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Bluetooth Review-galaxy 1000

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We’d like to introduce you and your GM vehicle to the Galaxy1000. The Galaxy1000 is a revolutionary Bluetooth device that pairs your GM Onstar system to your Bluetooth equipped cell phone. Sound too technical for you? The beauty of this Bluetooth interface is that is as simple as plugging in any electronic device, and can actually be installed in less than 3 minutes. Detailed installation instructions can be found here on our website, if you have further questions please feel free to contact us. We are happy to oblige.


You can check out our You Tube videos here;




This handsfree car kit also is making its debut simultaneously with the legislation of many states dictating that if you drive and must communicate, you must be doing so via the use of a properly equipped cell phone that provides handsfree dialing. The Galaxy1000 allows you to make and receive phone calls, handsfree, and also has the capabilities of so much more! Other functions include calendar notifications, reminders and even will alert you to a low battery warning. Our product page gives you all the great functions that come with the purchase of the Galaxy1000.



After the initial purchase of the Galaxy1000, there are no additional costs associated with this bluetooth device. The only costs are those pertaining to your individual cell phone plan.


See what they are saying about the Galaxy 1000 here http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadil...000-review.html and on our testimonial page at https://galaxy1000.com/testimonials.php



To sum it up, if you own a GM vehicle, equipped with GM Onstar and are in the market for a low cost, no maintenance, easy to install handsfree car kit due to the new laws of your state or for the ease of use, the Galaxy1000 is the bluetooth device for you. Below is a current list of compatible vehicles and the location of the Onstar box


The following review was posted by a customer;


I FINALLY was able to get time to get the Galaxy1000 installed last weekend and have used it all week and can give a good report/review of it's function and operation. INSTALL : Install was VERY easy. The OnStar module is located on the passenger side of the trunk. To access you just need to remove 6 screw down fasteners that hold down the trim peice that is on the rear most part of the trunk and side trunk liner. After that, you can pull away the trunk line on the passenger to access the OnStar module and wiring. To install the Galaxy 1000, you unplug the only two connectors that go into the OnStar unit ( both are white AND are different shaped/keyed so NO WAY to get them confused/connected wrong) and plug them into the Galaxy1000 unit. Mounting the unit is going to be an owner by owner decision. For me, I found that I could "wedge" the Galaxy 1000 between the trunk floor and the OnStar unit/wiring very solidly. I placed a peice of adhesive on the top/bottom of the Galaxy1000 where it would contact the trunk floor and OnStar unit. After 1 week, I last night checked on the unit. Still solidly in place. No rattles or otherwise were heard at all during normal operation so I am happy with this solution. Others may choose use the mounting tabs formed into body of the Galaxy 1000 case (3) or otherwise. SETUP : This was an absolute breeze and the Galaxy comes with excellent included instructions as well as being available to print from their website.. Hold down the OnStar key for 5-10 second to put unit into paring mode. Go into your cell phone and find the unit labeled "ARGUS GALAXY" and connect. Password is "1234". Done and Done. OPERATION : I am an IT consultant/technician and am in/out of my car all day. Galaxy 1000 powers up/connects when I start the car, turns off/disconnects when i shut off the car. Have had ZERO issues this week and I talk a good 500 mins or so in the car on average per week. I had a Motorola T305 ( VERY nice external solution) and find that the Galaxy outperforms it in all aspects. I REALLY enjoy how it lowers the music volume when a call comes in (sometimes I crank out my Alice in Chains a bit loud ) and turns off the music when a call is accepted. Had to do this manually with my Motorola external unit. Same goes for turning the Motorola unit on/off when I got in/out of the car. Alot of times I stay within range of the bluetooth and when I would pick up a call onsite, it would transfer to my phone and I'd have to change over before talking to the client. PITA at times. The integrated OnStar microphone seems to be excellent. My car has a Corsa exhaust and not one person has complained or mentioned any increase/decrease from my previous setup. Most people say I sound better when comparing it to my Motorola unit. At this time, I have not a solitary negative thing to say about the Galaxy 1000. I wish it was cheaper (isn't that true of every modification) but for me, it's was 249.00 WELL SPENT. Would not hesitate to buy it again. I will be ordering another unit for my wife's Tahoe

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