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Here's everything you need to know about the ZR2's DSSV shocks

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Zane Merva

Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



Last week we spent two days driving the all new 2017 Colorado ZR2. It was awesome and we'll have our first drive review coming up soon. In the meantime, it's important to understand what makes the ZR2 more than just a lifted Colorado with big tires.


Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve, or DSSV for short, is a super high-tech shock technology found in motorsports and other really expensive supercars. It's also the heart of the new ZR2 and the first time this shock system has ever been used on a truck. It's also only the second time the technology has been used in a production Chevrolet (the first was the Camaro Z28).


So sit back, relax, and take 8 minutes to learn more about the single most important item on the Colorado ZR2 that makes it far more than just a lifted Colorado with big tires.






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Probably an upgraded blast from the past driving that Zane. I remember that old ZR2 you had.

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Posted (edited)

shocks are only as strong as their weakest link

I was just thinking of the spring helpers I chose.



being 4700 pounds even on the zr2.. it should be springs doing more thinking.

similar weight to a 96 half ton too.


shocks never last. I got so frustrated years ago on leaf springs, I buy the cheapest shocks.. just for the extra connections from frame to rear end live axle.


they do nothing otherwise... except break or bend, or worse, take out one of the shock mounts.


I listened to this truck running on TFL truck, the colorado offroad rides.. even the axle slop side to side makes the same noise as any truck out there.

Not falling for it.


hydraulic, a set value.. that is as far as I ever gotten.

Edited by barry G

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