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Building a custom gauge panel

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Here's what's up; My daughter and I have been building a '69 bug for a little over two years, and now we're customizing the dashboard. We cut out the old gauge panel and in a new panel we fitted in a new speedo and tach along with smaller gauges including; fuel, oil temp, oil pressure, and volt meter. On top of that I made a slot for some dash icons like in the newer cars; high beam light, engine light, and brake fluid light. Plus the turn signal icons. I machined a pvc block as a holder for colored led's to shine through acrylic cylinders and onto the icon sheet I printed that mounts on the back of the steel panel. BUT, I can't find that black translucent sheet to put in front of the icons to camoflage them until they light up like in all the newer cars. Someone told me to use window tint, but that's just glossy, isn't it? I want it to look like the newer cars dash icons that light up when on, and dissapear to satin black when off. I looked for black vellum paper at Michael's, but they don't carry it any more. Does anyone know what that black stuff is called that is used in gauge panels, and where I can get it? For a piece about 4 inches long and a half inch wide, I really don't want to go through a junk yard and tear out a gauge panel just for this stuff. Any ideas?

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Man that sounds pretty cool. You should throw up some pics of that bug up on this thread!


My best guess would be window tint also, I don't know where you could get that stuff. Like 5% tint or something wouldnt be glossy I don't think. But it would fade over time for sure, but I think it would work!

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How about tissue paper, would that work ? Its cheap and you can add layers to get the effect you want and is not glossy and is easy to obtain and work with.

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Here's a couple of pics, even though there's not much to see yet. We did start painting the fenders last week. http://sphotos-b.xx....58_490579_n.jpg, http://sphotos-b.xx....570952934_n.jpg, http://sphotos-b.xx....117088564_n.jpg, http://sphotos-a.xx....443849364_n.jpg, http://sphotos-a.xx....324561153_n.jpg, http://sphotos-a.xx....782973050_n.jpg

Something durable is needed since the panel is exposed. I almost wonder if a thin plastic with a light bead-blasting or etching would work. Then tint the back. I'll have to experiment with some pieces. Thanks.

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Not sure on the material, but thats one good looking project you have going.

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Wow, hats off to ya', good looking work.

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I would tint it and then cover the tint with thin plexi


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For the black material why not try unprocessed film. Go buy a 35mm roll of film and open it up and cut the pieces you need from it.

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I might be able to get some thin plexi already tinted. I'll have to check.


Thin like 35mm film would be preferable, but is it still translucent after being exposed, or does it go solid black? I bet I could get a piece from Costco's film dept!


Isn't it always these little detail things that just drive ya crazy!


Thanks again!

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      Airdog 165 lift pump
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      Fleece headlight modification (allows fogs brights lows driving to all be on simultaneously)
      Full window tint with vent visors.
      2 sets of weathertech floor mats, one still new in box.
      Trailer brake
      Snugtop Topper color matched and fitted for the truck, matches the lines perfect.
      5th wheel rails in bed
      GMC Gatorback heavy duty mudflaps
      Lund chrome nerf bars
      Blacked out led taillights

      EFI LIVE by Idaho rob at atp in Idaho, comes with efi live tuner.
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      Full midas inspection showing everything in the good green category.
      New intermediate dorman problem solver steering shaft and bearing kit (fixes notorious oem clunking steering problem)
      New spicer lifetime greasable ujoints
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      Recharged air conditioning.
      Turbo Vane cleaning done.
      Synthetic oils and oem filters, oem airdog liftpump filters.

      Truck is ready to go. Title in hand, lien through local bank which my wife works at and all title work can be done at bank on day of sale.
      I may consider delivery for a fee, depending on how far etc.
      I may consider a partial trade on a cheaper vehicle (under 5kish) with your cash offer. Would need to know all vehicle details.

      SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE!!! I am working huge hours right now and don't have time for tire kickers. Vin available upon request. Truck is located in billings montana and can be viewed at almost any time. I will try to get more pictures up of the truck as time allows. First picture is current with topper, other pic just to show how it looks without topper.
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