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Found 47 results

  1. 2017 sierra A/T crew cab I have the most annoying tick noise over bumps, coming from the b pillar behind my left ear and it is driving me brick house, I've pulled at the trim off put my hands on everything made sure everything is tight, stuff rags in between contact points, I've run out of ideas, anyone have an guidance for me, I'm a ex gm technician of 5 years , I know what I'm doing but of course my own truck baffles me..per usual any new bulletins or tsbs?
  2. Gents, I wanted to ask a question regarding the painted front bumpers on models like the:. Sierra All Terrain, Denali, or Elevation models. I guess the Silverado LTZ models would fall into this category as well. I really like the look of the " one color monochromatic paint". Have any of you used the 3M wrap on the front bumper for stone chips, just for extra protection in general ? How have they been holding up ? thanks in advance
  3. Just bought a 2014 sierra 4x4 and ordered the 2" kit to level it out. On rough country's website they say that this kit only allows for up to a 32" tire, and I am looking to put 33s. I am new to GM, what's the biggest tires that I can fit?
  4. Has anyone taken off the roll bar of a All-Terrain X and re-wired the 3rd brake light??? Love the truck, didn't like the roll bar, want my 3rd brake light to work Thanks!!!
  5. IMG 1087

    From the album 2017 All Terrain

  6. Hey guys, I know this topic has probably been beat to death, but I was hoping to take it a little further. I have a 2015 Black Sierra Crew Cab with a 2" level. I'm going to be getting the BFG AT KO2's soon, and am trying to decide between the 275/60/r20 and the 275/65/r20. I think the 60's are 33" tires and the 65's are 34" tires, both with 10.8" width. I understand that both will fit fine. I would be very grateful if some of the guys running these tires/sizes (or even other tires) would be able to post some pics on this thread for comparison. I've seen some great looking trucks with those tires but can't decide between the two!
  7. 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain When I bought it last weekend it was already leveled and tinted (why I bought this particular truck over others). Added the wheels/tires and Morimoto 5500k HIDs Friday, Plasti-Dipped the emblems yesterday and cleaned her up today and took some pics today. Wheels are 20x10 Hostile Sprocket with a -19 offset. Tires are Toyo Open Country RT 33X12.50R20.
  8. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra All-Terrain X and would love to switch the stock grille out to a black honeycomb style like the Denali. Problem is...I can't find them anywhere. The Denali replacement grilles I've found state that they do not fit the Sierra. Then I can find them to fit the '14 and the '15 Sierras, but not the '16 or '17. Am I missing something here??? Thanks!
  9. 2015 All Terrain

    From the album 2015 Sierra All Terrain

  10. Hey, I have been to the dealership twice and I have called GM; however my problem stills persists. They say there is nothing they can do. I have very good ears and can hear high frequencies. My 2015 GMC Sierra makes a very high pitched noise whenever I am switching to and from 4WD. When the truck is in 4WD It continues to make the noise while I'm driving. However, When i put the truck back in 2WD the noise disappears. Any suggestions? It has almost gotten to the point where I don't want to use 4WD because it is so damn loud. Thanks guys.
  11. New lift, Wheels and Tires going on the truck tomorrow morning. Looking to sell my factory 20" wheels. These are 20x9 and off my 2016 All Terrain. Mint condition, have been on the truck for 5k or so Comment or send a message if you're interested along with an offer. Look up what it would cost to ship to you as well. I am in Utah 84058 Thanks
  12. Genuine OEM CK158 22x9 Wheels with Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain Tires -Tires are 285/45/22 Bridgestone Dueler AT's -off of my 2016 with less than 1,500 miles on them -These are rare and hard to find! $2500 obo Located in Fort Worth, TX 76132 PM me if interested
  13. I am looking to swap out my stock 2014 Sierra grille with the 2014 All Terrain Grille and color matched surrounding. I have read the past forums but have yet to find one online I feel confident in buying. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? The only one I have found is from the OEM website , but I will have to incur the cost to get the surrounding color matched.
  14. Brand new GMC All Terrain emblem, GM part # 23172547 Location: Gorham, Maine Price: $30 shipped Payment: PayPal
  15. Finally upgraded the tires today and went with the BFG A/T KO2s 285/65R18 with the raised white letters. I was worried I would't like the white letters, but now I'm glad I went with those. Tell me what you guys think!
  16. I'll admit I haven't been a big fan of the new trucks until I saw a Sierra All Terrain package in person. If all goes as planned, I hope to have a Summit White one in my garage this coming March. Is there really any differences between the All Terrain and non-All Terrain besides rims and painted bumpers. I noticed they seem to be a little pricier for some reason, maybe other options are included. For those that have the All Terrain, how do you like it? Any suggestions on options? I occasionally trailer a 5000lbs boat in the summer and deer hunt, but most of the time it will be on the highway racking up a lot of miles for work (just driving, no towing). I heard you should buy at the end of the month or quarter, but since I get GMS pricing do other incentives count? Thanks for any feedback.
  17. Out with the OLD....In with the NEW

    From the album 2015 Sierra Crew Cab All Terrain

    I'm certainly going to miss my 2dr Tahoe. She's been there with me for 18 years, unfortunately it's not to child seat friendly. If anyone is interested, she is for sale: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162149307287?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

    © BPO

  18. Hey guys, have a 2014 Sierra SLT All Terrain on order that has the 20inch rims. I won't get it for at least another 7 weeks and was wondering what kind of tires come with it from the factory? What brand are they? Do they have a look like they would be good in snow? Are they winter rated? whats your opinion? Just wondering since I'll be getting the truck just before the snow comes. I live in southern Canada and we don't get crazy amounts but a couple feet here and there which makes for slick roads sometimes.. Appreciated all replies.. Thank you. - Al
  19. My new 2016 Sierra 1500 All Terrain 4x4. I upgraded from an old Ford f-150!
  20. Hey all, recently picked up my 2016 all terrain, it has the 5.3 8 speed, love my truck love all the sierra's I've owned 2012, 2014. I notice at low speeds with new transmission it's a bit.. Clunky as it seems to change gears to quick, straight away no problem however turning out of driveway or turns at low speeds it's noticeable .. I can live with this.. However last 2 trucks have been tanks for winter driving, with blizzaks they didn't move, wonder how this will affect next winter driving? Mainly accelerating and such.. Any insight on the 8-speed for winter conditions?
  21. Hey Everyone! I just picked up my 2016 Sierra 1500 Double Cab SLT All Terrain this morning. I have the worst luck when it comes to buying cars, because it seems that every time I take delivery it's raining! I did of course get a picture once the rain stopped! I'm coming from a 2013 Subaru BRZ, so this is a pretty massive change (pun intended). Here she is!
  22. Hello All, Like many of you I have the stock 265/65/18 GY SRA's. I have already installed the Motofab 2.5" front only level, so I am looking to upgrade the tires. I love the look of the beefy AT's and MT's on the market (BFG A/T KO2's, Duratrac's, Toyo's, etc.). But, if I'm being honest with myself I'm not going to run the truck through the gauntlet, so I will likely never really need a heavy off-roader; nor do I need to make the sacrifice in mpg just for a look. I spend 90+% of my time in traffic, hauling the kid, or cruising the interstate from point A to B. I do mountain bike, kayak, ski, and pull a 19' boat. So the truck sees some service roads and boat ramps. I'm looking at the BFGoodrich Rugged Terrain seen here: Not to be confused with the crappy BFG Rugged Trails from back in the day. Does anyone have these on their truck? It does come in a P-metric and LT (the P can save weight). I was looking for a 275/70/18 AT, but I'm thinking about a 265/70/18 (32.6") Anyone running this size tire on a 2.5" level?
  23. I recently had to get rid of my 2015 Sierra SLE. I had purchased a LED Headlight conversion kit from GEN V diy. I am looking to sell it now since I have no use for it. They are OE lights from a SLT, Denali, or All Terrain pack truck with an adapter harness to make it all work right with no lights. I have pictures if needed! Thanks for looking. I am looking to get 1000 + Shipping OBO
  24. Hello, Im new to the forum and looking to buy a 2014 sierra 1500 crew cab all terrain. This will be my first truck ever, always had SUV's. I have found one in my area that has 28k miles on it and it is listed for $41,500. I got them down to $37500 over the phone, which I think is pretty good for this truck. I am leaning towards going to buy it this saturday. I wanted to get feedback from anyone that may own this vehicle, good, bad, ugly, etc. I have read a lot of concerns about the AFM in the older models, Im not sure if the 2014 will have the same issues. Any feedback that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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