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HELP.......Constant Vibration Issue/Mystery

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I have a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali AWD.  Since I have purchased the vehicle 2 years ago, it has had a vibration issue.  It seems to vibrate at speeds 60 and over and tends to do it more when accelerating and after sitting for a few hours or more.  Dealership thought it was the tires.  After replacing the tires right after it was bought, that didn't help.  30,000 miles later replaced the tires again still has not helped.  They even took tires/rims off a brand new Enclave and put on my vehicle and it still did not fix the issue (used as a test to see if it was from the new tires and/or rims).  Also, the tires that were on the vehicle when we purchased it used, wore unevenly (I think they called it cupping or something along that lines but cant remember).  Regardless in our eyes, this vibration issue is causing the tires to wear quickly and wear in an uneven manner.  The second set of tires wore the same way.  We are now on set number three.  The steering wheel also shimmies back and forth (kind of like the tires are extremely off balance or kind of like when your rotors are warped and your applying the brakes).  The issue with the steering wheel is not happening when braking so it's not the rotors.   Now they did find one issue, the car was almost bouncing up and down a bit also, and they found the torque converter had to be replaced.  While replacing the torque converter, they inspected the drive shaft to make sue nothing was wrong with that.  The car has had the alignment checked multiple times and the tires have been balanced to the ying yang including road forced balanced at more than one facility.  Some of the things I know the dealership have checked are the following:  all suspension parts, motor mounts, axles......they even hook it up to a picoscope to monitor the vibration to see if it could pick up where the vibration is coming from.  I mean it's almost like your on a 1940's exercise vibration machine the whole time your driving it....your just shaking the whole time your driving it and you can feel it in the steering wheel as it's shimming back and forth.  It  has been check multiple times over the last two years.  FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY, CAN ANYONE COME UP WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS......I THINK THE DEALERSHIP AND ME & THE HUBBY ARE BEYOND FRUSTRATED.

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    • By ObscureGlock
      I want to apologize in advance for the length of this... I just need to point out the details. It’s time GM does something for us who own 2014-2015 models, trucks I’ve dubbed "the engineering guinea pigs" thanks to personal experience and the myriad of complaints in this forum.
      Good day to all of you. I’m presenting you an issue that is causing more concern to my safety in my truck than holding a gun to my head. Starting this off by stating I made the grand mistake of taking my truck in to get the steering update instead of checking ground connections myself. Doing this update bit me in the ass within a week of getting my truck back. Let’s just say that after I received my truck from the dealership in far beyond worse condition than I sent it in with, I’m getting consistent and far worse problems after updating. My truck shut off on me completely, losing control of steering and everything, while approaching a red light at about 45 MPH...with my younger brothers in the truck. I took it to the same dealership that same day, and they weren’t able to do anything. I was beyond frustrated. I’ve never had any vibration at any speed until my service. Now I’m getting vibration at 70mph. When I lightly press the brake, I’m hearing a rotational sound coming from my left front wheel, my mechanic says it’s the bearing but with our trucks having sealed bearings, I’m going to be looking at an $800 hub assembly. Just this Saturday, I made a 45 minute drive up to Ft. Lauderdale and as I arrived, I noticed my engine was producing a sound almost like a lifter noise, even though the dealership serviced my lifters(or one specific lifter, not clear at the moment as to what it was). When I got back in my truck after a few hours, I had no lifter noise...WTF? This is getting out of hand.
      Here's the part that has me worried: ever since my update, my volt meter is below the half mark all the time (never happened beforehand) and I noticed that my headlights flicker and dim, along with my dash lights sometimes. When I press my brake and use my turn signals, the lights dim significantly and brighten back up but flicker. With my turn signal, my headlight dims when I engage it and as it blinks, my headlights dim and brighten with the blinks. Just the other day as I was backing up out of my buddy's house, my backup camera froze and I got a "service rear camera" message on the display. I’m so confused, how does an update manage to mess up my truck? I'm beyond pissed. The only good this update did was actually improve the shifting slightly, even though I’m still having that infamous 1st to 2nd rough shift. Other than that, this update makes me want to tell GM to F-off and move onto ford or something. Yes, I’m that serious. I’ve been a Chevy person all my life, the majority of my family owns Chevy's... this is just getting out of control. I've searched up all these forums about this and haven’t found too much. Already have links saved and screenshots of individual posts about all this, but I need more insight.
      Did I make the mistake of buying a first-generation truck? I’m not looking forward to pursue legal action, which will end up costing me an arm and a leg, on top of that I probably won’t benefit much from it. Realistically, I’m also not looking forward to switching sides just yet. I want to make sure I’ve exhausted all my efforts before I make a drastic change like that.
      This was my dream truck... and I was beyond blessed to be able to own it, and I had so much plans for it. Now? It’s looking like a nightmare, and I've got the urge to get rid of it.
    • By JK29
      I have a 2016 Silvarado LTZ Z71 4x4 with the 8 speed... About 13,500 miles on it and it's started to develop a "shudder" and it's been shifting harder. On cruise control it will shudder at around 1300 rpm with speed staying constant. I've driven it in manual on new roads at 35 MPH and it also shudders around the same RPM range. We're talking about vibration enough to shake the steering wheel. Almost the same effect as driving over bumps in the road. When driving it very aggressively at higher RPMs the issue isn't as severe. Also when drifting, aka letting the vehicle decelerate, the issue goes away. 

      Has anyone had the same issue with the 2016 8 speed? Any solutions?
      I'd like to have an idea of what the problem is before going to the dealership tomorrow. I bet $100 they'll tell me it's the tires....
      Thanks for input,
    • By Vibe15
      Hi everyone.
      Been along time since I've posted about my 2015 vibrator. Well what a story I have for you! I'll make it short n sweet as possible.
      First the dealership, couple of hiccups but overall really good to me.
      Second the Gm customer service, very pleasant to talk to......that's all.
      Third Gm district manager, treated me very well with buyback.
      1/16 New 2015 1500 double ltz 6.2 20" vibrated bad from day one! Approx 6-7 months later after 4 sets of tires, alignments etc.. was offered buyback. Ordered a 2017 1500 crew ltz z71 6.2 18" loaded on first order date. ( z71 and 18" highly suggested for least amount of possible vibration problems by DM )
      12/20/16 new truck FINALLY arrives. Stunning, rides amazing.
      5/17 4K miles started to notice a little vibration. Could live with it.
      6/17 vibration worse, rear end was making odd noise off and on. Rear end locked up several times at very low speeds and just dragged tires.
      Will leave out all the bs. Rear end was blown. Btw I don't beat on my trucks.
      GM POLICY.... new model year rebuild only! If 2016 and older new rear end.
      RFB tires 2 no good. 2 new tires( found out were out of spec to, put on anyways)
      Rebuilt rear end, 2 new tires truck vibrated worse, rear end made bad clunking noise and all around seemed worse. Didn't want to go through another buyback and was told GM probably won't do it.
      Traded for 2017 Colorado v6 crew long bed. Surprisingly really like this little truck.
      Ok you ready.... 207 miles on it, took it on highway, vibrated worse than my first truck. Also noticed whole truck had a slight lean to drivers side.
      Took service manager for ride and couldn't believe how bad it was. Also measured truck and driver side was shorter. RFB tires, perfect, checked everything, perfect. No bulletins for it. Never had a Colorado vibrate. Nothing he could do about it. Said you got a lemon. He was gonna contact DM. ( I wrote a email to DM in detail of what My family and I have gone through the past year and a half, how much money we have lost, how much stress we have had and to please just give me a new Colorado ) He got in touch with New DM and explained he couldn't fix it, it's a lemon. Definitely should do a buyback. Well guess what DENIED!! IM FLOORED... unfixable truck is mine.
      Almost traded for another New Silverado but couldn't do it. Lemon law would take to long and they would get me for mileage( which is not cheap ) and I have to drive it.
      8/17 traded for a beautiful black 2017 v6 twin turbo crew cab loaded f150. Couldn't be happier. Really impressed with motor, better tow, better mileage, seats more comfortable, all around better.
      Unfortunately For GM ( not that it matters to them ) I will never buy a GM product again and I will steer anyone who asks away from them.
      BTW... I personally know several 15-17 Silverado owners who's trucks vibrate, most common said things from them is...
      Dont have time to bring it in. Don't wanna go through bs. Take the wife's car for long drives. Brought it in got new tires still vibrates. Gonna trade for Ram/Ford.
      So the number of REPORTED vibration issues means nothing.. lots of people don't have time, don't wanna deal with bs, traded or just don't care.
      In the past year and a half I've asked approximately 50 15-17 Silverado owners if theirs vibrated. HALF said yes and all at highway speeds.
      Personally I think they all vibrate on different levels. On the low end response well it's a truck, that's how it rides. It's expected. And don't forget service guys going with you for test ride saying, that's the tires their aggressive your gonna get that. Unfortunately I've heard it all.
      My Silverado crew rode like a Cadillac until 4K miles. Take no excuses!!!!
      Thanks for reading and good luck to all.
    • By Blue17
      Okay so I trying to track down a vibration at 68-75 mph (no I'm serious) the dealer has already did the road force and force match process and it is better, but not right. Currently my truck has Goodyear LS-2's on it. The dealer has a set of the same rims but with Continental crosscontact tires on them. I watch them upgrade a Tahoe to 22's. the Tahoe has the same NHT towing package and the tires are rated the same in all respects. The dealer said If they try those and I like the ride better we can keep them on the truck and basically do a swap. since my truck has very low miles.
      I did notice that the vehicles on his lot with higher stock numbers (newer ones) have continentals and the older stock numbers have Goodyears ls-2s. So why did GM change their tire supplier for these size rims (275/55/20)
      Question is which do you like best Goodyear or continental, and why? the Tire rack compare feature slams the goodyears and says good things about the continentals.
    • By PeterJr
      Hello all,

      I have a 2005 Silverado 2500HD Regular Cab W/T. I have been having issues with this truck for quite some time now.

      Right now I am writing because of a problem with a rough idle that has been getting worse the past week or so. When I come to a stop at a red light or a stop sign the truck can get an extremely rough idle and almost seem as though it is going to bog out / stall.

      Sometimes I have to throw it in neutral and give it some gas until the light turns green and I can start moving again.

      Another problem I am having is with starting the truck. Sometimes I turn the key and the truck starts fine. About 50 - 75% of the time when I turn the key it will start to crank but will fail after a second. I can then try again and it will usually start up again no problem.

      Another problem I am having is with a vibration when traveling at 35 mph and an ongoing vibration starting at about 20 mph - 70mph. The vibration at 35mph is more of a shake / rumble strip vibration almost like there is bubble in the tire. The second vibration is more of a "humming" and I suspect a wheel bearing or cv axle.

      Some more information:

      Just last week the message center pulled a message: "Battery Not Charging" and was falling below 14 volts.
      I just replaced the MAP sensor thinking that would fix the idle but this did not work.
      Replaced spark plugs about a month ago.
      Changed out diff fluid
      Changed out transmission fluid (Full flush & filter)
      Changed out oil
      Ran seafoam through engine
      Ran fuel system cleaner through gas tank

      So to summarize:

      1. Problem with rough idle at stop sign / red light. Very rough idle - almost stalling out

      - Possible fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs?

      2. Problem with crank / starting. Will not start on first key turn... takes a second try to get the engine to turn over.

      - Possible fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, alternator?

      3. Vibration at 35mph (Rumble Strip, speed bump vibration / shake)

      - Wheel Bearing, CV Axle?

      4. Humming from ~20mph - 70mph (Very loud around 50 mph when letting off of gas and cruising)

      - Wheel bearing, CV Axle, Tires?

      I posted a video of the humming and problem starting at :

      Thanks for all of your help,

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