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Wanted - Old, Beat Up, Cheap Truck

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Just thought I would throw this one out there - looking for an old GM truck for my son. He turns 15 in February, and I would love to find an old Chevy or GMC that runs, but needs work. This will be a character building project for him. I've got him lined up mowing yards and fixing computers for "truck" money.


I had an old '73 blazer that was my first vehicle, and since my dad had passed away, I had to learn it all out of a Comptons, or I think the other manual started with a H... can't remember. It taught me a lot, and now I am looking for him to have the same experience.


My Blazer had been someone's deer camp truck, so that's what I'm looking for for him. Anyone around Mississippi that's got one sitting up they would love to see some teenage kid take and fix up, while their dad stands over them tellin' em what to do, let me know.



Tim Bryant

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