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My 96 chevy Cheyenne has been doing some rather odd things lately.


If I put it in reverse and hold the brake there is a ticking noise it's pretty quiet but it's there coming from down and to the left if your sitting in the driver seat.


2. Sometimes if I barely push the brake pedal it sounds almost like there is slop in the disk brakes or in the master cylinder or something( the master cylinder and brake pads are new)


3. On both of the front tires if I spin them forwards they don't make much noise but if I spin them backwards the click both the hubs are new and I think the driver side cv joint is too.


Could it all be related?

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      My transmission just broke down on me , Very disappointed of this truck , just problems from the day I got it, any recommendations? I'm at 85000 miles and I went to the dealer probably 3 months ago because the transmission was Acting up and they said was normal on this trucks because they power they have mmm now I'm stuck with this truck , what is this law lime I heart about it?
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      I just wanted to share my recent experience. My '16 had the occasional hard shift at low speeds, and the occasional weird shift in traffic, but it wasn't terrible...the last month or so it seemed to get a little worse, but wasn't crazy. I had a few warranty issues I needed to take care of, so when I tool it in, I asked them about checking the transmission program and see if anything needed to be updated or whatnot.
      I get my truck back later that day, and I kid you not, it drives better than it was brand new (granted it only has 25k miles) but even just in traffic and around town and slow speeds...I didn't think I had it bad, but that reprogram did wonders!
      My point of this is, that many of you probably already did this...BUT...i have heard and read tons of threads about the 8 speed and people hating it...I would recommend taking it to the dealer whether you think you have a significant problem or not just to see if you are due for a program upgrade.
      Mine didn't cost anything due to warranty, but before they changed it, I think it had like $98 beside it...I assume if you took it in just for a trans reprogram that would be close to the charge (but I'm not 100% sure).
      Anyway, good luck if you have some weird issues, my experience has been very positive with the 'upgrade'!
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