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Last month I had new tires installed on my 2008 Envoy Denali at my local GMC dealership. Two days after the TPMS system showed the Left Front lost signal with just dashed lines. Since then I've taken it back to the dealer and they have put three new sensors in the left front wheel, two aftermarket and one GM. When they get the truck in they cannot get the TPMS to read the left front, they install a new sensor and it then reads. This lasts for maybe day and not more than 10 miles before the dashed lines come back and it drops the left front again.  I've tried teaching the sensors myself after this happens and nothing happens when I try to teach the left front. The other three wheels all read correctly and have not had issues with them. Everything works except the left front.  Is there anything left to try? I'm getting sick of taking it back to the dealership just to have the same thing happen again, they haven't tried programming the BCM.  Nothing else has changed except the tires.

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