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My 96 chevy Cheyenne has been doing some rather odd things lately.


If I put it in reverse and hold the brake there is a ticking noise it's pretty quiet but it's there coming from down and to the left if your sitting in the driver seat.


2. Sometimes if I barely push the brake pedal it sounds almost like there is slop in the disk brakes or in the master cylinder or something( the master cylinder and brake pads are new)


3. On both of the front tires if I spin them forwards they don't make much noise but if I spin them backwards the click both the hubs are new and I think the driver side cv joint is too.


Could it all be related?

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      Alright so I’m thinking of doing a 2/4 drop on my 14 Silverado got a quick question. Will I have to mess with the driveshaft at all I don’t want the driveline to go in to the transmission. Will I have any problems. 
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      Hey all! 
      My truck maxes out at 98 MPH, but when I bought my truck, it had 22” Denali wheels. I now have the same wheels but with new tires, Hankook Ventus ST RH06, that are "V" rated.
      My question is, why is there a speed limiter? Besides the fact that it’s a truck, what mechanical points are we putting into the spotlight that result in a speed limiter? I live in Florida, and our highways are usually long straightaways with all traffic usually on the right side. When I’m passing, I get cut off at 98 MPH.... I don’t want that. I want to remove my limiter, but obviously not do ridiculous speeds... most I’d ever go is 115 STRETCHING it, in certain situations where it’s safer for me to pass at a speed that high. The reason I wan the limiter removed/increased is because I sometimes like to go to our local track day where we test our vehicle's times on an 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile, and as mentioned above, passing on non-busy highways later into the evening when there isn’t much traffic. I've tried searching through the forums here but everything is redundant, I never really got to find an answer. I wanted to ask why the speed limiter is in place, outside of tire speed rating. I’ve been hearing about it involving the driveshaft, but they never really have any solid answers and it leaves me confused... how can a driveshaft be damaged/exploded with a 10-20 mph increase, especially when these driveshafts are made to handle towing heavy hauls and off roading? Mind you, these speeds aren’t "long distance” speeds... what I mean is I’m not going to be spending my whole time on the highway or track doing 115.
      And before any of you keyboard warriors think about replying, I do not care to hear your opinion on "speeding". I’m an experienced driver. I don’t mean to sound cocky, I just want to point it out that I’m looking for an explanation behind the speed limiter varying between a year or two...
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      Hey there I am a proud owner of a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado. The issues I wanted to discuss is the new technology in the truck. What I'm referring to is the E assist system. Only 500 of these were released in California, I own one and love my truck but I believe this system is making the truck drive weird. I'm not sure if it's because it's trying to improve fuel economy or just faulty but when I am coming to a stop I can feel a clunk almost like I was rear ended, I can also feel it when taking off and it's annoying. I wanted to see if any of you have had similar problems in your truck and any advise you had or your experience. I brought this issue to the dealer twice and both times they found issues but none with the e assist system or transmission they claim. I have posted a link to a video of what happened on my last experience to my local dealer. Thanks for any help.
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      What the heck is this on the rear transfer case half and why would it be leaking?  Obviously corroded, but why does it go all the way through?  Replacement case halves do not show any holes there.  Ideas for fix?

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      I have a 2016 Chevy 2500HD, that has 37” tires.  I got a ticket the other day for 87MPH when I had my cruise set at 75MPH.  What model of speedohealer do I need to buy?
      i contacted Healtech and they replied: To confirm compatibility, we need to know whether your car has a speedometer sensor mounted on the gearbox or elsewhere, and is it 2-wire or 3-wire sensor.
      thank you,
      Bruce, Dallas, TX
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