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Does anyone else have an issue with the high beam indicator light randomly coming on. Not the actual lights just the dash light

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Yes, I repair this all the time in the 03-07 classic. If you are handy with a soldering iron and gentle enough to take the cluster apart I can show where to re-flow.

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Yes, I repair this all the time in the 03-07 classic. If you are handy with a soldering iron and gentle enough to take the cluster apart I can show where to re-flow.

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These components are really small and surface mounted on the board, so you need a needle point soldering iron no hotter than 750°F so you don't lift the foil off of the board. You then have to take the lens off without breaking it. Then you have to twist the needles off gently so you don't pull the spindle out of the motors, then separate the 2 halves to expose the board which looks like this.




Right above the High beam LED and cruise bulb is the transistor circuit that lights the high beam LED. The lower resistor of the base bias has lost continuity on one side. I always re-flow the whole circuit Which consist of a transistor, a capacitor the 2 bias resistors ( where red arrows point ) and the bigger driver resistor to the right in the blue oval.




If you aren't comfortable with this pay a pro and get it done right so it don't cost double down the line.


To put that resistor in perspective the glass bulb is 4.7mm in diameter.

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      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      During a recent motor press event hosted by the Monticello Motor Club in New York State, GM had the 2017 Bolt on hand for test drives. There were cars like Cadillac ATS-Vs, Dodge SRT Wide Body Hellcat Challengers, and other hi-po vehicles on hand as well, so cars like the Bolt were going mostly untested by the press during the two-day event. We took it out, and it was the biggest surprise of the trip for GM-Trucks.com.

      As you probably know, the Bolt is the first long-range electric vehicle in America that can reasonably be considered “mainstream.” Though it is a compact car with an MSPR of $43,015, Bolts don’t cost owners anywhere near that amount. In Massachusetts, where this writer resides, new Bolt Premiers are selling for $26,280 after state and federal incentives and dealer discounts. Leases for the fully-loaded Bolt are just $231 per month and the state rebate matches the initial payment. The Bolt is also available from stock all around the Northeast, unlike the Tesla Model S which is only available in California and won’t be in stock for as long as two years from now.

      The Drive
      The Bolt drives much better than one might expect from a compact vehicle with a high driving position. It feels fun in everyday driving. During our test drive, there was an unusual intersection where we could go from a stop to the legal 55 MPH speed limit. The Bolt would chirp the tires and run to that speed at a fast pace we did not expect. The Bolt moves out in a hurry and feels quick. It also has plenty of torque and power to pass in any situation. Floor the Bolt at 60 MPH and it instantly leaps ahead.  In turns it is enjoyable and body-lean is much less than expected. We suspect the battery position gives the Bolt a much lower center of gravity than it appears to have. Over bumps, the Bolt is composed and comfortable.

      Bolt Content
      Everything one wants is here. Leather heated seats, a massive 10.2” infotainment screen, as is the norm for most EVs, and Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatibility. Our Bolt tester had the optional DC fast charger capability, wireless device charging, an upgraded Bose audio system, and rear USB ports.
      Bolt Safety
      The Bolt is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, and is rated higher than the Tesla Model S for safety byhttp://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/chevrolet/bolt-4-door-hatchback IIHS.

      Bolt Warranties & Similar
      The Bolt has an unusual warranty being an EV. It starts out with a 3-year, 36K bumper to bumper warranty and 5-year, 60K drivetrain warranty. On top of that, GM adds an 8-year, 100K warranty on the EV drivetrain system. GM also throws in the first two scheduled maintenance visits. Roadside assistance and courtesy transportation are also part of the package.
      Bolt EV Conclusion
      GM’s Bolt is a vehicle that leaps ahead of EVs like the more expensive BMW i3. The Bolt’s 238-mile EV range make it the longest-range mainstream battery-ony EV one can go and out and purchase today. More importantly, the Bolt has a feeling of quality and solidity that would surprise any owner of any previous compact GM car. The Bolt is the top-selling affordable battery-electric car in America currently and is the number three-selling affordable EV of any type after the Volt and Toyota Prius Prime.  It is outselling the BMW i3 by about four to one and its sales are about 40% higher than the Nissan Leaf’s. This is no accident. Chevy has put together a very desirable EV package and made it accessible to almost all buyers interested in a new electric vehicle with decent range.
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