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OGM1 for sale

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OK guys, here is the stereo everyone wants, the Advent OGM1, complete with DVD, NAV and backup camera. I had it installed in my 2009 GMC Sierra, and recently traded that truck for another brand. Everything worked great in it. It is just over a year old. This is the plug and play model and it is hard to distinguish it from the stock NAV system. IMO, this one sounds better than the stock radio, as it has a 9 band EQ. I paid quite a bit more than this for it, but the first $900 takes it (shipping included in the lower 48 states). I will accept Paypal. Let me know.

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    • By Bangback
      Has anyone else updated to the 2018 North America maps yet for the Navigation system for a 16-17 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon?
      I was running 84131957 and the gm website said that if I had this version, there is a new update for 2018, part number 84360074.
      I got the part number 84360074 on a USB stick, and I followed the instructions, started the update, and after about 50 minutes, it said "Update complete", but after it rebooted, it still showed the same version, 84131957, for my maps in the settings menu.
      Shouldn't it have changed it to 84360074? The instructions say to do a search for Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicago, and if a particular address shows up in the POI, then the update was successful, which it did.
      Anyone understand the updates and how the version numbers are supposed to work? Was this just some kind of incremental update for just POI's only and not the maps? The box cover says exactly "2018 Navigation System Map Update", so one would expect new maps are part of the package? Interestingly enough, the 2015 MY models have a different part number, so maybe that update included new maps as well? Just guessing here that maybe the maps themselves aren't updated for each map update?
    • By silversilverado_ltz
      I bought a 2010 silverado ltz and it came with a mylink radio with NAV, BT, everything works (truck was sold with pretty much every option so not sure why someone put this in) I did some research and it looks like this is common in buick enclaves/terrains, acadia etc.
      So everything works except the voice control in the radio and obviously when I make a call or try to talk no one can here me. (onstar mic works with onstar not radio I tested this by talking to onstar).
      What I want to know is, what pins would be for the microphone? I cant find a wiring diagram or a picture with a factory power plug that shows which is microphone. I just want to hook up an external generic mic. Im attaching some pictures so hopefully someone will see it and know.
      Links to images below (until I figure out how to add pictures within the post)
      https://ibb.co/capisQ https://ibb.co/jqvCmk https://ibb.co/mQA1e5 https://ibb.co/hVqdRk  
    • By BlkSS
      I have finally got around to finalizing the install of the OEM RSE system for my 2016 Silverado HD. This was the only option that I wanted that my pickup did not come with so I am extremely happy this is done and so is my son! I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Anthony and John at MVI (www.gm-navigation.com) as they are extremely knowledgeable and their customer service is top notch. I purchased MVI's in-dash Blu-ray and RSE kits along with the unlocked HMI module and added their HDMI input and third brake lamp camera with switch. The unlocked HMI is definitely worth the money over a Lockpick as you have full control while in motion and don’t have to worry about the Lockpick failing as I had 2 of 2 fail in my old 2010 Silverado. MVI supplied most of the parts though I did source a few parts from the dealer as I did vary a little from MVI's kit as I wanted the RSE controls in the center console which their current kit does not yet have but was told it is on their to-do list with many other projects. Their HDMI kit requires the RSE controls as you tap into those inputs. I removed one of the cigar lighter outlets in the front of the center console and mounted the HDMI input there. If you stick to their kit, the install is fairly simple IF you have a sunroof. Once again, MVI offers great customer service in case you do run into any glitches. They are also a vendor on here as well if you did not know.
      You do need a new headliner if you don't have a sunroof as you need the mounting bracket for the screen which offsets the screen from of the original position of the overhead dome lamp leaving ts existing hole exposed. On sunroof vehicles, the dome lamp and screen use the sunroof frame to mount to and you just enlarge the existing dome lamp hole.

    • By uncleben77
      Backup camera stopped working. I think it stopped after was at concert and we had tailgate down then ran engine to charge phones. But i got 8.5 volt to all four sensors and sensors are all good too. Says service park assist and I've also disconnected negative battery, shorted to + to drain capacitors to try and reset bcm. Drove over 40, came back and still not working. Anyone have any ideas? The light on the disable button is lit below the radio and won't got out. Could it be the switch is stuck in on position? Maybe the little chip inside the switch box went bad?
    • By Jschuerger
      Hey guys
      Just picked up a 2017 1500 all terrain. Went from a f-150 to this and I love it. One problem I'm having is that the navigation is showing "off road" even if I'm on a main road. It's driving me crazy becuase it won't do turn by turn nav becuase it's not showing me on the main roads. It also is not showing the speed limit on the HUD. Any info on this?
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