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Looking for a recommendation for DIY service manuals for the 2001 2500hd Silverado. The Haynes and Chilton manuals do not cover the 8.1 nor the Allison transmission.





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Check ebay

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    • By wing98
      i'm looking for a 2014 service manual would like to buy a used one . looked on e-bay they want 5 to 600 for them when i can buy new for 350 , just thought i would look around before i bought a new one
    • By zavdibeg
      Hello everyone!

      I recently purchased my first GMC sierra, 4.3l work truck to haul some kayaks and get me through the winter.
      while driving it home i tested the 4x4 and it all worked, the 4lo was a little clunky to get into but i had no problem engaging it.

      after a few miles i started hearing a clacking sound, it sounded a lot like a U-joint so i investigated when i got home and found it to be coming from the transfer case. there was a leak at the rear output shaft seal, so i replaced that and went to drain and put fresh fluid in, but to my horror there was almost nothing in there, and what came out was a black thick sludge, so i put fresh fluid in and drained it again. again what came out was better looking than before but still clearly dirty. so i finally put in another 2 quarts of dex IV that the dealer said i should be using, and have been driving it for a day or two less than 50 miles. when today noticed that the shift lever is stuck and i cant move to any of the 4x4 gears. the linkage is free i played with it and it moves around. the things that has me perplexed is that the 4x4 worked after the fluid change.

      i don't know much about transfer cases, and am hoping someone with more knowledge could point me in the right direction on what my issue could be.
      sorry for the rambling i was trying to get as much information in as possible that i thought could be helpful.
    • By Benfromsac
      I've just recently purchased a 1989 GMC Sierra K2500 LB to replace my 1988 K1500 SB that started losing gears one by one. 2 months later, the tranny in the newer truck lost reverse. I can't afford to buy a 3rd truck so I have to repair it myself. Well, like most guys with these transmissions, I went thru hell trying to identify exactly which tranny I have. I'm 99% sure I have the 5LM60. My problem is that I've got the tranny almost fully taken apart, but I can't seem to remove the gear clusters out of the case and I can't find any info on it online to help me disassemble it. The diagrams for "Getrag 290" or "HM290" show slightly different internals so I'm stuck. Can someone please help me figure out how to pull the main shaft from the rear half of the case so i can replace the shattered syncro on the 5th gear/reverse rail? If someone could post photos of a few pages from a factory manual or similar, that would be awesome! Let me know if you need more info from me. Thank you in advance.
    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      Cadillac has just announced an exciting new subscription service for luxury vehicle enthusiasts. Called "Book by Cadillac" the new service will allow a member to pay $1,500 per month to enjoy using whatever Cadillac suits his or her individual needs, tastes, or whim. Cadillac isn't creating a rental car pool here either. Only the top-trim Platinum series vehicles will be included.
      The way it works is simple; A subscriber will be allowed to select from the Escalade, V-Series cars, XT5, and CT6. A white-gloved valet will deliver the vehicle to the location most convenient to the Book subscriber. When one's needs change, a call to Cadillac will bring a new model. Cadillac envisions subscribers opting to have an Escalade during their vacations, an AWD XT5 crossover in winter weather, and a V-Spec car when they want to get their yayas out.
      The fee includes all maintenance, insurance, and cost of the vehicles. The way Cadillac says it, this takes all the baggage out of owning a luxury vehicle. There is no long-term agreement either. It is set up as a monthly subscription service, not a lease agreement. The program is starting now in the New York City area and Cadillac hopes it will expand to other locations.
      We have not gone easy on Cadillac in our reporting here at GM-Trucks.com. Car sales have fallen to very low levels and GM even shut down some lines that produce Cadillacs recently to let inventory return to more manageable levels. This new subscription service is certainly not for everyone, not even every luxury vehicle owner, but is new and interesting. We hope to see it thrive.

    • By AllTerrainX
      Hi everyone,
      I just purchased a 2016 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab All Terrain X a few weekends ago. The AFM (Active Fuel Management) is such a pain when switching from V4 to V8 mode at low speeds (non-highway driving) because I hate the "bogging" or "hesitating" feeling the truck gives off and the exhaust tone is UGH...
      I had a 2007 Avalanche and used a Range Technology device to disable it. But overtime I would have to pull the device out and plug it back in because it wouldn't activate sometimes. Been reading on this forum about the Range device for the newer Sierra's and people have been having issues with them and could mess with the computer overtime. So I won't be going that route.
      Another option is to get a tune like BlackBear and get it disabled or set a minimum speed of when the AFM activates. But a tune isn't an option for me right now because I want to keep my warranty as long as I can. Someday BlackBear tune will in my future!
      So I decided to try something. For the last couple days I have been driving in Manual mode "M" and setting it to M7 (7th gear) and driving like normal (non-highway driving). I was shifting gears up ( + ) and down ( - ) because I thought that was what you were suppose to do but I found out I can just set it to M7 and not worry about shifting, it does it for me, it just doesn't go into M8 (8th gear), which I don't need when I am going less then 50mph most days. I watched it stay in V8 mode stay the WHOLE TIME! The only time it went into V4 mode was when I shifted into M8 and then I switched back to M7 and it went back into V8 mode. So I think I found a workaround without having to void my warranty with a tune or messing up my computer with a AFM disabler device.
      I want to get your thoughts guys, will running in Manual "M" mode ruin the transmission in anyway? Not using M8 (8th gear) for slow speeds have long term affects with that gear?
      I am going to do this for another week or two and report my findings.
      This guy is happy when my truck isn't "bogging" or "hesitating" and have full power!!!
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