vehicle each has it's own maturity and details, you cannot help but notice how similar they all look to one another. How does that relate to trucks? Well, take a look at the front end of the recent Colorado ZH2 Concept No doubt this particular Colorado was built with a different face compared to a "stock" Colorado for a very good reason. It's aggressive, uses slim headlight optics, and also shares a crude face with the newer looking Chevy models. So why construct a wholly new front fascia if not to test the market on the new direction for truck design? Speaking of slim headlight optics, don't forget that the new Traverse is the first Chevrolet to be available with D-Optic LED lighting. That basically means that the slim style headlights featured on the ZH2 could actually be closer to production that we might believe (at least in look). While the recent spyshots of the 2019 Silverado on the surface seem insignificant in solving what the true face of the truck will look like, they actually provide a lot of detail that can be used to surmise what Chevrolet has cooking. Compare the current Silverado to the K1XX Prototype Now put it all together... 1- Look at the Traverse 2- Look at the 2017 Silverado 3- Look at the ZH2 4- Look at the prototype. 5- SQUINT HARD Can you see what I see? Tell me below.
  5. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 2/14/2017 The all new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has been caught on film once again. It's only been two weeks since we got our very first look at one of GM's new fullsize pickup trucks. Now, our spy photographer has cauptured yet another set of the T1XX based Silverado undergoing cold weather testing. It's also worth mentioning that GM-Trucks.com has it's own 2019 Spy Shot Bounty Program currently active! Here's What Our Photographer Reports Here's the full set of 2019 Chevrolet Silverado undergoing cold weather testing What do you think of these new shots? Let us know what you think below!
  6. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 2/2/2017 We now have proof that the 2019 T1XX full-size pickup program is entering the later stages of development. With running prototypes built, expect to see camouflaged next generation Silverado and Sierra running around the world on public roads in the very near future. With that in mind we’re putting the word out to GM-Trucks.com members to keep your eyes open. No doubt, next generation mules are undergoing testing in the wild as you read this. They may already be on public roads. If there are T1XX mules being driven on public roads we as a community can and will find them. If you see what you think is a next generation General Motors product, take a picture/video and send it to us. We’ll pay you up to $100 per original photo and up to $200 per original video. Here’s how we’re laying this bounty out: No violations of employee contracts to obtain any media Media must be exclusive and not published elsewhere Media must be original and owned/taken by the submitter We will remove metadata from and watermark/edit any photos/video we choose to use We have the right to refuse to publish any photo/video received for any reason Bounty award amount based on quality, exclusivity, and number of photos/videos accepted Program expires at our discretion and / or upon first release of official vehicle photography To submit a photo, photos, or video to be considered for a bounty reward Email the photos or video to Zane [@] GM-Trucks.com along with your contact information. Good luck and let the games begin!

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