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1998 Chevy k1500 350 vortec issues when pushing gas

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Can someone give me an idea what's wrong with my truck? I just put a remanned 350 vortec bored 30 over, with an RV cam. I've replaced just about everything you could think of.


First issue that started was it was popping codes for timing advanced 25 degrees. Had to take it to a shop to habe it timed with a computer. Now the EGR valve code is coming up all with 3 oxygen sensors showing insufficient activity.


Mind you, my truck is straight piped with true duals coming out the passenger side by the tire. I just had it done.


So what is happening now, is when I push the gas, my truck barely wants to go. I have to ease into it. Parts store said it was the EGR valve, replaced it, still doing it. Seeing if anyone out there knows what


I need to do next. Replace the oxygen sensors? Will that fix it? I also replaced the oil pressure control sensor on the back of the motor by the rear intake? It was fried before I out the engine in again.


I also have 0 oil pressure on my gauges now but I have oil. The truck drivee fine other than when I hit the gas pedal it barely wants to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Try cleaning the MAF sensor.When I can't figure out a problem I spend the bucks and take it to my local dealership,we're lucky here we have a good one with very good techs who can diagnose any problem.I've used them a few times :)

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Maybe the pcm can't adapt to your mods? .30 over and a longer duration Cam is maybe too much for the stock pcm.


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