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2007 NBS Sierra Denali Codes P2715 and P0700, occasionally revs high

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My truck has 123K miles on it. The transmission is a 6 speed 6L80. About a month ago I was towing a 23' 8'6" beam, 5000 pound ski boat about 300 miles. The transmission temp maxed out around 193. About 100 miles before our destination the check engine light came on. It was late and we were going through small towns so I did not have a chance to check the code. I was in tow haul mode and never noticed any issue. The next day the CEL was gone.


Yesterday I was driving around unloaded and had the truck fail to shift and rev up to 3K+ rpm. At that time I noticed that the CEL was back. I was half a mile from home. I do not believe that it shifted on the way home, it seemed to be locked in gear.


Once home I stopped and restarted the engine. After restarting the CEL remained but the transmission seemed to function normally. Later I drove 15 miles into town to have the code read. The codes were P2715 and P0700. I did not ask to have the codes cleared.


I have had an issue with the 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd shift where it seems to be a delayed shift with some revving between for years. This seems to happen when I am not accelerating hard or loaded.


Today I drove about a 25 mile loop to talk to a transmission guy I know and take the kids for a snack. On the way I shifted manually up and down through the gears. It shifted smoothly. On a short divided highway section I floored it to accelerate. It downshifted twice. The first was smooth and good. It seemed to have some free revving with the second, although I may just be overly critical about this.


The transmission fluid was changed approximately 10K to 15K miles ago.


I am hoping that others can share their experience with and solutions for similar issues with this transmission. What do you guys suggest?


Thanks in advance.

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Off the top of my head, the p0700 is a TCM code, meaning there is something wrong with the TCM. Sounds like something you may need to go to the dealer for.


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700 is sent from the trans control module(TCM) to the ECM that there is a code in the TCM ,,,,,you have to now scan the TCM for the real code


the other code is engine ,


the first thing to do is clear all codes in both modules and drive the truck to verify a hard fault and then re scan and then have the code printed out and follow the diag tree





take it in

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P0700 is a request from the transmission to turn on the CEL.


P2715 is Pressure Control Solenoid "D" (4) Stuck On.


I talked with a mechanic today. He said that it sounded like something had broken loose after the fluid change and must have gotten into solenoid 4 or the associated valve.


I went out for a drive today and found that the CEL had cleared itself. He said they will do that after X successful trips without the problem reoccurring.


I decided to test it a little to see how the transmission was performing. I started off with a leisurely drive for about 10 miles of twisty and hilly road. It performed fine so I found an abandoned stretch of road and did about 20, 0 to 80 runs. I got the transmission temp up to 205 which is higher than I have ever seen trailering. It did not miss a shift. I often used manual shifting and tow haul mode.


What do you guys thing? Should I pursue this further?

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Tough call. I'd suspect whatever gunk got wedged in the valve is now clear, so all is well again. I'd probably just drive it and forget about it.


If it's a faulty #4 solenoid, then it would show up again the same way, then you could go further into it. At least it's 4th gear not 2nd. :)

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      So, now, you start to think: Well, gee. What can I do now? How about a TH400 or 4L80e swap?

      So far, I've seen few posts on that as well. No one is talking about it, and I think the biggest problem people seem to be facing is the new PCM: E92. Also possibly the fact that the TCM on the newer transmissions is inside the transmission and whatnot, but whether that plays a part in this, I don't know yet. Now, adapting a TH400 or 4L80e can be done (most likely with a different bellhousing since the bolt holes are in a slightly different spot), but you run into the issue of getting it to speak/cooperate/communicate with the new E92, which I don't think anyone has tried. The only video I've seen of anything working in this application was on a 1320Videos video with a Nova where they were using an LT4 long block (built motor to 388 C.I.) and twin turbos, and it had a powerglide in it. Don't know if it was a manual valve body or computer-controlled, but what I do know is that they used the factory computer to run the DI injection system and piggybacked the rest to an MS3 Pro. After dealing with some issues, they were able to make that thing boogy to a 9 second pass at 148mph. So, these engines have potential to haul ass, but we just haven't figured out how to crack the system.

      So, at this point, I'll just leave what I've discussed here and see where the thread goes from here, and I'm hoping people chime in and vendors are watching/listening. Even though the demand isn't hot for it right now, there's going to be a surge for good transmissions when people can buy these trucks/cars/motors/transmissions for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, I feel like we'll have to wait that long in order to see results, but oh well.

      Just to give you guys an example: In the next year or two (2019 or 2020), I'd like to go turbo with my truck. (Doing all the supporting mods before going there minus built bottom end until I see where I can get with stock bottom end before sending a rod through the block or oil pan) Ideally, it'd be best to have a transbrake in that application with 2-step, but can't do it on the new transmissions. So, 4L80 seems to be the option, but I can't do that either because no one supports adapters or harnesses to make them work with the new motors/ECUs. That's the boat I'm in. I like to research everything before I go whole hog into something. Risk assessment, I guess.
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