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Throttle Position Sensor problems


I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L


I have had the same issue multiple times now. If I let the truck idle


for any length of time, especially when the weather hot, it goes into


"Reduced Engine Power" mode and I can do nothing but limp to the side of


the road. I have taken it to my local mechanic (who I've used for over


20 years) and each time it throws a TPS failure code. My mechanic is at


a loss as he's never seen this happen before and it has happened 4 or 5


times to me. The TPS has been replaced each time.


Any ideas?

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Check the Neg. battery cable to make sure it is tight(at the battery and at the engine) . Also check all your ground wires on the engine to make sure they are tight.

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that message means there is a code in the ECM ,,,,


it needs to scanned by a competent tech .....not the guy you have ,he is out of the loop as far as technology goes and service information,


get a different corner garage tech or take it to a dealer for a diagnoses and stop throwing TPS's at it


again,you guys have to read the owners manual !!!!

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