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Found 910 results

  1. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-30-2018 There is a lot to digest when a new truck launches. We have so far overviewed the Silverado and done a spotlight on the cargo area and also the fuel savings technologies that the new Silverado brings. In this spotlight, we would like to list some of the many small but important changes between the new 2019 truck and the prior generation. Here’s what we found of interest. Tell us your thoughts on these new features. Cargo Area Tie Downs Have you ever had a tie down in the cargo area break while hauling a secured load? If so, the news that Chevy has doubled the strength of the 2019 Silverado’s 12 tie downs will be welcome. Hard to argue stronger isn't better. We give this one a thumbs up. Power Aluminum Tailgate With Integrated Aero Spoiler Whenever any publication writes about trucks like the Honda Ridgeline the comments come fast and furious. Any car-like feature is seen as a weakness. It will be interesting to see how truck fans like a power up and down tailgate. The new tailgate is also not made of steel, but aluminum. Having driven pickups for construction crews and landscaping companies, my memory of the tailgate was that it took more abuse than the cargo area did and that if I was hauling crushed stone I had to be damn sure I cleared the gap between the bed and tailgate before I put it up or it would bind and not shut. A power tailgate’s longevity and reliability will be interesting to watch. Finally, with an aerodynamic spoiler mounted at the top of the tailgate, it will be interesting to see if the top is rugged and can support ladders, lumber, and other long items being hauled. The same is true for the cabin area spoiler. Perhaps they will have a non-slip surface and be rugged. We hope so. What say you? Thumbs up? Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Keep Assist Having tested automatic emergency braking, and having had it save one of us from an accident, we have become fans. By being one of the last major automakers to make it standard on top-selling models, Chevy actually has an advantage. The technology has matured and is now free of false positive alerts and other hassles early versions came burdened with. Still, drivers who don’t understand that it can do things attentive humans can’t, will still be unhappy to see it in their truck. Chevy says that, “For 2019, … new safety and convenience features to be announced later this year.” This is what Chevy is talking about and we will be watching to see how Silverado owners react. We say thumbs up, but predict many will say thumbs down. Start-Stop Technology The general consensus from the comments under our spotlight on fuel-saving technologies is that many truck owners are not that interested. Fuel savings are always welcome, but never at the cost of drivability. If the negative reaction from Ford truck owners is any guide, Stop Start is not going to be popular among new 2019 Silverado owners. We say thumbs down. Unless the system can be shut off in a way that can be left in that setting, rather than have the system come back on every time the vehicle is restarted. F-150 owners are pulling fuses to stop it on their trucks.
  2. I drive a 2014 Chevy Silverado with factory 22s and 285/45/r22 tires. I plan on putting a leveling kit on it and getting some bigger tires to beef it up a little bit. Thinking about a 3” leveling kit in the front with 1” blocks in the rear. (Just running a 2” leveling kit in the front would be an option but I’ve heard you can only get 33s under there) A few questions: does anyone have any experience with a setup like this? What’s the biggest size tires I could get? (I’m assuming I could get 34s without rubbing). And also, what are everyone’s recommendations on tread width? I’m wondering if I should stick with a 285/55/r22 or upgrade to something a little wider? I appreciate any help!
  3. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 2-15-2018 General Motors has a very tricky task ahead of it. The company needs to transition from the old Silverado and Sierra generation to the new, while not suffering a dramatic loss in sales. Despite its best efforts, GM is expecting to lose 60,000 truck sales in Q1 and 120,000 in 2018 overall. This production switch will look to many like GM is losing market share due to the new design, and many media outlets will surely report it (incorrectly) as such. GM's chief financial officer, Chuck Stevens, outlined the plan to Motley Fool, saying: “This is an all-new architecture. Our last three generations of truck were fundamentally of the same architecture with changes in sheet metal. So this is an absolutely all-new architecture, which requires all-new body shops. So when we take downtime at certain facilities, it's because we're either converting or constructing new body shops to facilitate this launch. And we've been opportunistic around doing that around holiday periods so that you can get extra time to make these transitions without a full impact on downtime.” Despite its best planning, inventory build-up prior to the switchover, and work taking place on holiday weeks, GM still expects to have about one third less production of its Sierra and Silverado in the first quarter of its new truck generation. One other interesting fact is that GM’s proud pronouncements that the Ft. Wayne plant will build the new Silverado has a twist; The plant won’t be capable of doing the final finish work on many of the new generation trucks during the transition. That means that many of GM’s trucks will need to be shipped out of the U.S. in an almost complete state, then finished in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. Making even more Silverados imported trucks.
  4. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LT Z71. On the factory grill, there are three gloss black "grill bars" that appear to be separate pieces from the flat black grill inserts. On the 2017 LTZ Z71, these three bars are chrome plated. I think that is a nice way to add just enough chrome to the grill to really make it pop, so to speak. Since I have not had the gril off of the truck, I am not sure how the gloss black grill bars are fastened on. Is there a way to remove them and replace them with the chrome versions? And if so, how would I obtain the chrome replacements without buying a complete LTZ Z71 grill from GM? Just for reference, here is a picture of my grill: And here is a picture of a LTZ Z71 grill. This is the look I am trying to achieve: I would really appreciate any input. Thanks
  5. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 2-9-2018 The GMC Sierra is now available with up to $11,000 off the MSRP. GM-Trucks.com members know this happens periodically, and that we have reported on Silverado deals this high in the past as well. However, the deals have been getting steeper over time and both the Sierra and Silverado are about to be all-new trucks. The special deals on trucks has caught the attention of U.S. News & World Report Autos which published Best Cars To Buy Now and Best New Car Deals stories each month."Automakers often offer major discounts on bad cars, but it's possible to get a great deal on a top-rated vehicle,”says Jamie Page Deaton, managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. "You can get a no-interest financing deal on the Chevrolet Volt extended-range EV, cash back deals combined with no-interest financing on the Mazda6 and Lincoln MKX, and a whopping $11,000 off the GMC Sierra pickup – all before you even start negotiating." Ford and Ram are also offering amazing deals. Rams are available with up to six years of 0% financing or $7,500 cash back and the Folks at Ford are offering $5,300 cash back on the F-150. With the new 2019 trucks just around the corner, what would you guess would be the most money a dealer would take off a new Silverado or Sierra 1500?
  6. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-13-2018 Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2019 Silverado live tonight, and the launch was watched by GM-Trucks.com members here at the site with running commentary. The overall reaction is very positive to the new Silverado. Chevrolet’s main points of emphasis on the new truck included: Size Increases in key areas A mixed-materials approach which yields 450 pounds in weight savings 8 distinct trims tailored to customer expectations and wishes A new 3.0-liter inline diesel engine mated to the new 10-speed transmission A strong emphasis on quality New style and functionality elements throughout the truck The bed remains steel Three hosts overviewed the launch event. We have come to be fans of Mark Reuss here at GM-Trucks.com, and his well-rehearsed statements about materials and weight savings did not mask his passion for the new truck’s many improvements. One noteworthy comparison Reuss used was that of a hammer, which is made of many materials. The head of the hammer, though is steel. Reuss said, “I don’t know how much work you’d get done with an aluminum hammer.” The new truck features size increases in many key areas including in the cargo area. The rear seats will feature novel cargo cubbies. One interesting new design feature is that the seat height is increased and headroom also increases over previous Silverados. Chevy clearly wants Silverado owners to think of the truck as built for them. To that end, Chevy has created eight distinct trims, including; Work Truck, LT, LTZ, Custom, RTS, High Country, Custom Trail Boss, and LT Trail Boss. Each of the presenters highlighted the ways in which the various trims serve the needs, tastes, and wish-lists of various Silverado buyers. Throughout the presentation, the speakers continued to mention the Ft. Wayne assembly plant and its industry best quality ratings from JD Power (JD Power Hammer if you watch the Mahk videos). Even going so far as to have the plant manager take a bow. The new 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbo diesel engine option was revealed, but no details were given. However, Mark Reuss did point out that he knows the specs from Ford’s release this week and promised Chevy fans would have bragging rights. The new truck’s styling is shown in the images. We will break down the elements of this new style in a separate story. The oddly placed shark-fin antenna and new front end were the topics of many Livestream viewers' comments. There is much more to say about the exciting new 2019 Silverado and GM-Trucks.com will dive deep on the many points touched upon here over the coming days and weeks.
  7. I have a 2012 silverado and my check engine light keeps coming off and on. The codes read are c0900- device 1 voltage high(history) c0899- device 1 voltage low(history) p0300- multiple misfire detected (History Mil) p0301- cylinder 1 misfire detected (confirmed) there is a slight rough idle on the truck, and I think that my gas mileage has decreased slightly Does anyone have any idea what my problem could be before I take it to a shop, or start replacing parts
  8. Brand new 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ 2WD, 600 miles. Has a speed limiter limiting the vehicle speed to 98 MPH. I installed a tuner to just raise this parameter only. At 99 MPH the truck began a drivetrain vibration that increased with speed. At 100-103 MPH it was extremely bad with a loud sound that filled the cabin and a vibration that felt like the drivetrain was about to fly apart. At 109 MPH the vibration ceased entirely. Slowing down from there the exact opposite happend with the vibration and noise subsiding entirely by 93 MPH. The truck also has developed a loud vibration noise at 52-55, and 34-39 MPH as the torque converter locks and unlocks. It will last as long as that speed and constant foot feed is maintained. I’ve owned many Chevrolet pickups to include a 1990 Silverado 1500 that could go over 140 mpg! I’ve never experienced this vibration and noise before. Could this be a problem on all 1500s that GM is covering up with software? I expect a $51,000 truck to be able to travel at 100 MPH if required without coming apart!!!! Any others experienced this? If so, was it diagnosed? Was it repaired? What was the diagnosis and the repair? Did the repaired problem return later? Thanks, Bart
  9. There is thread on this forum for suspension lifts, but not body lifts. Also noticing a lot of people posting up requesting for pictures, info, etc. So lets get a thread started for body lifts. Remember to post the brand and size also!!! Preferably pictures of the sides, front, and rear, GO!!!
  10. How’s it going, Was wondering if anyone wanted a quick guide on installing cab/clearance lights. thought they look nice. have them wired up so that they only run when your headlights are on.
  11. WTB 20" factory GM wheels for my 2015 Silverado. Tires aren't really an issue, because I'm looking to go oversized anyway. I have a 2" RC level kit, so I'm thinking a 285/55-20. Either way, I'm looking for a damage free set of 20" OEM wheels (preferably with working sensors). If you need a set of wheels in trade, I have a 17" set from my LT. They are in perfect condition and tires have 19k miles on them. I'm in middle TN, so I'd prefer to stay local-ish to avoid shipping, but I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance for the right deal.
  12. Sure a funnel works some-what for pouring the 8.5 quarts in your 5.3 when your doing an oil change. Trying to help everyone with a tip I used this weekend that not only was easier but made me happy. No longer did I have to hold or have drips from the bottles while trying to pour or hit the oil fill opening. Attached some photos of a Lisle Funnel kit that's supposed to be for radiator fill. It comes with a half dozen adapters... one just happened to fit like a glove. Adapter E in the kit plus an elbow it comes with. Hope this helps some of you. This also has a plug and cap to keep the funnel clean when not in use. Most Auto Parts Stores stock this. Probably Amazon too. I labeled Adapter E with a sharpie for next time.
  13. Having difficulty isolating problem on my 2008 Silverado LT Crew Cab (Duramax). Months ago while traveling, the TPMS light began blinking and "Service Tire Monitor System" was displayed on the DIC. This happened numerous times intermittently (over several days). When I would look at tire pressure on the DIC, it would indicate 1 lb for one or more of the tires...... never the same tire each time. Initially the problem would last for a couple of minutes and then clear by itself,. Over time, the problem persisted until finally the Service Tire Monitor System displayed constantly. The TPMS light blinks for a few minutes after starting vehicle, then stays lit constantly while vehicle is running. The DIC now shows "--" instead of any numbers for tire pressure for every tire. Based on the fact that all of the sensors are less than 2 years old and the problem initially showed 1 lb for different tires, I do not believe it is a tire sensor problem. (I could be mistaken). I replaced all 4 sensors -- two of them about 20 months ago and the other two 6 months ago. When the original sensor on one tire became weak, the DIC indicated low pressure on just that tire, not intermittently on all tires. The symptoms now are different than when the battery was dying on an individual tire. My understanding is that the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDLR) serves as the receiver for the door Remote and the TPMS sensors. So far, I have removed the DSM fuse (which powers the RCDLR) for about a minute and replaced it..... just on the outside chance removing power to the RCDLR would resolve the issue. It didn't. My gut feel would be that the RDLR is defective, but all comments related to the RCDLR being the issue also indicates the door Remotes quit working. My Remotes still lock/unlock the door just fine. Any suggestions on what to check or do next would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  14. Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com 2/2/2018 Almost one year to the day after we got our very first look at the 2019 Silverado 1500 and only three weeks since making the truck official, GM is out testing its HD counterpart, the 2020 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD. Our photographer captured the camouflaged prototypes undergoing cold weather testing. He had this to say about the 2020 HD. So what do you think? From what you've seen of the 2019 Silverado 1500, does the 2020 HD models excite you? We'll have more information about the 2020 Silverado and Sierra HD models in the coming months. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/3500HD Spy Photography
  15. Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher, GM-Trucks.com 2/2/2018 With all the attention the 2019 Silverado has gotten in the past few weeks, we'd understand if Sierra fans are feeling a little left out. Where is the 2019 Sierra and when will we know what it looks like? Good news, very soon! March 1st, to be exact. GMC has begun the process of inviting media to "be among the first to experience the global debut of the next-generation 2019 GMC Sierra". The 2019's Sierra's new badge design and the new Denali logo appear on the invitation sent out (see above). GM-Trucks.com was one of the media outlets that received the invite and will attend the event on March 1st. The event will take place in Detroit and most likely be broadcast live online. We'll have more details of the event as we get closer. Make sure to check back for our inevitable live-chat of the whole event. Sierra fans rejoice, we'll see the all new GMC full-size soon.
  16. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 1-29-2018 Throughout Chevrolet’s launch event and in its most recently released vehicle specifications, Chevy details a long list of fuel-saving technologies and changes to the new 2019 Silverado. We dug into the data and pulled out just the factors that Chevy lists that will save fuel in the new Silverado. Here’s what we found: Aerodynamics Chevrolet reduced aerodynamic drag on the new 2019 Silverado by 7%. The Silverado has front functional air curtains, like those introduced on the sixth-generation Camaro, that reduce aerodynamic drag by routing air around the front wheel wells. The rear edge of the cab now has a spoiler that aims the air flowing over the top of the truck at the tailgate lip, reducing wind drag from the bed. Drivetrain The 2019 Silverado’s new 5.3L and 6.2L V-8s will have an industry-first Dynamic Fuel Management system that actively shuts off any number of cylinders, in a variety of combinations, depending on immediate needs to optimize fuel economy. The engines will be coupled to a new Hydra-Matic 10-speed automatic transmission. Chevy is also adding start/stop technology to improve fuel economy Shortly after launch, Chevy plans a new Duramax 3.0L inline-six turbo-diesel for the Silverado. The intent is to offer a fuel-efficient engine for towing and good low-end torque, that will also stretch the Silverado’s MPG rating. Chassis, Body, Swing Panels A much greater emphasis on high strength steel, as well as other lightweight materials, means the new 2019 Silverado is 450 pounds lighter than the outgoing truck (crew cab V8 models). High strength steel makes the frame stronger, and stiffer, and also lighter. The cargo bed is also a new lighter, stronger steel. Composite springs in the rear of the Silverado saved 24 pounds. Aluminum suspension components, door skins, hood and tailgate all reduce weight. Changes to the body alone saved 88 pounds.
  17. So, now that everyone has gotten a look at which trim levels Chevy will offer for 2019 on the Silverado..quick poll!
  18. I've seen several conflicting reports regarding the fluid capacities on both the front and rear differentials on my 07 Avalanche. The manual does a great job specifying the gear oil types but seems to be lacking the capacities part in the "fluids and capacities" section. Anyone have a good answer for me? I sure would appreciate it!
  19. Is it possible to hook our leds up to a 12v switch to allow them to be at full brightness to see the potential at night? Makes me curious since the impala driver in the photo attached did this so easily.
  20. After driving my Silverado for a little over a year now, and having driven a few rental cars inbetween, i have realized that there is one very subtle feature that I love about my truck. With so many vehicles now using electronic cruise control, and not the old mechanical switch and buttons GM used to have, it is common for the owner to have to turn Cruise Control back on every time the engine turns off. I use my cruise control constantly, and i mean constantly (lowest it will let me set at is 24 MPH, if i could use it at 20, i would). BUT, every time i turn my truck off, and turn it back on, cruise remains on!!! I don't know if this is unique to chevy right now, but ive driven a lot of rentals recently that the cruise needs to be turned back on every time i get in it, and i find myself turning it on and off constantly because i dont remember if its on. So thank you, GM, for leaving my cruise control on and not turning it off when i didn't ask you to.
  21. Ok I just bought an 02 Yukon 4x4. It has push button 4x4, 4 low, 4 high, 2 high and auto 4x4. I pressed the 4 hi to try the 4x4 and the light just flashed then went back to 2 hi. I hit 4 lo and heard it engage then the lights went out on the switch. Now the switch does nothing and the front diff is engaged. The transfercase is in high but I think 2 hi not 4 hi. I took out the 4wd fuse in the cab and also the atc fuse under the hood. Disconnected the battery for almost an hour today. Hooked it back up and the front is still engaged. My switches still do nothing.
  22. I’m working with a Chevy dealer in central Maryland on a purchase of a 2016 Silverado 1500, 5.3L, RWD. The dealer disclosed that it was a buyback. The salesman showed me the documentation and the listed reason for the buyback was “outside temperature gauge not accurate”. I’m worried that the listed reason may be bogus...that seems to be a minor nit and not worthy of a buyback. I plan to request the full service records and copies of the buyback paperwork. The Carfax is linked here https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner=CBT_4&vin=3GCPCRECXGG176962&cs:rv=B4031E32744CBE3267E395EA9B4CF581 The dealer is reputable and we’ve purchased from them before. Any takes on what kind of situation I’m looking at here? Thanks for your opinions and advice.
  23. Which size tires will fit?

    Hello, I have purchased a 2015 Silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4 LTZ. I am getting a 2.5 inch RC leveling kit installed tomorrow and I am wanting to go ahead and place the order for some 33 inch M/T's. My buddy has a 2014 Silverado and he installed 33X12.5X20's without any scrubbing. My question is will the 33X12.5X20s fit on my stock LTZ without scrubbing or will I need to get a different 33 inch tire? I know they come in different conversions but I wasn't sure if those would fit or not. Thank you! -Blake
  24. Looking for pictures of 2015-2017 Chevrolet Silverado with stock 18” wheels and 37s-40s with 6-9” suspension lifts. I had a truck with stock 17” wheels and 37s with spacers and loved the look of it. Wanting to build a new truck with the same platform.
  25. HI, I have purchased 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 in September of last year, everything seem to be fine until yesterday. while standing at the light with the break pressed, the rear camera picture appeared on the display. it does not have the the guide lines, just the picture, every time I press the break the camera comes on. When i come to the stop and take my time to put in reverse, the picture stays without the guidelines even though it is in reverse. If i Put in reverse quickly, the camera comes on as it should with the guide lines. I have switched bulbs to LED bulbs with resistors for breaks and reverse no resistors as they do not blink, but it was back in September without any issues so far until now. not sure if that can cause the malfunction or not, but i would think that LEDs have nothing to do with the camera. I'm assuming that water got somewhere and its shorting out/powering up camera. its cold here so I did not get the chance to look at it yet. if anyone can point me to where the camera gets the signal from i can probably figure it out before i go back to the dealer to get that fixed. Notice below what gear the truck is in including "R" no guide lines.. thanks a lot..

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