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I wonder why it has so much rust on one side, and not a bubble on the other......wrecked on the rust free side would be my guess.


I was wondering that too.... Definitely taking a magnet with me when I check it out...

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I would look at an AFM truck then buy a Range AFM disabler.

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I had a 06 with the 4.8L in the same version, I bought it with 160xxxkm and drove it to 380xxxkm. All original no rust and well taken care of. I sold it for 3 grand less than what I paid for it.

This is a great truck^^

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Posted (edited)

IMO, 8gs is a very expensive price to pay for that truck. It doesn't much matter that it's an SLT with leather and all the goodies. It's the body/frame and running gear that needs priority consideration here.


The engine will be fine for a long time, so that's not an issue.


Rust is like rats in a barn- if you see one, you know there are a hundred more hiding in the shadows. I guarantee you that both rockers will need to be fixed even if the right one 'looks fine'. Both cab corners, same thing. Same with rear fenders above the wheels. They all rust in those same spots.


I'd do a very thorough inspection of the frame, especially the rear crossmember tubes and side rails at the back.

I'd lower the spare and do a thorough inspection where it sits. Most folks don't oil spray there and it rusts out bad there.


The truck has almost 130k miles which means that you'll soon be spending money fixing the following, if they haven't been done already;


fuel lines

brake lines

trans lines


power steering lines

leaky seals on front end and rear pinion

wheel bearings

brake calipers and brackets



tie rods

front brake hoses

Steering box by 200k miles or so

Transmission at some point.



That truck shouldn't go for more than $5-6g's tops IMO

If all the items I listed have been replaced etc, then you can allow more $$. If not go lower, or look for a different truck.

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Well, I bought it. $7800. I love it. Some may think that's overpaying, but I couldn't find a truck in my area (searched 3 states for 3 months) at this price with all the added options. Pretty much all of the ones I found in that price range were either rotted out crew cabs with not many options or a real clean extended cab truck, which I can't bring myself to buy another extended cab. The passenger side is definitely all original. It wasn't completely rust free, but it's pretty good. Driver side rocker will eventually have to be replaced. But I can get to that when money is right. 


This thing has so much space, and the ride is really great, even with the lift/level... the interior of these trucks is far superior to the high-level dodge's of the same age.. Never thought I'd like leather seats either, but they're growing on me. The fiancé loves it too.... she sees the potential haha. Definitely not perfect, but I'm happy with it. 





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