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Need help with rebuilding rear end!

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I have a 2002 Silverado and I need to know what special tools I need to rebuild my rear end for setting backlash and all that other good stuff. I'm even going to drop in a new LSD by Yukon Gear as well as a ring and pinion set by Yukon Gear. Can someone please let me know what specialty tools I need to complete this build, as well as the required torques on everything (Haynes manuals tell you to take it to a dealership :/ ) Any and all help will be greatly appreciated

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Here's the biggest tip I can give you, if you haven't done it before, take it to a professional! That'll save you lots of $$$ in the long run.

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Then I would have to pay for the parts that I want, because supposably these factory LSD's are junk in my model truck, plus labor which will total to prob. bout 2000 total. If I were going to do that then I would just buy a rebuilt one from Jasper or somewhere similar

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Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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Money in the bank, ahead to take it and let somebody that has done several to do this for you. You need some special tools and not know what your doing to cause you to have to re-lick your calf if you don't get it right. That is you could have to pay for the same thing 2 times. I have seen people do this for years. And I laugh when I see them come back for the second set of parts.


But then again I'm just the parts guy....... but I do have all the tools, I just choose not to work on stuff for a living.



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I'll pull motors and transmissions any time, but I don't do gears...

you need at least a mentor that knows what they are doing looking over your shoulders. If you screw it up you will be miserable. I took my last truck to a local shop with my own parts and spent $300 for the install. It was well worth it.

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im having the same problem i have never had to deal with a rear end going bad. now i have the money to fix it but not enough to buy new i personaly have put a lot of thought into taking my 10 bolt out and putting a 14 bolt in its place but not sure what problems i will encounter any advice would be appreciated thanks

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    • By hawk1122
      Hey all, I have a 1995 Sierra K3500 with a 14 bolt 10.5'' 4.10 30 spline rear, but it's not a posi and I'm looking to make it one the cheapest way possible. My father had a 1978 K30 with the exact same rear (14 bolt 10.5'' 4.10 30 spline) but with a posi. He ended up swapping it out with a open diff. Currently that posi unit is sitting at my Grandma's house in the shed and I'm wondering if I can use that. It is completely stock with the 4.10 still on it. So, I'm wondering if I could just take my current diff out of the cover and place the '78 unit in there no problem or is there more to it/not even possible? I'm not too familiar with rears so I'm not sure if the 17 year gap between the 2 trucks make a big difference in terms of rears.
      Thanks, Hawk.
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      I have a strange noise from my 200k 07 Burb diff. No howl, locker works fine. Only happens with foot on the gas and goes away when foot is off. Sounds like cats fighting in the rear diff or a rusty brake caliper inside. I listened with a stethoscope and it seems to be coming from the rear diff cover area, but hard to tell. Wheel bearings were quiet. U joints tight and quiet. The pinion is quiet and leak free. It's smooth on the road and the diff seems a little warm after a long drive. Fluid is clean and clear and there was some Very fine metallic dust covering the magnet. I have never heard anything like this. It's almost a scraping sound. Any ideas please let me know. Carrier bearings? Pinion shaft worn? Worn pinions? It's been a highway only vehicle and serviced regularly. I have a google video of it here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hwgbHWYSxEZCRzrj2
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      I have 2010 hybrid with 76500 miles and started to notices a few months ago that after driving and parking there is a clicking/creaking coming from the right rear tire area. has anyone had the same problem or know that is causing this. thanks for your in put.
    • By Vibe15
      Hi everyone.
      Been along time since I've posted about my 2015 vibrator. Well what a story I have for you! I'll make it short n sweet as possible.
      First the dealership, couple of hiccups but overall really good to me.
      Second the Gm customer service, very pleasant to talk to......that's all.
      Third Gm district manager, treated me very well with buyback.
      1/16 New 2015 1500 double ltz 6.2 20" vibrated bad from day one! Approx 6-7 months later after 4 sets of tires, alignments etc.. was offered buyback. Ordered a 2017 1500 crew ltz z71 6.2 18" loaded on first order date. ( z71 and 18" highly suggested for least amount of possible vibration problems by DM )
      12/20/16 new truck FINALLY arrives. Stunning, rides amazing.
      5/17 4K miles started to notice a little vibration. Could live with it.
      6/17 vibration worse, rear end was making odd noise off and on. Rear end locked up several times at very low speeds and just dragged tires.
      Will leave out all the bs. Rear end was blown. Btw I don't beat on my trucks.
      GM POLICY.... new model year rebuild only! If 2016 and older new rear end.
      RFB tires 2 no good. 2 new tires( found out were out of spec to, put on anyways)
      Rebuilt rear end, 2 new tires truck vibrated worse, rear end made bad clunking noise and all around seemed worse. Didn't want to go through another buyback and was told GM probably won't do it.
      Traded for 2017 Colorado v6 crew long bed. Surprisingly really like this little truck.
      Ok you ready.... 207 miles on it, took it on highway, vibrated worse than my first truck. Also noticed whole truck had a slight lean to drivers side.
      Took service manager for ride and couldn't believe how bad it was. Also measured truck and driver side was shorter. RFB tires, perfect, checked everything, perfect. No bulletins for it. Never had a Colorado vibrate. Nothing he could do about it. Said you got a lemon. He was gonna contact DM. ( I wrote a email to DM in detail of what My family and I have gone through the past year and a half, how much money we have lost, how much stress we have had and to please just give me a new Colorado ) He got in touch with New DM and explained he couldn't fix it, it's a lemon. Definitely should do a buyback. Well guess what DENIED!! IM FLOORED... unfixable truck is mine.
      Almost traded for another New Silverado but couldn't do it. Lemon law would take to long and they would get me for mileage( which is not cheap ) and I have to drive it.
      8/17 traded for a beautiful black 2017 v6 twin turbo crew cab loaded f150. Couldn't be happier. Really impressed with motor, better tow, better mileage, seats more comfortable, all around better.
      Unfortunately For GM ( not that it matters to them ) I will never buy a GM product again and I will steer anyone who asks away from them.
      BTW... I personally know several 15-17 Silverado owners who's trucks vibrate, most common said things from them is...
      Dont have time to bring it in. Don't wanna go through bs. Take the wife's car for long drives. Brought it in got new tires still vibrates. Gonna trade for Ram/Ford.
      So the number of REPORTED vibration issues means nothing.. lots of people don't have time, don't wanna deal with bs, traded or just don't care.
      In the past year and a half I've asked approximately 50 15-17 Silverado owners if theirs vibrated. HALF said yes and all at highway speeds.
      Personally I think they all vibrate on different levels. On the low end response well it's a truck, that's how it rides. It's expected. And don't forget service guys going with you for test ride saying, that's the tires their aggressive your gonna get that. Unfortunately I've heard it all.
      My Silverado crew rode like a Cadillac until 4K miles. Take no excuses!!!!
      Thanks for reading and good luck to all.
    • By safarime
      I have a 2WD 2006 Tahoe, g80 10 bolt. I replaced the differential seal and added mobil1 75w-90 to my rear differential.
      Taking the cover bolts off was fun. It looks like they had some kind of pink/red threadlocker on them. Once I got the cover off, the Inner edges of the cover and the differential body had mild rust, most of it wiped off with break cleaner. Razor bladed the old gasket off.
      I added almost 3 quarts before it started to come out of the fill hole. Took it for a drive and checked it later in the day and noticed fluid leaked out of the fill hole. Should I be concerned about that? Does the fill plug need to be torqued to the spec for it not to leak or is snug good enough?
      What does a differential cover leak look like? Would it drip oil and leave a puddle on the ground or would it be milder and look like a wet cover?
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