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I've owned my Gen 4 Tahoe since Feb 2014 and for the most part, haven't experienced any issues.  But recently, I took the truck into the dealership to install a piece I took off that needed to be riveted to put back on.  Since I was there, I had a coupon for an oil change and tire rotation so decided to cash it in.  Normally I advise the dealer what not to do, and usually tell them not to change my tire pressure, this time I forgot.  After I got the truck back, I noticed it was experiencing a slight shake at around 80, and then I remembered this happened before.  I looked at the warm tire pressure and it was 38 psi or higher.  I normally ride warm tire pressure around 34 and cold no less than 30.  I dropped the psi down and the truck is back again riding like it's on rails, regardless of the speed.  I have 20 in wheels with Premium Ride suspension (PRS), don't know if this is a valid observation for wheels larger or smaller with or without Magnetic Ride suspension (MRS).

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Tire pressure and temperature definitely play a role in the performance of the tire. Each brand and size of that brand usually have a sweet spot. That is the place to start when having a slight issue. I have alot of cars and been through insanity with four trucks in this platform. My '15 Denali had 9 tires (Bridgstones)through warranty that could not be road force balanced! I find Michelins to be about the best on all my vehicles but especially with 22's. Just put a set on my new '17 Denali and were perfect from day one. 


I experiment with different tires on my Vette at the track. It is amazing the different characteristics of each tire at the same pressures and temp. So dialing in your ride and it's tire is important. 

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