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2001 Yukon Xl With Code P1125


I have searched previous posts regarding this issue, but I'm in need of an "extra pair of eyes" so to speak.

First, the vehicle in question is a 2001 Yukon XL 1500 with 175,000 miles. It belongs to my friend, a Pastor, who has put his trust in me to get his SUV back in order.


It all started as a "turns over but won't start" problem back in November......


Spark Plugs, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Battery.

Scanned for codes and received messages to replace the following: (which have all been replaced by me)

Mass Air Flow Sensor, Coolant Temp Sensor, Oil Pressure Sensor, Crank Sensor and Camshaft Sensor

By this time I was guessing the Yukon's computer was just throwing out random codes just to aggravate me so I had the Computer replaced (and had it "flashed") and had the alarm system bypassed. The very last thing I replaced was the Pedal Positioning Sensor.

Upon start up after all of this, the dash illuminates "REDUCED ENGINE POWER" so I hooked up the Code Reader and it gave me a P1125 readout. With suggestions from the forum I went and checked the wiring from the PCM, wiring from the Pedal Sensor, cleaned the Throttle Body, re-checked the battery connections, and even changed out the gas cap.


I am now at a loss. Any direction on where I can possibly look now would gratefully be appreciated. (I believe I have mentioned all I have done to it...)

Thanks a million!


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