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    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      As colleagues of some of the present past Consumer Reports (CR) staff, we at GM-Trucks.com recognize the group has a tough mission. They need to account for, and then dispassionately report on reliability data on almost every U.S. model and then also predict the upcoming reliability on models for which quality and reliability survey data have not yet been produced. When it comes to the 2017 Silverado, CR's actual reliability score seems to be incorrect or unfair at a quick glance. Here’s why the model earned just a one out of five for reliability.
      CR's quality ratings are not derived from editors' opinions, from staff writers' feelings, or from outside sources like other agencies. They come straight from you, owners of Silverados who answer the same survey given to owners of other trucks in the same segment. This is key. The overall ratings of a given model year vehicle are relative and the facts come from owners, not the opinions of writers.
      Digging deeper into the data on the 2017 model year truck, we looked at every individual category in which the 2017 Silverado was rated. Oddly, in almost every category, the Silverado is rated 5/5, earning the green coloration in its reliability section (familiar to those like me who grew up scanning the pages of the print edition). Engine Major, Engine Minor, Transmission Major, Fuel Systems, Brakes, Suspension, Body Hardware, Climate System, Paint, Electrical, all 5/5, the highest possible score. In fact, in the full expanded chart showing every category for which the Silverado was rated, it never scored below a 2 on any individual section. Yet, the Silverado is rated just 1/5 for reliability. And it is not a mistake.
      The reason is that for 2017 model year vehicles, excellence is the expectation and most models meet it. Although there were over a half-million Silverados produced, so too were over three-quarters of a million F-150s made, 400K Camrys etc. For the Silverado to already have a 2/5 on a certain area, and less than a 5/5 in three other areas, is so far outside of the norm, it is ranked just 1/5 for reliability overall. It seems odd, but taken in the context of what should be expected after just one year in population (or in use, if you prefer), the 2017 Silverado should not have these many issues in these quantities. It thus earns a 1/5 even though on any given individual area, it never scored below a 2/5. To say it one last way, the overall ranking is not a summation or average of the model’s score on the 17 trouble areas Consumer Reports shows individual scores for.
      How did we come to know this about the CR rankings? First, we e-mailed the group using the public contact info. We were then passed along to a person who was able to better understand what we were getting at (we assumed the overall score was a mistake). That contact e-mailed us back and also called us back the same day we asked for clarity. After a short chat, we the CR person handed the phone to Jake Fisher at CR, who is the group’s Director of Auto Testing. He took as much time as needed to explain the way the group scores vehicles based on the owner survey data. Interestingly, he also asked for input on the way the way we see the info and how we thought it might be improved. The process evolves, and input is given consideration.
      The upshot of the exercise is that the most recent Silverado has some quality issues. The biggest is “Transmission Minor.” Under that category, CR includes “Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission.” To a lesser degree, the Silverado has some issues with “Drive System,” Power Equipment,” and “In-Vehicle Electronics.”
      After we put some time into analyzing the Consumer Reports reliability rankings and rating system a few things became clear. The group needs to do a better job of explaining to members (CR readers can only get this information with a paid subscription) how the overall score is arrived at, and they are working towards that. More importantly for our GM-Trucks.com membership, the Silverado is being scored lower than one might assume on surveys of actual Silverado owners. Would you agree or disagree that the truck should earn the lowest reliability rating possible?  Are you surprised, or not by this information? We will leave you with one last bit of info. The Ram 1500 earned a 5/5 reliability rating in 2017 and the Ford F-150 earned a 2/5.  
    • By Brianx220
      It’s odd that one day my A/C works fine and the other it blows hot to the max air out of the passenger side and cold to the max on the driver side. Defroster isn’t working properly either because when I have it on it just blows air out of the regular vents. Took it to the dealer and they say it could be running out of free-on but that wouldn’t cause it to blow hot as hell air out of one side and cold as hell air on the other no matter what temp setting you have it set. It’s a ‘14 I don’t think it should be having these issues plus we ride with Windows down most of the time.

    • By Roberto
      Hi Everyone,
      I could have sworn I already posted this, but I can't find it anywhere.  My 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain SLT 1500 truck's media center seems is glitchy, it's either that or I have a haunted truck.  I'll be driving and my radio display and my odometer display will randomly start selecting items and cycling through the menu, it will randomly change stations, and one time it even selected voice command, all without any input. Anyway,  I've experienced this issue before and I took it to the dealer and while they told me they had never heard or seen the issue before they suggested that they would perform a software / firmware update on my infotainment / intellilink system to see if that would fix the issue and it worked.... for a few months, now it's back.  I was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same thing and if they were able to find a permanent fix for it?  It is absolutely annoying and very distracting.  I have searched this forum and I haven't seen a post from a member that has the same thing that I have experienced.  Any help would be appreciated, I'd like to have a permanent fix for this once and for all.  I've include a video of what's going on. 
    • By Jared_bennett
      Alright so I’ve been wanting to to the 6l80 swap in my 2011 rcsb 4.8/4l60 for a while now. Not for gas mileage or anything like that, simply because I want to. I am capable of doing the swap and have a tuner, just need to know what all is needed. Thanks!
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